By Mid-Century, Heat Waves Could Cover Far Bigger Areas

By Robert Preidt
HealthDay Reporter

THURSDAY, Oct. 10, 2019 (HealthDay News) — Climate change could trigger much bigger heat waves by mid-century, U.S. researchers report.

Previous research has predicted that the number and intensity of heat waves will increase, but this study is the first to examine changes in their potential physical size.

“As the physical size of these affected regions increases, more people will be exposed to heat stress,” said lead author Brad Lyon, an associate research professor at the University of Maine in Orono.

“Larger heat waves would also increase electrical loads and peak energy demand on the grid as more people and businesses turn on air conditioning in response,” he added.

The statistics are alarming.

With medium greenhouse gas emission levels, the average size of heat waves could grow 50% by mid-century, according to the study. With high emission levels, their average size could increase 80%, and more extreme heat waves could more than double in size, it predicted.

The study, published Oct. 7 in the journal Environmental Research Letters, was partly funded by the Climate Observations and Monitoring Program of the U.S. National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration’s (NOAA) Climate Program Office.

Predictions about the growing size of heat waves could help utilities plan for the future, according to the researchers.

“Heat wave size is another dimension of extreme heat that people don’t necessarily think of,” Lyon said in a NOAA news release. “It’s a different vantage point from which to view them and assess their impacts.”

The study also found that the length and severity of heat waves could increase substantially, which came as no surprise to the researchers.

“An increase in attributes like magnitude and duration is consistent with expectations of a warming climate,” Lyon said. “What is new in our study is the way we calculated them, which allowed us to consider size as a new heat wave dimension.”

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SOURCE: U.S. National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration, news release, Oct. 7, 2019

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Medicare to Cover Breakthrough Cancer Gene Therapy

Aug. 8, 2019 — A breakthrough gene therapy will be covered for certain types of lymphoma and leukemia, Medicare says.

The therapy, called CAR-T, boosts a patient’s own immune cells to fight cancer and can cost hundreds of thousands of dollars, the Associated Press reported.

Studies have shown that CAR-T is effective against certain types of cancers, but can cause severe side effects. The use of the gene therapy to treat certain types of leukemia and lymphoma is approved by the U.S. Food and Drug Administration.

Medicare considered the matter for months before it announced its decision on Wednesday. The agency’s policies on coverage can influence private insurance, the AP reported.

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FDA Expands Gardasil to Cover Adults to Age 45

Oct. 8, 2018 — The FDA has approved a supplemental application for Gardasil 9, Merck’s HPV vaccine for men and women ages 27-45.

“Today’s approval represents an important opportunity to help prevent HPV-related diseases and cancers in a broader age range,” Peter Marks, MD, PhD, director of the FDA’s Center for Biologics Evaluation and Research, says in a news release.

“The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention has stated that HPV vaccination prior to becoming infected with the HPV types covered by the vaccine has the potential to prevent more than 90% of these cancers, or 31,200 cases every year, from ever developing,” Marks says.

About 14 million Americans become infected with HPV every year, the CDC says. About 12,000 women are diagnosed with cervical cancer and about 4,000 women die from cervical cancer caused by certain HPV viruses. HPV can also cause other forms of cancer in men and women.

Gardasil, which was first approved by the FDA in 2006 to prevent certain cancers and diseases caused by HPV, is no longer distributed in the United States.

In 2014, the FDA approved Gardasil 9, which covers the same four HPV types as well as five additional kinds. It was first approved for anyone ages 9-26.

According to the FDA, a study followed roughly 3,200 women ages 27 to 45 for an average of 3.5 years. It found Gardasil was 88% effective in preventing persistent infection, genital warts, vulvar and vaginal precancerous lesions, cervical precancerous lesions, and cervical cancer related to HPV types covered by the vaccine.

“The FDA’s approval of Gardasil 9 in women 27 through 45 years of age is based on these results and new data on long-term follow-up from this study,” the FDA says.

The safety of Gardasil 9 was evaluated in about 13,000 men and women. The most common side effects were pain where the shot went in the skin, swelling, redness, and headaches.

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News release, FDA.


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Maine Supreme Court: Workers’ Comp Doesn’t Cover Medical Marijuana

PORTLAND, Maine (AP) — The Maine supreme court says employers don’t have to pay for medical marijuana under the state workers’ compensation system. In a 5-2 decision, the court ruled Thursday, June 13, 2018, that federal law takes precedence in a conflict between the federal Controlled Substances Act and the state medical marijuana law. The […]

Canada Human Rights Board to Insurer: “Cover Your Patient’s MMJ”

Canadian insurers have been put on notice: A human rights board in Canada has ruled the health insurance provider of a Canadian medical marijuana patient must cover the cost of his medicinal cannabis. Gordon Skinner, a Nova Scotia patient living with chronic pain caused by an on-the-job accident, got the ruling he’d been hoping for […]

Insurance Company Must Cover Cost of MMJ, Judge Rules

Judge Ingrid L. French, a state administrative law judge from New Jersey, handed down a rather thought-provoking decision to start the New Year. Judge French ruled that Andrew Watson’s insurance company is obligated to cover the costs of his voter-approved medical marijuana. Theoretically establishing a sweet-smelling precedent for patients in The Garden State, Andrew Watson’s […]

Grow Guide: Cover Crops

In this Grow Guide, we’re going to introduce you to the wonderful world of plants feeding plants. Yeah, that’s right, one more step towards a self-sustaining garden free of chemical inputs! Cover Crops aka Green Manure aka Living Mulch is a standard organic farming practice that is easy to implement and adds a plethora of […]

Workers’ Compensation to Cover Medical Marijuana in New Mexico

According to the Courthouse News Service, medical marijuana recommended by a physician for an injured patient’s pain must be paid for by the patient’s employer and insurer, the New Mexico Court of Appeals ruled.

Despite marijuana’s federal classification as a controlled substance, the court concluded that New Mexico law grants Gregory Vialpando reimbursement for medical marijuana to treat the high-intensity pain that followed failed spinal surgeries caused by a workplace back injury. As the ruling states, Vialpando met the required threshold for payments under New Mexico’s workers’ compensation laws when his physician diagnosed medical marijuana as reasonable and necessary for his treatment. The August 29 decision is based on a lower court finding that Vialpando’s participation in the New Mexico Department of Health’s Medical Cannabis Program constitutes reasonable and necessary medical care, the requirement set for reimbursement by the state’s Workers’ Compensation Act.

Vialpando’s employer at the time of the incident, Ben’s Automotive Services, and health care provider, Redwood Fire & Casualty, argued that medical marijuana should be treated as a prescription drug. If it were, it would require a pharmacist or health care provider to dispense, which New Mexico’s medical marijuana program does not have, and thus, could not be paid for by worker’s compensation.

However, the appeals court found that although “medical marijuana is not a prescription drug,” if it were, “our analysis would lead to the same conclusion.” “Indeed, medical marijuana is a controlled substance and is a drug. Instead of a written order from a health care provider, it requires the functional equivalent of a prescription – certification to the program. Although it is not dispensed by a licensed pharmacist or health care provider, it is dispensed by a licensed producer through a program authorized by the Department of Health,” the court wrote.

Vialpando’s employer and insurer also argued that reimbursements would force them to commit a federal crime, or at least violate federal public policy. The appeals court rejected that, as well.

“Although not dispositive, we note that the Department of Justice has recently offered what we view as equivocal statements about state laws allowing marijuana use for medical and even recreational purposes.”

In terms of the next steps for New Mexico’s medical marijuana policies, the state is heading in the right direction considering legalization.


MPP Blog

Crooked cops denied immunity after accusing woman of drug trafficking based on “Jesus” license plate cover


It never ceases to amaze us the despicable lengths law enforcement officers are willing to go through to establish probable cause for a search. Throughout the years, we have heard horror stories about these bullheaded, sarcastic bastards using every ridiculous means possible to destroy the property of citizens in hopes of making a big drug bust. Fortunately, there are those particularly interesting situations in which despite the officer’s raging hard on and gnashing teeth, the search comes up empty handed and a lawsuit follows.

That is exactly the deep shit situation a pair of Utah state troopers have found themselves drowning in ever since giving 54-year-old Sherida Felders a savage roadside shakedown based on her possession of air fresheners, religious paraphernalia and a couple packages of beef jerky. Now, two law enforcement weasels are left wishing they had never messed with a citizen as litigious as she is God-fearing.

The whole crooked affair got started one November morning when Utah state trooper Brian Bairett, who was reportedly running a speed trap along Interstate 15, made the decision to stop and harass Ms. Felders and her two teenage passengers. It was at the driver’s side window where super trooper Bairett unleashed his Podunk police skills and profiled Felders as a drug trafficker. “She was nervous, she would not maintain eye contact, a strong odor of air freshener was coming from her vehicle, and affixed to her car was a license plate ring with “Jesus” written on it,” according to court documents.

Based on these bogus criteria, Trooper Bairett gave Felder the third degree about having drugs in the vehicle, specifically accusing her of trafficking cocaine. However, the raucous scene did not getting interesting until after Felder did exactly what she was supposed to do in that situation and refuse a search. That is when a frustrated Bairett called in a drug-sniffing dog named Duke and his handler Deputy Jeff Malcom and proceed to set off a chain of events that would ultimately castrate the egos of the two officers right there on the highway.

“This lady — you know, I walk up to the car and I see air fresheners in the center console and… I start talking to her, you know, just ‘So where, you heading to?’ ‘Oh going to Colorado,’ blah, blah, blah,” said Trooper Bairett. “To me, I’ve got probable cause to search the vehicle without her permission or not, so I figured the dog would be the best route to go right now.”

In a dashcam transcript of the two officer’s interaction with one another, it is clear that Trooper Bairett is convinced there are drugs in the vehicle because he tells Deputy Malcom that the two teenagers have “tats” and they are on their way to Colorado – implying that everyone with a tattoo who visits the Centennial State is a drug user.

However, before conducting the search, Bairett forced the two teenagers to get out, and as the dashcam transcript shows, he made sure to keep the door open.

“Nice of them to leave the door open for you,” said Deputy Malcom.

“Yeah it was, wasn’t it?” replied Trooper Bairett.

This underhanded maneuver was apparently a set up aimed at getting the narco hound to jump inside the vehicle, which it did without sounding off an alert. It wasn’t until the dog was inside the vehicle that it alerted to the center console because of two packages of beef jerky, followed by another alert on the driver’s door, which turned up nothing. For the next two hours, both Trooper Bairett and Deputy Malcom searched Felder’s vehicle, which yielded no drugs – not a single seed or trace of white powder. She was clean… and she had the number of a good attorney.

Although a lower court ruled the search was improper and refused to grant immunity to the officers involved, Deputy Malcom filed an appeal, which was ruled against last week.

A United States Appeals Court ruled on Friday that not only was the officer’s vile display of police work a violation of Ms. Felders Constitutional rights, but they are also grounds for her to peruse further legal action.

“We agree with the district court that Malcom did not have probable cause to search the car prior to Duke’s alert and that the law was then clearly established that, absent probable cause, facilitating a dog’s entry into a vehicle during a dog sniff constitutes an unconstitutional search,” wrote Judge Timothy M. Tymkovich in his verdict. “Taking the facts in the light most favorable to Felders, we conclude that fact questions exist regarding the timing of Duke’s alert and Malcom’s possible facilitation prior to an alert. As a result, we affirm the district court’s decision to deny Malcom summary judgment on qualified immunity grounds.”

Deputy Malcom pleaded with the court that he was simply on the scene assisting another officer, who believed there was probable cause, but the judge told him his action were his responsibility and he should have known better.

“The facts Malcom knew — Felders’s nervousness and unwillingness to look at Bairett, possible inconsistencies in travel narratives, a single air freshener, and a religious license plate frame — could justify no more than reasonable suspicion to conduct an investigative stop,” Judge Tymkovich continued. “A reasonable officer would not conclude that Felders was hauling drugs based on the statements or behavior of either Felders or her two teenage passengers.”

Mike Adams writes for stoners and smut enthusiasts in High Times, Playboy’s The Smoking Jacket and Hustler Magazine. You can follow him on Twitter @adamssoup and on Facebook/mikeadams73.

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Former PlayStation Boss Jack Tretton to Cover E3 for Spike TV

Former Sony Computer Entertainment of America President and CEO Jack Tretton will return to E3 this year, but he won’t be speaking for Sony. Instead, Tretton will join Spike TV’s All Access coverage as a special correspondent.

Tretton, who has hosted Sony’s E3 press conference a number of times including last year, will provide commentary and analysis for the big E3 press conferences this year along with Spike TV’s All Access host Geoff Keighley, who first revealed Tretton’s involvement via Twitter.

Since I dropped the mic last year on Spike I thought it was only appropriate to pick it back up for E3 this year!” Tretton told Kotaku in a statement. “I’ve been to every E3 but this year I’m excited to see the show through a different lens with the team at Spike. I’ll be watching the news and announcements unfold alongside the fans and the rest of the industry, and I can’t wait to see the new games that everyone is bringing to the table.”

Tretton, who worked at Activision before coming to Sony, left SCEA at the end of March in what was described as a “mutual agreement” between the two parties. He had been at SCEA since 1995, working on the North American launch of every PlayStation platform since the original. Earlier this week we reported that he joined the advisory board of Genotaur, an artificial intelligence development company.

The E3 2014 show floor opens its doors on the morning of June 10, but Microsoft, Sony, Electronic Arts, and Ubisoft will hold their press conferences the day prior. GameSpot has compiled a roundup of dates and times for the main press conferences and other events happening during this year’s show.

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Gator 61 – 76 Note Keyboard Cover (GKC-1540) (Electronics) newly tagged “music”

Gator 61 - 76 Note Keyboard Cover (GKC-1540)

Gator 61 – 76 Note Keyboard Cover (GKC-1540) (Electronics)
By Gator

music: Newly tagged products at