Cyber Group Hosts Int’l Emmy Kids Awards Semi-Finals for 8th Year

For the eighth time, Paris-based Cyber Group Studios held the Semi-Final round of judging for the International Emmy Kids Awards, in the Kids Preschool and Kids Animation categories. The ceremony took place at the Hilton Paris Opera — the historic hotel formerly called “Grand Hotel Terminus,” which has welcomed train passengers since being built in honor of the World’s Fair 1889.

Cyber Group Studios Chairman & CEO Pierre Sissmann hosted the Semi-Final judging under the supervision of Nathaniel Brendel, Emmy Judging Director. The Jury was comprised of 30 leading TV executives, including representatives of some of the world’s biggest broadcasters:

Telidja KlaÏ – VRT (Belgium)
Nathalie Leffray – Canal + (France)
Tiphaine de Raguenel – France Télévisions (France)
Claire Heinrich – France Télévisions (France)
Lila Hannou – M6 (France)
Pierre Hergaut – Nickelodeon (France)
Daphné de Beauffort – TF1 (France)
Yann Labasque – TF1 (France)
Caterina Gonnelli-Linden – The Walt Disney Company (France)
Julien Borde – Turner Broadcasting System (France)
Françoise Emperador – TV5 MONDE
Patricia Vasapollo – HR (Germany)
Sebastian Debertin – KIKA (Germany)
Frank Dietz – Super RTL (Germany)
Brigitta Mühlenbeck WDR (Germany)
Arne Lohmann – ZDF Enterprises (Germany)
Eva Vass – MTVA (Hungary)
Massimo Bruno – De Agostini (Italy)
Luca Milano – RAI Ragazzi (Italy)
Ahmed Abdelhamid – Majid Entertainment (Middle East)
Yuliana Slashcheva – Soyuzmultfilm Studio (Russia)
Saskia Krijnen – RTS (Switzerland)
Ismihan Yilmaz– Cocuk (Turkey)
Darren Nartey – ITV (United Kingdom)
Alexi Wheeler – Netflix (United Kingdom)
Chris Rose – Nickelodeon (United Kingdom)
Claudia Dalley – Sony Pictures Entertainment / Tiny Pop (United Kingdom)
Patricia Hidalgo – Turner Broadcasting System (United Kingdom)
Cecilia Persson – Turner Broadcasting System (United Kingdom)

The jurors devoted the entire day to screening and judging prestigious programs from all over the world. All votes are to remain strictly confidential, and will be collected by the Ernst & Young independent firm. The programs with the highest score will proceed to the Final round of judging and the winner will be announced at The International Emmy® Kids Awards during the Cannes Miptv in April 2020.

“I am extremely pleased on behalf of The International Academy of Television Arts & Sciences and Cyber Group Studios to have welcomed in Paris, once more,

this prestigious event. It is now part of our industry milestone worldwide,” said Cyber Group’s Sissmann, Director of The International Academy of Television Arts & Sciences.

Animation Magazine

Cyber Group Launches Gigantic Plans for Gigantosaurus

***This story originally appeared in the June-July ‘19 issue of Animation Magazine (No. 291)***

If you run into Pierre Sissmann, CEO and founder of Paris-based animation company Cyber Group Studios, at Annecy, make sure you shake his hand and congratulate him on his company’s fantastic year. The studio’s new show Gigantosaurus has been performing very well in the U.S. since it debuted on Disney Channel in December. The CG-animated 52 x 11’ show, which won the Pulcinella Award for upper preschool series at this year’s Cartoons on the Bay festival in Italy, centers on four young dinosaur friends exploring their prehistoric world and the mystery of the biggest, fiercest dinosaur of all.

The show is based on the best-selling books by Jonny Duddle, and is also broadcast on Disney Junior worldwide (excluding India, China and Taiwan), with upcoming premieres on major networks around the world, including France Télévisions, Germany’s Super RTL, RAI (Italy), SRC (Canada), as well as on Netflix in the majority of territories worldwide.

But things are just beginning to roll for the dino-centric project. “We are planning to do more episodes, of course,” says Sissmann, during a recent phone interview from this Paris office. “But the big news is that we are developing a major Gigantosaurus feature film, with screenwriter Michael J. Wilson, the creator of the Ice Age franchise. Longtime Cyber Group collaborator Olivier Lelardoux, who has worked on many of our shows (Zou, Zorro the Chronicles, Manon, etc.) will be directing the movie. We’re also working with art director Pierre-Alain Chartier (The Little Prince, Arthur and the Minimoys), so we’re very excited about our future plans.”

Prehistoric Powerhouse

Sissmann says Gigantosausus, which will be the first big feature project for the studio, will also feature lots of catchy songs, just like the TV series does. “We’re going to work with the same people who did the show’s theme song and add some major musical talent for the U.S. and U.K. version of the movie.”

According to the animation veteran, the movie will introduce several new characters, explore the world of Gigantosaurus deeply and target a slightly older audience. “I began my career at Disney, working on movies such as Tarzan, Hunchback of Notre Dame and DuckTales: The Movie,” he adds. “So for me, it’s going full circle and returning to my feature roots.”

Sissmann says he and his team began working on the film’s script last September and hope to deliver the movie by 2021-2022 after the second and third season of the series have aired internationally.

Gigantosaurus toys

Gigantosaurus toys

The show’s master toy licensee, JAKKS Pacific will launch a full range of Gigantosaurus toys including preschool playthings, figures, vehicles, playsets, outdoor seasonal, indoor furniture and Halloween costumes and accessories this fall. In addition, Outright Games is developing and publishing a video game based on the franchise that will be available for PlayStation 4, Xbox One, Nintendo Switch and PC. The game will feature the four dinosaur heroes (Rocky, Bill, Tiny and Mazu) in a new story. Geared towards kids and families, the debut game brings players directly into the world of Gigantosaurus, as they zoom through the series-inspired locations and engage with the storylines.

“We are working closely with them to develop assets for the video game at the same time as we’re producing them for the TV series,” says Sissmann. “We started our video game division about a year and a half ago so we could develop this cynergy between us. Right now, we plan to release three titles in 2020. I’ve seen the demos, and I have to admit they look pretty amazing.”

Sissmann says there are also developing over 40 different print titles, including activity books and novelizations, which will be released in the course of the next three years. Cyber Group will announce four major licensing partnerships at Licensing Expo in Las Vegas in June.

“It’s a truly massive brand-building effort for us,” he adds. “This also includes a series of high-quality digital shorts we’re producing for Disney Junior’s YouTube. It has a big promotional value. They are all completely original stories, they expand the world of the characters and offer useful facts about dinosaurs. We’re also planning a worldwide Gigantosaurus tour in 2020, which is part of our big, integrated brand-building initiative for this massive property.”

Sissmann is also excited about Cyber Group’s new ventures in China, India and Russia. “We are investing to make our brands more global,” he says. “It’s about vertical integration and producing locally in different countries. If you put yourself out there and extend your arms and legs, you have the chance to grow and learn more from all your partners.”

Wrapping up the interview, Sissmann adds, “At the heart of what we do is providing quality entertainment to kids and families all around the world in a safe environment. For me, our preschool series Zou was our first major global brand, and it was a real eye-opener. It’s the same notion with Gigantosaurus: It’s about giving kids the chance to have fun and learn something at the same time. When I get mail from audiences, it brings home the reason we create these shows in the first place. It’s about bringing happiness, education and entertainment to kids around the world.”

For more info, visit

More Hits on the Way!

Gigantosaurus is only one of several hot properties happening at the studio. Here are some of Cyber Group’s other big newsmakers:

Sadie Sparks. A 52-part series about a young girl who realizes she has magical abilities and becomes a wizard-in-training, with the guidance from a grumpy ancient rabbit, Gilbert. Co-produced by Brown Bag Films in Dublin, the series is set to debut later this year on Disney Channel.

Sadie Sparks

Sadie Sparks

Taffy. The studio’s retro, slapstick show centers on a trickster racoon who disguises himself as a cat to infiltrate the comfortable home of super rich Mrs. Muchmore and her pampered dog, Bentley. After making a big splash at MIPCOM last year, the show has been performing very well on Boomerang. A second season is in the works.



Tom Sawyer. Based on Mark Twain’s enduring character, this 26 x 26’ 2D/CG series addresses important issues such as growing up, freedom of spirit and the importance of an inquisitive nature. Produced at Cyber Group’s new studio in Roubaix, which opened in northern France last November.

Tom Sawyer

Tom Sawyer

Droners. A new adventure series for TF1, co-produced by La Chouette Compagnie and Supamonks, which follows the adventures of a group of young drone racers who are on a mission to save the planet from global warming and ecological destruction.



Digital Girl. Created by Pierre Sissmann and Sylvain dos Santos (Droners), this 26 x 22’ CG series tells the story of 14-year-old Chrissie, the first ever digital superheroine. Alexis Briclot, renowned for his designs onCaptain MarvelThorAnt-Man and Avengers, is signing off the graphic bible. The show finds Chrissie challenged by Hack Girl, a digital supervillain, as she tries to restore ecological balance and a peaceful community life in a futuristic, yet contemporary world. Co-produced by famed Russian studio Soyuzmultfilm.

Digital Girl

Digital Girl

Magic Chess Odyssey. This 26 x 22’ CG series tells the story of a chess board with supernatural powers that can change the lives of children around the planet. While a pure entertainment piece, Magic Chess Odysseycombines storytelling with ground-breaking animation while immersing kids in the real intricacies of the great chess competitions. Co-produced by Soyuzmultfilm.

Animation Magazine

Cyber Group Sets Dino-mite Soft Lines Licensees for ‘Gigantosaurus’

The hilarious Cretaceous CG animated preschool series Gigantosaurus from Cyber Group Studios — airing daily on Disney Channel and Disney Junior — is taking a bigger bite out of retail shelves with new deals in place for apparel and soft home goods. Set to launch nationwide in Spring 2020 are new lines from American Marketing Enterprises, Centric Socks, Children’s Apparel Network and Jay Franco, following on the tail of master toy licensee JAKKS Pacific, which will being offering Gigantosaurus playthings this fall.

“We are thrilled to welcome our first group of soft lines licensees to the Gigantosaurus family, joining JAKKS and our award-winning publishing partner, Templar Publishing,” said Richard Goldsmith, President & CEO of Cyber Group Studios USA. “Each of these companies is a recognized market leader in their respective category and work with some of the biggest-name licenses in the business. All are well-suited to help us make a huge impact in the preschool space with Gigantosaurus.”

“We are delighted to have such top-tier licensing partners onboard for Gigantosaurus,” said Jason Korfine, Partner, Licensing Street LLC, licensing agency for the brand in the U.S. “We look forward to working with these standout companies to translate this series’ instantly-relatable dinosaur characters, fun-filled adventures and positive messages for preschoolers into an exciting array of offerings that will further strengthen fans’ connection to the popular show.”

The upcoming range of apparel and soft home goods for kids ages 3+ include:

  • AME – sleepwear
  • Centric – hosiery
  • Children’s Apparel Network – tees, hoodies, sportswear
  • Jay Franco – bedding, bath accessories, beach towels, travel items and room décor.

Launched on Disney Channel in January, Gigantosaurus (based on Jonny Duddle’s bestselling book of the same name) stars four fiercely-fun dinosaur friends – Rocky, Bill, Tiny and Mazu – who take preschoolers on exciting, comedy-filled adventures as they dare to be themselves and explore the world beyond their nests. In every episode, the curious young dinosaurs explore the mystery of “Gigantosaurus” – the biggest, fiercest dinosaur of all. The series is helmed by award-winning director Olivier Lelardoux.

Animation Magazine

JAKKS Named Master Toy for ‘Last Kids on Earth’ from Atomic Cartoons, Cyber Group

Atomic Cartoons, the kids and family division of Thunderbird Entertainment Group Inc., and Cyber Group Studios have entered into a Master Toy Agreement with JAKKS Pacific Inc., for The Last Kids on Earth series created by Max Brallier. The property will launch as a consumer brand at Licensing Expo in Las Vegas in June. The series will launch on Netflix later this year.

Under the terms of the new agreement, JAKKS Pacific, a world-leading designer, manufacturer and marketer of toys and consumer products, will develop and bring to market a range of merchandise inspired by the bestselling book series and upcoming Netflix production. The line will be available in all territories except China. This will include action figures, activity toys, role-play accessories, vehicles, plush items, novelty items, games, and play electronics. Cyber Group Studios brokered the deal on behalf of Atomic Cartoons.

This agreement follows a previous worldwide licensing deal between Atomic Cartoons and Cyber Group Studios, which became the sole and exclusive representative worldwide for merchandising, ancillary and second window TV rights for the series.

“We are very excited to partner with Atomic Cartoons and Cyber Group Studios to develop a line of merchandise that will bring The Last Kids on Earth to life in a new way,” notes Craig Drobis, SVP Marketing, JAKKS Pacific, Inc. “With themes of friendship, heroism and humor in the face of a monster and zombie apocalypse, it is no surprise the series has been embraced by readers around the world, and has all the ingredients for an amazing line of toys.”

Richard Goldsmith, President and CEO of Cyber Group Studios USA, adds: “When the opportunity to partner with Atomic for The Last Kids on Earth became available earlier in 2019, we jumped at the chance to contribute to, what is sure to be, an exciting new global franchise — first with the launch the upcoming animated Netflix series, and soon with an exciting line of merchandise based on the popular characters, thanks to our new partnership with JAKKS Pacific.”

The Last Kids on Earth series follows the comedic adventures of 13-year old Jack Sullivan and his gang of wise-cracking middle school friends, who live together in a decked-out treehouse after a monster apocalypse has taken place. In a world without parents, they gorge themselves on candy, play video games, invent gadgets and, of course, battle zombies and giant-sized monsters. The books, published by Viking Press, an imprint of Penguin Random House, are a New York Times and USA Today bestselling series, with over two and a half million copies in print around the world.

“When Atomic Cartoons first acquired The Last Kids on Earth to create an animated series, I was excited and honored at the possibility,” says Max Brallier. “As I watch the franchise grow, I remain humbled by how the world has embraced these characters, this world, and the story of Jack Sullivan.”

Brallier is attached to the Netflix series as creator and executive producer, along with Scott Peterson, who is the showrunner and an executive producer. Matthew Berkowitz and Jennifer Twiner McCarron, who is the CEO of Thunderbird and Atomic Cartoons, are also executive producers on the series.

“It has been such a privilege for our team to work on this series with world class creative talent like Max Brallier and showrunner Scott Peterson, and to bring these amazing books to life with a major platform in Netflix. Our partnership with Cyber Group Studios, and now JAKKS Pacific, to create toys based on this series is the cherry on top,” says Matt Berkowitz, Chief Creative Officer, Thunderbird Entertainment Group and Atomic Cartoons. “With the animated series debuting later this year, and merchandise on the horizon in early 2020, we hope that The Last Kids on Earth franchise will be delighting audiences, in multiple formats, for many years to come.”

Earlier this year, the star-studded voice cast was announced, and will feature the talents of Mark Hamill, Rosario Dawson, Catherine O’Hara, Keith David, Bruce Campbell, Garland Whitt, Montse Hernandez and Charles Demers, in addition to Nick Wolfhard as the lead character Jack Sullivan.

Animation Magazine

Cyber Group & Outright Games Team for ‘Gigantosaurus’ Game

Cyber Group Studios has teamed up with Outright Games to create a new playable title inspired by animated series Gigantosaurus, which launched in January on Disney Channel U.S. The video game will be available for PlayStation 4, Xbox One, Nintendo Switch and PC.

“Cyber Group Studios is excited to build on the television series and expand the franchise to video games with Outright Games. With their considerable expertise in the family market, we know they will deliver a game that will bring Gigantosaurus to life in a whole new way and further captivate fans around the globe,” said Pierre Sissmann, Chairman and CEO of Cyber Group Studios.

Based on the bestselling book by world-renowned author Jonny Duddle, Gigantosaurus is a full-CGI comedy-action series produced by Cyber Group Studios which brings preschoolers along on the adventures of four young dinosaur friends as they explore their prehistoric world and the mystery of Gigantosaurus — the biggest, fiercest dinosaur of them all. The series will be broadcast on Disney Junior worldwide (excluding India, China and Taiwan) and major broadcast networks around the globe, including France Télévisions, Super RTL (Germany), RAI (Italy) and SRC (Canada) as well as on Netflix in the majority of territories worldwide.

The Gigantosaurus video game, created by Outright Games in partnership with Cyber Group Studios, will feature the four dinosaur heroes — Rocky, Bill, Tiny and Mazu — in a new action-packed story. Geared towards kids and families, the debut game brings players directly into the world of Gigantosaurus as they zoom through the stunning series-inspired locations and engage with the storylines.

Established by industry veteran Terry Malham in 2016, Outright Games brings a wealth of experience in creating and publishing high-quality interactive family entertainment, including with licenses such as How to Train Your Dragon, PAW Patrol and Adventure Time.

“We are thrilled to partner with Cyber Group Studios on this exciting new IP. Their commitment to producing stories that delight and help children across the world grow is second to none,” said Malham. “We look forward to combining our expertise in producing high-quality family entertainment to create a fun game for the whole family to enjoy and play together.”

Animation Magazine

Cyber Group’s ‘Gigantosaurus’ to Stomp on Disney Channel in Jan.

U.S. audiences will finally get to see what the team at France’s Cyber Group Studios have been working on for the past few years. The studio’s CG-animated preschool series Gigantosaurus, is set to premiere on Disney Channel on Friday, Jan. 18 at 9 a.m. (ET/PT).

The colorful series is based on Jonny Duddle’s bestselling book of the same name and follows four fun dinosaur friends who will take preschoolers on exciting, comedy-filled adventures as they dare to be themselves and explore the world beyond their nests.

“We’re so excited to introduce families to the incredible world of Gigantosaurus,” says Pierre Sissmann, Chairman and CEO of Cyber Group Studios. “Children have always been fascinated by dinosaurs and they will immediately relate to these unique characters, who, like them, are just beginning to assert their independence and learn about the importance of being themselves and being a good friend.”

Gigantosaurus invites the young audiences on the prehistoric adventures of four curious young dinosaur friends, Rocky, Bill, Tiny and Mazu, as they explore the mystery of “Gigantosaurus” — the biggest, fiercest dinosaur of all. Every imagination-inspiring episode follows the group on a quest, as they face their individual fears and work together to solve a problem. As the inquisitive Mazu, playful Tiny, timid Bill, and courageous Rocky aim to learn more about Gigantosaurus, they discover they each have something to learn from him as well.

You can see the trailer here.

For more info, visit

Animation Magazine

Cyber Group Inks Master Toy Deal with JAKKS for ‘Gigantosaurus’



Paris-based producer-distributor Cyber Group Studios has signed a multi-year, worldwide master toy agreement with toy and consumer products leader JAKKS Pacific for the upcoming animated preschool series Gigantosaurus. The deal will see JAKKS design, produce and bring to market a full range of inspired by the series, including preschool toys, figures, vehicles, playsets, outdoor seasonal items, indoor furniture, Halloween costumes and accessories. The first toys and new books from Templar will hit retail in Fall 2019.

“It’s a pleasure to see all of the Gigantosaurus characters come to life and to have the opportunity to collaborate on a major toy line with a dynamic company such as JAKKS Pacific,” commented Cyber Group Studios chairman & CEO, Pierre Sissmann.

Gigantosaurus (52 x 11’) is based on the bestselling book by Jonny Duddle (published by Templar). The CG-animated action/comedy series takes preschoolers along on the adventures of four young dinosaur friends as they explore their prehistoric world. Together, inquisitive Mazu, playful Tiny, timid Bill and courageous Rocky will also seek to discover the secrets of the elusive Gigantosaurus — the biggest, fiercest dinosaur of all.

“We are thrilled to be named master toy licensee for Gigantosaurus,” said Tara Hefter, Senior Vice President, Global Licensing, JAKKS Pacific. “Gigantosaurus is an adorable series based on a beloved bestselling book and we look forward to bringing these loveable dinosaurs to life in a whole new way.”

The series will launch on Disney Junior worldwide (excluding India and Taiwan) in early 2019, and then will roll out across major broadcast networks including France Televisions and Super RTL (Germany).



Animation Magazine

Cyber Group Taps WildBrain for Global Digital Development


Paris-based producer/distributor Cyber Group Studios has allied with WildBrain to enhance and develop its YouTube channels and digital presence worldwide. Having opened new offices in Los Angeles and in Tourcoing (Haut-de-France), and signed on to a new financial partnership with L-GAM, the studio plans to dramatically ramp up its digital strategy with the help of WildBrain’s specialist expertise.

“Cyber Group Studios are at an exciting juncture as they expand internationally and look to platforms like YouTube to grow their brands globally,” commented WildBrain’s Jon Benoy. “We look forward to helping them realise their ambitious plans for digital growth in 2018.”

WildBrain, a leading digital kids’ network and studio, will use its cutting-edge technology and data-rich analytics to manage Cyber Group Studios’ YouTube channels worldwide and extend their international exposure on digital platforms by providing audience development expertise, handling key brands such as Emmy Kids Award-nominated preschool series Zou and TV France International Export Prize-nominated Zorro The Chronicles as well as growing Cyber Group’s other existing properties and upcoming projects. WildBrain will also focus on growing Cyber Group’s channels in more than 150 countries across multiple languages.

Additionally, the partners will explore the joint development of new productions exclusively for digital platforms, with the first project expected to be announced this spring.

“I am thrilled to collaborate with WildBrain, whose worldwide expertise will accompany Cyber Group Studios in its new developments in the digital space,” said Cyber Group’s Pierre Sissmann.

Zorro The Chronicles

Zorro The Chronicles



Animation Magazine

Black Friday, Cyber Monday and Holiday Specials

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The 420 Times

Richard Goldsmith to Lead LA Cyber Group Subsidiary

Richard Goldsmith

Richard Goldsmith

Cyber Group Studios is extending and globalizing its France-based operations with the opening of its North American subsidiary, located in Los Angeles. Veteran kids’ entertainment executive and media specialist Richard Goldsmith is running the operation as President and CEO of Cyber Group Studios USA.

“I have admired Cyber Group Studios’ rapid rise as a leader in animated entertainment and am now delighted to join the management team as the company becomes truly global with its production, distribution and consumer products businesses,” says Goldsmith.

As the top exec at Cyber Group Studios USA, Goldsmith will oversee the affiliate and join the top management board of CGS in Paris. He is responsible for distribution and management of CGS content in territories including North America, China, Australia and New Zealand; and seeking acquisition opportunities for new businesses and IPs that will benefit the company globally.

Goldsmith most recently served as EVP of Global Distribution at The Jim Henson Company, overseeing sales to all platforms for top preschool brands like Dinosaur Train, Splash & Bubbles and Fraggle Rock. He was also tasked with raising production financing and securing co-production partners around the world. Additionally, Goldsmith acquired and distributed third party content under the company’s HIP banner and led all aspect of multi-platform channel Jim Henson Family TV.

Prior to Henson, Goldsmith was Executive Advisor for Strategic Distribution Initiatives for both the Digital Distribution and Consumer Products divisions at Warner Bros. Ent., developing and acquiring programming for Warner Bros. Digital, and overseeing TV and consumer products distribution of Warner Bros. Animation titles worldwide. Previously, Goldsmith served as SVP of New Initiatives for ACME Lab, rebooting classic animation brands from Looney Tunes, Hanna-Barbera and MGM. He has also held top roles with Chartwell Partners (Univision), Hollywood Ventures, LBS Communications, Kideo Video and Walt Disney Television.

“We are very excited that such a talented individual as Richard has decided to join us, as his experience will be instrumental in furthering our growth in untapped areas and make our company even more global,” says Pierre Sissmann, Chairman and CEO of Cyber Group Studios. “I have known Richard for many years already, not only as a talented executive but as a personal friend, and I am looking forward to working with him now directly to launch a new era of growth for our business.”

The launch of Cyber Group Studios USA is the latest high point in the company’s 11-year period of continuous growth. The newly opened subsidiary is located at The Culver Studios in historic Culver City, and will serve to extend CGS’s production and distribution activity as well as digital and merchandise licensing. The company currently has over 1,200 half-hours of animated content, seven series in production for broadcast and digital — plus 10 more in development.

CGS recently saw the international release of its new 2D animated series, Mirette Investigates, the debut of preschool series Zou season 3 in over 150 territories, and worldwide sales for its major CG undertaking Zorro the Chronicles, which was nominated as one of 2016?s top animated series by TV France International.

Cyber Group Studios

Cyber Group Studios

Animation Magazine

Even 6th Graders Commit Cyber Dating Abuse: Study

THURSDAY, Oct. 20, 2016 — Cyber dating abuse can be a problem even among sixth graders, a new study finds.

A survey of 424 Texas students in grade 6 found that 15 percent admitted they had committed at least one type of cyber abuse toward a dating partner.

The most common forms of abuse were using a dating partner’s social networking account without permission and making a dating partner afraid of not responding to calls or messages, according to the researchers.

Students most likely to commit cyber dating abuse were those who had a previous history of bullying and those who thought it was normal for boys to be violent against girls.

“We still don’t know if cyber dating abuse is really a distinct form of dating violence or if it’s just dating violence being perpetrated through a new avenue. The literature has shown that there’s a lot of overlap,” said study author Melissa Peskin.

Meskin is an associate professor in the department of health promotion and behavioral sciences at the University of Texas Health Science Center, in Houston.

“In this study, we did find that many of the factors associated with cyber dating abuse are also factors associated with traditional forms of dating violence,” she added in a university news release.

“We need interventions that focus on reducing dating violence but that also include lessons on how to have healthy relationships in the online environment,” Peskin said.

The study was published recently in the Journal of Youth and Adolescence.

More information

The U.S. Centers for Disease Control and Prevention has more on dating violence.

Posted: October 2016

View comments – Daily MedNews

Folivari, Winds & Cyber Group Announce ‘Menino’ Series


Multi-award-winning animation production and distribution company Cyber Group Studios has joined forces with Didier Brunner’s Folivari and documentary production company Winds to co-produce a new hybrid animation and live-action series: Menino and the Children of the World.

Created by Brunner — known for his work on acclaimed films like The Old Lady and the Pigeons, The Triplets of Belleville, Brendan and Ernest & CelestineMenino and the Children of the World (52 x 7) follows a little animated boy named Menino who, in each episode, embarks on a journey to learn about the lives of real children in different, unique corners of the world. As curious as he is clumsy, Menino shows viewers the joy and wonder of a traditional meal in the remote mountains of western China, a trip in the Kenyan savannah or fishing from a canoe in the Indian Ocean.

Menino is aimed at children ages 4-7 and combines animation and live action, bringing together aspects from two acclaimed films into one series: the documentary On the Way to School, which won the 2014 Cesar for Best Documentary, and The Boy and the World, the Cristal winning and Oscar-nominated Brazilian animated feature by Alé Abreu.

Cyber Group Studios is handling worldwide distribution and will commence international presales at MIFA in Annecy.

Menino and the Children of the World

Menino and the Children of the World

Animation Magazine

Cyber Monday: Top 5 Marijuana Deals for Cannabis Aficionados

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FlavRx: Two 1 gram cartridges, $ 95

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Bogo deal on all wax / concentrates

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Generation Green of Victorville: 6 gram 1/8’s

Generation Green of Victorville: 6 gram 1/8’s

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 Las Vegas, Nevada: Freedom Buds

Las Vegas, Nevada: Freedom Buds

  1. For those medical marijuana patients in the Las Vegas area, Freedom Buds is offering a deal on all half ounces storewide during the 2015 holiday season. And with strains like Bay Area Kush, Gorilla Glue, Strawberry Sherbet, Mr. Nice, and Girl Scout Cookies… there’s little doubt LV’s Freedom Buds has what it takes to ensure the holiday’s get started off on a high note.
ABC Delivery is offering a two for one wax deal

ABC Delivery is offering a two for one wax deal

  1. And last but not least on this Cyber Monday, for those patients living in the Palm Springs area of California, ABC Delivery is offering a two for one wax deal. Patients purchasing 2 grams of concentrates (or 2 half grams) will receive one at equal or lesser value.

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Cyber Group Racks Up Deals Across Asia


Paris-based Cyber Group Studios reports an increased presence of its shows in Asia with sales of more than 250 half hours for series such as Zorro: The Chronicles, Tales of Tatonka, Mademoiselle Zazie and Zou.

In Asia-Pacific territories, Tales of Tatonka (52×13?), produced by Cyber Group Studios, keeps performing well as Discovery Networks renewed the rights of this CGI series for the region.

In Indonesia and Sri Lanka, a TV and DVD deal was secured with Spectrum for Zorro: The Chronicles (26×22?), the latest reboot featuring the masked superhero. This action comedy series geared to 6-12 boys and girls, produced by Cyber Group Studios in collaboration with John Gertz’s Zorro Productions and Blue Spirit Studios for France Télévisions and RAI, has already been pre-sold to major broadcasters worldwide including: Tele Quebec (Canada), VRT and RTBF (Belgium), RTVE (Spain), NPO (Netherland), RTS (Switzerland), Globosat (Brazil) and YLE (Finland).

In Korea, Cyber Group Studios also concluded a significant package deal with Key Intermedia for the second season of Zou (156×11?), Mademoiselle Zazie (78×7?), both produced by Cyber Group Studios and Scrawl, as well as Adams Bakery (52×13?), the upper preschool series from Changzhou Dinosaur Park and Grenadine Peppermint (78×7?).

Iconix also snapped up Mademoiselle Zazie (78×7?) to broadcast on Skylife while JCG bought the rights of Adams Bakery (52×13?) for Kids Talk Talk channel in Korea.

In Taiwan, Good TV picked up The Long Long Holiday (10×26?), the French animated series produced by Les Armateurs about the Second World War through the eyes of kids. Cyber Group Studios’ little zebra Zou (156×11?) keeps entertaining children in Taiwan as Momo Kids acquired the second season of the show, sold in more than 150 countries around the world and in over 30 languages. And Cyber Group Studios is launching the third season of its preschool hit.

Zorro: The Chronicles

Zorro: The Chronicles

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MIPJunior: Cyber Group Secures ‘Zorro’ Presales


Paris-based Cyber Group Studios reports that its new CG series Zorro The Chronicles is off to a swashbuckling start following its MIPJunior World Premiere Screening in Cannes. The show made its debut to about 350 professionals from the global animation and TV industry. The production and distribution company also announces a raft of presales for the series.

Zorro has been picked up by a range of major global broadcasters: Turner and Citel (France), RTVE Clan (Spain), RTS (Switzerland), VRT and RTBF (Belgium), TV2 (Norway), YLE (Finland), NPO (Netherlands), ETV (Estonia), TeleQuebec (Canada), Minimax (Eastern Europe), Globosat (Brazil), Spectrum (Indonesia), TV5 Worldwide, LRT (Lithuania) and others.

Zorro the Chronicles (26 x 22) is an animated action-comedy based on the classic hero, aimed at kids 6-12. This fresh take centered on a younger Zorro is written by Pierre Sissmann and Annabelle Perrichon, directed by Olivier Lelardoux and designed by Georges Bouchelaghem and Christophe Rendu. It is produced by Cyber Group Studios in collaboration with John Gertz’s Zorro Productions International and Blue Spirit Studios for France Televisions and RAI.

Zorro The Chronicles

Zorro The Chronicles

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