Hemp Companies Call Out Facebook’s Advertising Policy

A coalition of hemp businesses are calling out two of the country’s most popular social media platforms for what they believe are unfair advertising policies. According to the Hemp Industries Association, algorithms lumping the plant into the same category as marijuana have prevented industrial hemp companies from advertising on Facebook and Instagram.

Although the 2018 federal Farm Bill legalized hemp for farming at the end of last year, there’s still plenty of confusion about the non-intoxicating version of marijuana, particularly with traditional media like television. But social media companies — a relatively new form of media — have also frustrated the emerging industry by deleting certain profiles and prohibiting hemp companies from advertising.

“[Facebook] sort of has a blanket over cannabis, and is unable to really differentiate between hemp, which is legal federally, and marijuana,” says HIA executive director Colleen Lanier. “We feel that it’s really unfortunate that Facebook is promoting this artificial intelligence to tell things apart, and they can not seem to get it right for cannabis, especially hemp. We can put a billboard up in Times Square, but we can’t pay for a boost on Facebook.”

Lanier isn’t joking: Since 2015, her organization has been trying to meet with Facebook representatives, but has been unsuccessful. Now the HIA has paid for a digital billboard in New York City’s Times Square that will run daily through August 24, reading “Facebook: Stop Censoring Hemp.”

The Hemp Industries Association's billboard will run until August 24.

The Hemp Industries Association’s billboard will run until August 24.

Courtesy of the Hemp Industries Association

“They ghosted us,” Lanier says. “We recognize it as somewhat of a systemic issue across all social media, but we also recognize Facebook is one of the largest out there.”

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Facebook, which also owns Instagram under Facebook Inc., has held a firm anti-marijuana advertising policy despite social acceptance growing for the plant over the past several years. There are numerous cases of hemp advocacy posts, CBD brand pages, cannabis educational platforms, entertainment pages and medical marijuana groups being suspended, prohibited or banned by Facebook, either in individual circumstances or broad sweeps. Facebook Inc. was recently sued by a cannabis media and education company over its advertising policies, according to Forbes.

Asked about its policies, Facebook tells Westword that the website permits the advertisement of non-ingestible hemp products without CBD, such as clothes and plastics. Hemp-infused food and any products with CBD are still prohibited from advertising, according to Facebook’s media department, but the social media giant is considering the possibility of allowing hemp seeds, hemp milk and hemp oil (without CBD) to advertise on its platforms.

While THC-laden marijuana will likely stay on Facebook’s shit list until federal prohibition is lifted and CBD products are still waiting for approval from the Food and Drug Administration, industrial hemp companies think that they shouldn’t be stuck waiting.

“Congress has made the most powerful statement that it could: that hemp is lawful, and that this substance is not to be stigmatized any longer,” explains Hoban Law Group attorney Garrett Graff, who represents clients across the hemp industry. “There’s very little guidance provided in the rhyme or reason as to why these advertisements, pages and profiles are shut down.”

Since hemp was legalized, Graff says, the Facebook pages and profiles of industrial hemp companies have been allowed to operate with less interference, but advertisements or sponsored posts on Facebook and Instagram related to hemp continue to be blocked. To avoid confusion or unnecessary red flags, Graff advises his clients to stay away from any phrases or images that might connect their hemp brands to marijuana.

“They all need to be cautious about the phrasing and imagery being used. For example, using a cannabis leaf could add to that stigmatization,” he points out, adding that traditional advertising routes through the internet, television and print are just as challenging. “There’s no one specific answer, because the answer could be different depending on the organization, and the state and platform they’re trying to advertise with, whether that’s Amazon or something else.”

Graff and Lanier believe the harsh treatment of the hemp industry is rooted in a misunderstanding of the plant’s new legality. However, state governments must still draft hemp-farming regulations or opt in to upcoming rules that will be released by the U.S. Department of Agriculture — and not everyone is on board. For example, South Dakota governor Kristi Noem vetoed a bill that would’ve legalized industrial hemp in her state, while three truck drivers hauling 7,000 pounds of hemp across the Oregon-Idaho border in early 2019 still face charges in Idaho, which does not differentiate between hemp and marijuana.

“It’s an unfair expectation that these advertising companies can cut through the BS and understand the true status of hemp,” Graff says. “We’ve certainly been encouraged by the recent passage of the 2018 Farm Bill — but the hope is to help compel a number of these outside stakeholders to be more embracing of the hemp industry.”

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‘Why don’t you die?’: Australian’s fight with a spider sparks police call

SYDNEY (Reuters) – An Australian man triggered an emergency police response after a noisy exchange with a spider startled a passerby into reporting what sounded like a violent disturbance to the authorities, media reported.

A neighbour was walking past a house in the west coast city of Perth on Wednesday when they heard a man repeatedly yelling “why don’t you die?” and a toddler screaming. The neighbour then called the police emergency number, according to media reports.

“Multiple police units responded (with) lights and sirens,” the reports said, quoting from a Twitter post that appeared to have been posted by police in Wanneroo, just to the north of Perth. The post has since been deleted.

The tweet showed what appeared to be a law enforcement communication log that included the initial emergency call, followed by an update 15 minutes later that said “police spoke with all parties who advised that husband had only been trying to kill a spider (has serious fear of spiders)”.

The log said the man “apologised for inconvenience to police” and that there were “no injuries sighted (except to spider)” and “no further police involvement required”.

The reports did not identify the man, or the type of spider.

An out-of-hours call from Reuters to the Western Australia state police’s administration number went unanswered.

Australia has one of the world’s highest populations of spiders, compared to people, and biologists have said a southern hemisphere summer heatwave has raised the likelihood of finding arachnids in buildings.

Reporting by Byron Kaye

Reuters: Oddly Enough

Rights Groups, Unions Call for Ending Marijuana Prohibition

A coalition of major civil rights organizations, labor unions and other groups is calling on Congress to completely remove marijuana from the Controlled Substances Act and divert revenue to communities that have been harmed by the enforcement of cannabis prohibition.   “Pass legislation de-scheduling marijuana with racial equity and justice reform components,” reads one recommendation […]

Women Often Wait to Call Help in a Heart Attack

By Amy Norton

HealthDay Reporter

TUESDAY, Dec. 11, 2018 (HealthDay News) — Women often delay calling for emergency help when heart attack symptoms start, a new study finds.

Researchers in Switzerland found that women suffering a heart attack typically waited 37 minutes longer than men before calling an ambulance. And those delays showed no signs of improving over the 16-year study period.

One reason may be the persistent myth that heart attacks are a “man’s disease,” said lead researcher Dr. Matthias Meyer, a cardiologist at Triemli Hospital, in Zurich.

In addition, he said, women are more likely than men to suffer lesser-known heart symptoms, like pain in the back, shoulder or stomach. That means many women — and the people who witness their symptoms — may not immediately realize they should call for help, Meyer said.

Yet, the study found, even when women had the “classic” heart attack symptom of chest pain, they often hesitated to call for help.

And while the findings come from Switzerland, a similar pattern has been seen in other countries, too, according to Dr. Suzanne Steinbaum, a spokesperson for the American Heart Association (AHA).

Steinbaum pointed to a recent research review finding that, overall, women waited 30 percent longer than men to call for help.

“That tells us this is a worldwide problem,” said Steinbaum, who directs the women’s cardiovascular prevention, health and wellness program at Mount Sinai Hospital in New York City.

She agreed with Meyer on the potential reasons, and also noted that many women are simply used to putting their families first, and their own health second. So even when they have symptoms like chest pain, she said, women may often take a “Let’s see what happens” attitude.

For the study, Meyer’s team analyzed records from nearly 4,400 heart attack patients treated at their hospital between 2000 and 2016.

The good news: Over the years, ambulance crews and hospital staff got patients into treatment faster, and the improvement was equal for women and men.

The bad news: By 2016, women were still spending 41 minutes longer in “ischemia” — a reduction in the flow of blood and oxygen to the heart. And that was largely due to delays in calling emergency services, the researchers found.


Heart attacks occur when a clot obstructs blood flow to the heart. The quicker doctors can restore that blood flow, the less damage there will be to the heart muscle.

“There’s a saying, ‘Time is muscle,’ ” Steinbaum said.

Over the years, the AHA and its counterparts in other countries have launched public campaigns to raise women’s awareness of heart disease. Yet the new study found that women were waiting just as long to call for help in 2016 as they were in 2000.

In contrast, men were slightly quicker to seek help by the end of the study — about 6 minutes, typically.

Meyer said it’s not surprising that the delays among women failed to change, but it is disappointing.

Steinbaum added, “We’ve clearly got more work to do. We’ve got to keep this conversation going.”

According to the AHA, cardiovascular disease is the top killer of U.S. women, causing about one out of every three deaths.

As with men, chest pain is the most common heart attack symptom among women, the AHA says. But other symptoms include shortness of breath; pain in the back, jaw or stomach; and nausea or lightheadedness. And women are more likely than men to have those subtler problems.

“If you have those symptoms, act on them,” Steinbaum said. “Call 911.”

If it turns out you really have bad heartburn, she added, that’s good — you’ll get to go home.

Sometimes, Steinbaum noted, people worry about “bothering” ER doctors and nurses with non-serious problems.

“You’re not bothering us,” she said. “That’s our job.”

The study was published online Dec. 11 in the European Heart Journal: Acute Cardiovascular Care.

WebMD News from HealthDay


SOURCES: Matthias Meyer, M.D., cardiologist, Triemli Hospital, Zurich, Switzerland; Suzanne Steinbaum, D.O., director, women’s cardiovascular prevention, health and wellness, Mount Sinai Hospital, New York City; Dec. 11, 2018,European Heart Journal: Acute Cardiovascular Care, online

Copyright © 2013-2018 HealthDay. All rights reserved.

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News Bytes: Disney LA Casting News, ‘Big Mouth’ S2 Trailer, ITFS Call for Entries & More

Adrian Martinez Joins Disney’s ‘Lady and the Tramp’; ‘Mulan’ Adds Chen Tang
Martinez (I Feel Pretty) will place Elliot the dog-catcher in streaming-first flick directed by Charlie Bean; he joins Kiersey Clemons, Thomas Mann and Yvette Nicole Brown, with Tessa Thompson and Justin Theroux voicing Lady and Tramp. Tang (Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D.) will play surly soldier Yao in the remake of Disney’s Chinese folktale adaptation, directed by Niki Caro and due out March 27, 2020. The cast stars Yifei Liu as Mulan, Donnie Yen, Jason Scott Lee, Utkarsh Ambudkar, Yoson An, Ron Yuan, Tzi Ma, Chum Ehelepola, Gong Li, Jet Li, Rosalind Chao, Cheng Pei-Pei and Nelson Lee.

Wizart’s ‘The Snow Queen 2’ Makes Top 10 in Portuguese Theaters
The popular franchise feature has been holding firm and outranking movies like Mission Impossible: Fallout, The Spy Who Dumped Me and even Ant-Man and the Wasp. “Portugal released The Snow Queen 2 on September 6 at 50 cities, nationwide, in a total of 64 cinemas. The results of the first week showed an audience increase of over 50 % vs. The Snow Queen 1 (8400 / 13000) The core of the marketing and communication campaign focused on the buzz round the local talent voices, namely Ana Malhoa, a well know local pop singer, Julio Isidro, one of the top old days TV presenters and Dolores Aveiro, Cristiano Ronaldo’s mother and a very dear figure to the Portuguese people!” comments a representative of the distribution company Cinemundo.

CALL FOR ENTRIES: Int’l Festival of Animated Film Stuttgart 2019
Set to take place April 30 to May 5, 2019, the 26th ITFS is calling for entries in the competition categories International (short film), Young Animation (int’l student film), Tricks for Kids (int’l shorts for children) and AniMovie (int’l feature film). Click through to see additional competition categories. Submission deadline: December 1, 2018.

From a Dusty Little Mining Town in South Africa to the Red Carpets of Hollywood
Michael Robertson (Toon53 Prod.) has been making waves in the international music industry with his array of animated videos for artists such as David Guetta, Marshmello and Aloe Blacc.

A ‘Rick and Morty’ Fan Reimagined the Intro as an Over-the-Top Anime
Following up his amazing Game of Thrones otaku-up, French animator Malec has turned his hand to another pop culture icon. Weird twist: This may be the only time eyes need to be shrunk for a convincing anime look.

WATCH: ‘Big Mouth’ Season 2 Official Trailer
Happy weekend! Here’s a NSFW treat if you love puberty humor and creepy wizards. The new season launches exclusively on Netflix on October 5.

Adrian Martinez

Adrian Martinez

Int’l Festival of Animated Film Stuttgart 2019

Int’l Festival of Animated Film Stuttgart 2019

Animation Magazine

Daily News Bytes: Annies & Emiles Call for Entries, Carter Goodrich Heads to Fredrikstad, NFB at TIFF & More

‘Wild Kratts’ Partners with Minnesota Children’s Museum on Two Creature-Powered Traveling Exhibits
The first dedicated road shows inspired by the top-rated PBS KIDS series will launch in 2019 and travel to markets across North America: Wild Kratts: Creature Power — a 2,500 sq. ft. interactive exhibition debuting in January at MCM in St. Paul — and Wild Kratts: Ocean Adventure — a 1,500 sg. Ft. exhibit opening in February at the Museum of Science in Boston. Visitors can explore the animal world experientially by being miniaturized, hunting like a lobster, swinging through a rainforest canopy, and more. Licensed products will be available at museum gift shops at every stop.

“The new Wild Kratts traveling exhibits capture the spirit and sense of adventure that kids love about the show. We’re excited to team up with Minnesota Children’s Museum to bring hands-on fun and learning to fans in towns and cities from coast to coast,” said Chris Kratt, creator, producer and co-star of the series and co-founder of Kratt Brothers Company.

“Pop Sequentialism 2.0? Continues at Gallery 30 South Thru Aug. 26
Pasadena, Calif.’s popular art and pop culture gallery is extending its limited engagement exhibition due to popular demand! Highlights include rare original 3-D production art from the Ray Zone archives (The Spirit, Sheena, Miracleman, The Rocketeer); the first appearance of “Bucky” as Captain America; the final page of Ed Brubaker’s Daredevil run; the Sentinel Reveal from Grant Morrison/Frank Quitely’s New X-Men; first appearances of the Iron Patriot, Skinner Sweet; prelim cover for Wolverine: Old Man Logan … and the “Holy Grail” of comic-book art: an early Batman prelim page that is said to prove Jerry Robinson co-created Joker!

Pixar & DreamWorks Character Creator Confirmed for Fredrikstad Animation Festival
Character designer Carter Goodrich — whose credits include global hit animated features such as Ratatouille, Coco, Finding Nemo, Shrek, Despicable Me and The Croods, to name a few — will be a special guest at the 2018 edition of Scandinavia’s leading toon celebration. The two-time Annie Award and Society of Illustrators Gold Medal winner, known for his “fuzzy” and sketch-like style, will give a lecture on his career experiences in animation and beyond on October 26 during the Norwegian fest (Oct. 25-28). See more of Goodrich’s work at

NFB Selection at TIFF 2018
The National Film Board of Canada will have a few notable projects showcased at the Toronto International Film Festival. Two are new animated shorts: the North American premiere of Animal Behaviour from Oscar-winning duo Alison Snowden and David Fine, and Cannes selection The Subject by Patrick Bouchard. NFB will also bring the NorAm premiere of Astra Taylor’s profoundly timely feature documentary What Is Democracy? TIFF 2018 takes place Sept. 6-16; see all the films selected here.

CALL FOR ENTRIES: 46th Annie Awards
ASIFA-Hollywood has opened submissions for the 10 Production categories (Best Feature, Broadcast Production, Short Film, VR, etc.) and 22 Achievement categories (Best Animation, Direction, Production Design, Music, Voice Acting, etc.). Additionally, up to five honorary awards may also be granted for lifetime accomplishments, philanthropy, technical advances, special achievement and meritorious service. The ceremony will be held on Saturday, February 2, 2019 at UCLA’s Royce Hall. Deadline: Thursday, Nov. 1 at 5 p.m. PST.

CALL FOR ENTRIES: The European Animation Awards 2018
The EAA is seeking submissions in 19 categories for its second annual Emile Awards. These include Short Films (Direction, Background & Character Design), Feature Films (Direction, Writing, Storyboard, Character Animation, Background & Character Design, Soundtrack, Sound Design), TV/Broadcast (Direction, Writing, Storyboard, Character Animation, Background & Character Design, Soundtrack, Sound Design), Student Films, and Commissioned Films. The association board will also vote for a recipient of the Lotte Reiniger Lifetime Achievement Award. The ceremony will be held in Lille, France on December 7 & 8. Deadline: October 15.

Wild Kratts: Ocean Adventure

Wild Kratts: Ocean Adventure

Carter Goodrich

Carter Goodrich

Animation Magazine

When Does Your Child’s Headache Call for a Doctor Visit?

MONDAY, July 16, 2018 — Headaches are common in children and teens, but many parents aren’t sure when to seek professional help for their child, a new survey finds.

The survey of parents with children aged 6 to 18 found that two-thirds said their child has had a headache not caused by a fall or head injury.

“Headaches are very common in children and usually not dangerous or disruptive,” said Sarah Clark, co-director of the C.S. Mott Children’s Hospital National Poll on Children’s Health at the University of Michigan.

“But in rare occasions, they can also be a symptom of a more serious health issue. Parents should be able to recognize signs that indicate a potentially more urgent situation,” such as meningitis, she added.

Three-quarters of the parents said they would take their child to the emergency department if he or she had a headache with repeated vomiting, and two-thirds would do so if their child had a headache with neck stiffness and fever.

“Although very rare, meningitis strikes quickly,” Clark said in a university news release. “If a child has a severe headache along with neck stiffness, persistent vomiting and fever, parents should get prompt medical advice — at the ER or from their child’s regular doctor.”

Some parents may delay seeking care because they believe their child has been vaccinated against bacteria that cause meningitis, even though the child may not have received all the recommended vaccine doses, according to Clark.

Meningitis causes inflammation of the protective membranes that surround the brain and spinal cord. Some cases of bacterial meningitis can be deadly.

Clark said parents who notice possible signs and symptoms of meningitis should seek medical advice immediately, regardless of their child’s vaccination history.

The poll, published July 16, also revealed that only half of parents would seek medical care for a child with a headache so painful that the child had to leave school, while one-third of parents were unlikely to call a doctor in such cases.

“Children describe and experience headaches differently from adults, which can make it challenging for parents to determine whether or not to take the extra step of calling a doctor,” Clark said.

While most parents said they gave their child an over-the-counter pain reliever for a headache, one in six parents said they would not give a child pain medicine until a health care provider could determine the severity of the headache.

“Withholding pain relief medication is unnecessary, and just prolongs the child’s suffering,” Clark said. “Documenting key information — such as how the child responded to medicine, what seemed to make the child feel better or worse, and if the child has a history of headaches — is much more helpful to providers.”

More information

The National Headache Foundation has more on children and headaches.

© 2018 HealthDay. All rights reserved.

Posted: July 2018 – Daily MedNews

Want to Make Marijuana Access Legal and Safe? Heed NORML’s Call and Contact Congress.

As the the debate over the bounds of freedom of speech on social media and the “civility” in confronting Trump administration officials dining in public continues to grow, its easy to forget one our most civil, powerful and, quite frankly, under appreciated, forms of freedom of speech: “The right of the people to petition the […]

Call your members of Congress about the STATES Act

In case you missed it, last week Sens. Cory Gardner and Elizabeth Warren introduced bipartisan legislation to end the federal war on marijuana and protect states that establish their own marijuana laws. There’s huge momentum behind this important bill.

Give your senators and representative in Congress a call right now and urge them to back the STATES Act.

Leaving marijuana policy to the states is a popular position among both Republicans and Democrats. But we have to put pressure on Congress to act.

Share this with other supporters of sensible marijuana policy and ask them to call their members of Congress, too.

Passage of the STATES Act would be a game changer. Let’s light up those phone lines.

The post Call your members of Congress about the STATES Act appeared first on MPP Blog.

MPP Blog

Call your members of Congress about the STATES Act

In case you missed it, last week Sens. Cory Gardner and Elizabeth Warren introduced bipartisan legislation to end the federal war on marijuana and protect states that establish their own marijuana laws. There’s huge momentum behind this important bill.

Give your senators and representative in Congress a call right now and urge them to back the STATES Act.

Leaving marijuana policy to the states is a popular position among both Republicans and Democrats. But we have to put pressure on Congress to act.

Share this with other supporters of sensible marijuana policy and ask them to call their members of Congress, too.

Passage of the STATES Act would be a game changer. Let’s light up those phone lines.

The post Call your members of Congress about the STATES Act appeared first on MPP Blog.

MPP Blog

This Weed in News, May 25: AZ Justices Allow Weed Back on Campus; US Senate Decriminalization Bill Gains Supporter; NY Dems Call for Legalization

Arizona’s high court rules medicinal cannabis is legal on college campuses, Democratic Sen. Jeff Merkley cosponsors a proposal to end federal marijuana prohibition, and New York’s Democratic Party endorses legalizing adult-use marijuana. Already legal in eight states plus the District of Columbia, adult-use marijuana has provided verifiable economic benefits for those states that embrace reform, […]

Daily News Bytes: GLAS Grants Open, Anim’est Call for Entries, Facebook VR Gets an Avatar Makeover & More


Applications Open for GLAS Animation Grant Program
Launched at the 3rd GLAS Animation Festival, the program will fund independent animators living and able to work in the US, making films outside of academic institutions. The first year will award two separate $ 2,500 grants in an effort to address the funding vacuum in the US for bold, artistic work. Applications are open April 2 to June 21, 2018. Selections will be announced in October.

Mike Morris: Disney Pro Dishes on Animation, ‘The Simpsons’ and Evil Robots
The Disney ABC TV storyboard artist is heading back to his old stomping grounds around Riverside Co. for Digifest Temecula, where he’ll discuss “The Constants in the Change” of the evolving media environment. Journalist Nicole Miller-Coleman caught up with Morris in this Q&A for The San Diego Union Tribune ahead of the event.

The Bucharest festival, holding its “Lucky 13th” edition from Sept. 28 to Oct. 7, is now seeking features, shorts, music videos, student films and shorts for the international competitions categories. Anim’est is the only Oscar-qualifying festival in Romania, and is also a partner fest for the Emiles (European Animation Awards). Deadline: June 20, 2018.

Boost for Malaysia’s Comics and Animation Industry
A government commitment of RM2.7 million (~$ 700K USD) will go toward purchasing content and funding development of these media in the nation, including 500K toward a “Cartoon House” art archive.

3DBear Brings Animation, AR and 3D Printing to the Classroom
Elearning enters a new dimension with this kid-friendly AR app that allows users to design and print their own toys.

New, More Customizable Avatars Coming to Facebook Spaces
The social VR sphere offers hundreds of new customization options, size/position/angle controls for features, richer materials/lights/shadows and machine learning, making it more fun and personal for users and whoever buys the recordings of your virtual FB activity!

Facebook Spaces

Facebook Spaces

GLAS Animation Grant Program

GLAS Animation Grant Program

Animation Magazine