Colorado Marijuana Sales Continued Hot Streak in August

Colorado marijuana sales continued their hot streak in August, according to the state Department of Revenue, reaching the highest monthly total ever.

Medical and recreational dispensaries accounted for over $ 173.2 million in sales in August, DOR data shows. That number is easily the highest for monthly sales since recreational pot stores opened in January 2014, passing July 2019’s previous high mark (approximately $ 166.3 million) by about 4 percent. This is the third straight month that dispensary sales have broken Colorado’s monthly record.

Recreational sales on their own also set another record, hitting nearly $ 141.87 million in August. Medical sales, while still hovering in the $ 30 million range, saw a slight bump, increasing just under $ 1 million from the previous month to hit $ 31.3 million.

August is one of three months in 2019 to have five Fridays and five Saturdays on the calendar, and weekends are extremely important to dispensary sales, according to marijuana-industry sales trackers. With cooler weather and fewer weekend days in September, don’t be surprised if the next monthly sales figure drops.

Through the first eight months of 2019, Colorado has already seen over $ 1.15 billion in dispensary sales, and it’s on a clear path to breaking last year’s overall sales of $ 1.55 billion.

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Maryland Poll Shows Continued Support for Ending Marijuana Prohibition

This past Monday, the Sarah T. Hughes Field Politics Center of Goucher CollegeGoucher-Poll-450-300 released its Fall 2015 survey of Maryland residents. This latest poll continues to show majority support for “making the use of marijuana legal in Maryland”. The poll found that 52% of residents would support this policy change, with only 42% opposing. It also found that 64% of respondents think that marijuana policy should be left to the states (p. 19).

Just like Colorado and Washington, Maryland can responsibly bring the marijuana market above board by regulating production, distribution, and sales. Regulations will ensure a safe market where products are tested and accurately labeled for greater transparency and education. The state will also be able to realize tens of millions of dollars in tax revenue off marijuana sales — an activity that happens every single day across the state, despite prohibition.

If you are a Maryland resident, please email your delegates and state senator and ask them to support legislation in 2016 to treat marijuana like alcohol.

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