Parents, Throw the Garden at Your Picky Eater

THURSDAY, Sept. 19, 2019 — When it comes to convincing your kids that vegetables taste good, variety might be the key to success.

New research suggests that offering children more than one type of vegetable may improve the chances that they’ll eat a greater amount.

The study included 32 families with children aged 4 to 6 who didn’t eat many vegetables. The children were divided into three groups: no change in eating habits, being given one type of vegetable (broccoli), or being given multiple vegetables (broccoli, zucchini and peas).

Parents were given instructions on portion size and cooking instructions, along with tips on how to offer the vegetables to the children, who were served a small piece of vegetable three times a week for five weeks. A sticker was given as a reward to children trying a new vegetable.

Vegetable consumption increased from 0.6 to 1.2 servings among children who were offered multiple vegetables, but no changes in consumption occurred among children who received a single vegetable or those whose eating habits weren’t changed.

The increased acceptance for multiple vegetables during the five weeks of the study was still evident three months later, according to the findings published in the September issue of the Journal of Nutrition Education and Behavior.

“While the amount of vegetables eaten increased during the study, the amount did not meet dietary guidelines. Nonetheless, the study showed the strategy of offering a variety of vegetables was more successful in increasing consumption than offering a single vegetable,” said lead author Astrid Poelman, from the CSIRO Agriculture & Food, Sensory, Flavour and Consumer Science in Australia.

“In Australia, dietary guidelines for vegetable consumption by young children have increased although actual consumption is low,” Poelman said in a journal news release. “This study introduces an effective strategy for parents wanting to address this deficiency.”

Parents in the study said that offering the vegetables to their children was “very easy” or “quite easy,” and most followed the instructions provided by the researchers.

More information

The American Academy of Pediatrics offers tips to get children to eat more fruits and vegetables.

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DHX Launches ‘In the Night Garden’ Exclusives at Home Bargains

DHX Brands has formed a direct-to-retail collaboration to launch a new range of In the Night Garden products, specially created for the brand’s audience of children aged 6 months to 2.5 years.

Launched as a direct-to-retail promotion with TJ Morris, the products will be introduced exclusively in Home Bargains and Quality Save stores throughout the U.K. this summer, with an initial 18 products available by the end of July, followed by two more in August and a further 12 in September.

The range – which retails from £0.69-£13.99 – includes a host of items which are currently unavailable from other In the Night Garden licensees, including infant wipes, toddler training items, wooden pull-along toys, slippers, towelling robes, gift bags and feeding products such as bibs and sipper cups. The range also includes greeting cards and gift wrap; tableware, such as cutlery and melamine sets; apparel, including pyjamas and onesies; and accessories such as socks and backpacks.

With Home Bargains also stocking toys from Golden Bear’s popular, award-winning In the Night Garden range, the store is now a must-visit destination for fans of the top-rated CBeebies preschool TV series.

“We are delighted to team up with DHX Brands to offer this fantastic new range of In the Night Garden products,” said Helen Lynch of TJ Morris. “Such an appealing choice of items, from such an evergreen brand which is beloved by millions of families nationwide, is sure to prove a big hit with our customers over the summer.”

Laura Brennan, DHX Brands, said, “TJ Morris have an excellent reputation with their burgeoning Home Bargains stores and we are excited to be teaming up with them to give In the Night Garden fans such a wonderful new range, which increases the variety of products available and provides even more ways for young children to get closer to their favourite characters.”

The agreement between In the Night Garden brand owner, DHX Media, and TJ Morris was negotiated by leading licensing agency CPLG.

In the Night Garden x Home Bargains

In the Night Garden x Home Bargains

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Green Garden Gold Review

Like many brands in the CBD industry, Green Garden Gold offers an assortment of edibles, tinctures, pet products, topicals, concentrates, and then some.  To be considered one of the best CBD brands of 2019, you have to pretty much offer the entire variety of products as well as include your transparency in terms of how your manufacturing process works, as far as I’m concerned.  Today in this official Green Garden Gold brand review, I’ll delve into why this company checks all the boxes and shouldn’t be overlooked when you make the decision to buy CBD products online.

The Green Garden Gold Brand Reviews for 2019

The message this company gives is fairly clear, they design products to enhance “total body wellness.”  With price ranges from $ 24 – $ 280, just about all tastes and budgets can be accommodated at this one stop shop.

First, I applaud them for sharing their quality controls with the world, which is something the top brands are doing to show that they source the best full spectrum hemp.  In this case, the hemp is organically grown in Colorado.

The third party testing can be asked for by anyone – YES – EVEN YOU – so don’t be shy.  You’ll find that the results will show you that they are free of mold, heavy metals, pesticides, and other notable contaminants.

What I Liked About This Brand

I read on another site that veterans get 40% off.  That’s always a stand up thing to do, and I know of at least one other brand doing this.  These are the people who most likely need these products the most, so it’s important to make sure they can get affordable treatments.  Plus, they served our country and deserve every discount they are offered!

When I perused their best sellers list, I was surprised to see that their capsules were listed as the #1 selling product.  Normally, it’s the CBD oils sold in tinctures that are the top sellers, so I’ll have to reach out to them to see if there is more to the story.  I will say that capsules are very discreet, and they make no bones about that in this video below.  Rather than tell you myself, I figured I’d share this video, straight from the horse’s mouth, so to speak.

Sold in 900mg, this is much higher than the Every Day Optimal capsules, which only go up to 50mg.  This set off an alarm with me so I had to dig into the product label and learn more.  Turns out, there is a blend of hemp extract that makes up 470mg and then 30mg of cannabidiol (CBD). This still only adds up to 500mg, so I’ll have to reach out to them and see why this is advertised as 900mg, as there are certainly going to be consumers out there that are confused. If I’m confused, and I do follow this space for a living, then I’m sure there are others.  Stand by, and I’ll post my answer soon.

Green Gold Capsules

Yummy Gummies CBD Edibles

Next on their best sellers page, they list the Yummy Gummies CBD edibles.  The edibles space is a growing space, and people like all the playful marketing behind the gummies especially.

Priced at $ 9.99 for a package of two gummies, this is a nice pack you can travel with or take on the go.  There are 60mg in the package.  (30mg each.)  Once again, I’ll let their marketing heads tell you more about it in this video:

VG Blended CBD Oils

Usually the top selling product with these companies, we finally get to the CBD Oils.  Using CO2 extraction, Green Garden Gold uses USDA Certified organic Colorado hemp extract the is blended with vegetable glycerin (VG) and natural flavoring.  Drop this under your tongue, or use one of these CBD vape pens to get a faster result.

Available in 4 sizes, 3 dosages, (up to 1,000mg)  and a few different flavors, like strawberry, blueberry, and more.  This is yet another item I’ll let the company tell you about in this below video.

While there are many brands that sell stronger dosages, (this brand goes to 4000mg , but then again some of the top brands like this one sell only up to 300mg.)  I don’t downgrade any brand for selling lesser dosages of CBD, but I may make note of that when judging their offering of products as some people do shop for other people in their household and we all have different needs and ailments.

Doggy Be Good CBD Pet Products

I’m a dog lover myself, having two of them in my house. If you are in the same boat, you’ll love the fact that they have one of the best offerings of CBD products for dogs out of all the brands out there.

Here is a list of what you’ll find in their pet section, which they call “Doggy Be Good.”

Joint Formula for Dogs 

CBD Capsules for dogs.

CBD Oil For Dogs

Place a dropper in their food and let the entourage effect take action.

Doggy Be Good CBD Oil Treats

Organic and made of whole wheat flour, these contain 2mg of CBD in each treat.

Gluten Free CBD Treats

These are 2mg per treat and made with gluten free peanut butter.  Yum!

CBD Weight Management Products

This is a category not many companies have delved into, so I was really curious to see this.  I haven’t personally tested these products, but when I can, or have someone to do so, I’ll come back with a more encompassing update.  What they offer is below:

CBD Ketones

Dairy and lactose free.  Vegan.  

CBD MCT Powder

Provides energy while increasing your ketone levels.  

CBD Probiotic

This is the first ever CBD probiotic I’ve ever seen.  Aids with digestion and the immune system. 

Other Products

Again, they have a HUGE selection of products, and some of them I’m just going to list right here, others you should just visit their website and check them out because it’s really the Apple Store of CBD.  So much there!

CBD Muscle & Joint Rubs

They sell a Hemp Oil Salve and a CBD Gel for pain.  (See our top pain products here.)

Skin Products

They only make two skin products, sold together as day and night serums, aptly called “Sunrise” & “Moonglow.”  Using hemp oils for your face as well as powerhouse skin care ingredients like squalane, sunflower seed oil, and eucalyptus leaf oil, I’m excited to get my hands on these serums.

Real Terpenes + CBD

Not many companies have terpenes for sale, but you can buy them at Green Garden Gold.  The terpenes made from cannabis get you the entourage effect, and there are three varieties you can buy online:

  • Indica
  • Sativa
  • Hybrid

All have 500mg fo CBD from their pure isolate CBD. 

Pure Isolate CBD

Lastly, but certainly not least… can get CBD crystalline in the purest form possible – a whopping 99.9 percent!  Sold in three sizes in collectible jars, you can consume this as an edible or use it with a rig.


Wow.  What.  A.  Brand.  Need I say more?  Sure, there are some parts of this Green Garden Gold review that I have to come back and update simply because of the sheer amount of products they offer, but I’m really looking forward to that more than loathing it.  This company is a well-oiled hemp machine!

Buy Here.

Green Garden Gold Review

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First Look: ‘Over the Garden Wall: Distillatoria’ Graphic Novel from BOOM!

Comics house BOOM! Studios, in partnership with Cartoon Network, has revealed a sneak preview at all-new original graphic novel Over the Garden Wall: Distillatoria, inspired by the Emmy Award-winning animated mini-series created by Patrick McHale. Eisner Award-winning writer Jonathan Case (Dear Creature) and Eisner Award-winning artist Jim Campbell (Over the Garden Wall) have crafted a brand-new story to win over long-time fans and new readers alike in November 2018:

While exploring the Unknown, Greg and Wirt suddenly find themselves back home — only it looks like they brought Beatrice back with them?! Now, it’s up to them to help Beatrice return safely to the Unknown before anyone realizes she can talk. But it looks like something sinister might be happening in the shadows and everything might not be as it seems. It’s a mad dash filled with friendship, love, Sara, and learning that home might be a lot further away than you think.

“The world of Over the Garden Wall is rich and filled with so many mysteries that we’ll never be able to uncover them all — but Jonathan and Jim are doing their best to attempt it,” said Whitney Leopard, Editor, BOOM! Studios. “Over the Garden Wall: Distillatoria follows Greg, Wirt and Beatrice on an all-new adventure that only gets even more exciting with each turn of the page. We’re thrilled to have a chance to continue to work with these amazing characters, and this book will just remind you why you fell in love with them in the first place.”

Distillatoria is the latest release announced for BOOM!’s critically acclaimed KaBOOM! Imprint, which publishes popular licensed series such as Adventure Time and Steven Universe (Cartoon Network), Peanuts (DHX Media) and Garfield, as well as originals such as Brave Chef Brianna by Sam Sykes and Selina Espiritu, and The Deep by Tom Taylor and James Brouwer. Print copies will go on sale November 21 at local comic book shops, and on Nov. 28 at book stores and the BOOM! webstore. Digital copies will be available from comiXology, iBooks, Google Play and the BOOM! Studios app.

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Hot Garden Hose Water Poses Scalding Risk

June 6, 2016 — Hot water in garden hoses that have been left in the sun can cause scalding, Las Vegas fire officials say.

In the warning issued Tuesday, Las Vegas Fire & Rescue cited a case that occurred two years ago. A 9-month old baby suffered second-degree burns on 30 percent of his body after being sprayed with scalding water from a hose heating by the sun, CBS News reported.

“Here in Las Vegas, a garden hose exposed to direct sunlight during summer can heat the water inside the hose (not flowing) to 130-140 degrees which can cause burns especially to children & animals,” the fire department warned.

It recommended letting water flow from a hose for a few minutes so that it can cool before it’s sprayed on people or animals, CBS News reported.

WebMD News from HealthDay

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Portable Czech brewery brings home-made beer garden dreams a step closer

PRAGUE (Reuters) – For beer lovers who dream of brewing their own pint, a portable brewery from the Czech Republic may be just the thing – if they have $ 124,000 to spare.

Fitting into a standard shipment container, the “Smart Brewery” made in Prague by the Well Service company can produce up to 525 hectolitres of beer, or 2,000 pints a week.

“We wanted to make a brewery that would be mobile, possible to deliver anywhere in the world, with a simple use and not space-demanding,” Pavel Pozivil from the Well Service said.

“You can put it anywhere on a solid surface, link to water and electricity sources, and you can start brewing,” he said.

Radek Spacil, co-owner of the “Smart Brewery”, brews a beer in a portable brewery built in a standard shipping container, in Prague, Czech Republic, September 2, 2017. Picture taken September 2, 2017. REUTERS/David W Cerny

The complete set costs 2.7 million crowns ($ 124,000).

Well Service has already agreed a delivery to Russia, and it is in negotiations in Thailand, Tanzania and other countries.

Slideshow (8 Images)

By capacity, the Smart Brewery ranks far below even the mini-breweries that have sprung up in dozens of Czech towns in recent years. But it could suffice as an additional offer on tap, as it does for the owner of the Gourmeta pub in Prague.

“When you follow the procedure and you have a good recipe, then it is no problem to brew an excellent beer,” said Radek Spacil, a co-owner of Gourmeta, which completed its first brew with the Smart Brewery on Sept 2.

($ 1 = 21.8030 Czech crowns)

Reporting by Jiri Skacel; Writing by Robert Muller; Editing by Hugh Lawson

Our Standards:The Thomson Reuters Trust Principles.

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Don’t Let Your Garden Get You Down

SATURDAY, May 13, 2017 — Gardening season is here, but it doesn’t have to bring a fresh crop of aches, pains and muscle strains.

“While gardening helps to relieve mental stress, many people underestimate the physical stress your body can endure during this activity,” orthopedic spine surgeon Dr. Raj Rao said in an American Academy of Orthopaedic Surgeons (AAOS) news release.

“The constant bending, reaching and squatting involved could result in injuries to the lower back and knees, therefore it’s important to be mindful of your body’s position while gardening to avoid aches and strains,” Rao said.

The AAOS offers a number of safety tips:

  • Before gardening, do some simple stretches to loosen your joints and muscles.
  • Take breaks while you work and avoid staying in the same position for too long.
  • To lift an heavy object, position yourself close to it, separate your feet shoulder-width apart, bend at the knees, tighten your stomach muscles and lift with your leg muscles as you stand up. If an item is too heavy or awkwardly shaped, ask someone to help.
  • Use a garden stool when possible, or consider a vertical garden, wall planters or hanging plant baskets to make work easier.
  • Stay hydrated.
  • Wear gloves, sturdy shoes and long pants to guard against insect bites and injuries.
  • Learn about the plants and trees around you. If you identify poisonous ones, keep young children away and teach them about the potential risks. If you cannot identify a plant or tree, take a sample to your local garden center for identification.
  • Keep gardening equipment in good working order.

More information

The U.S. Centers for Disease Control and Prevention has more on gardening health and safety.

Posted: May 2017

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SuperProd Toons Up Ringo Starr’s ‘Octopus’s Garden’


French animation developer and producer SuperProd is teaming up with Simon & Schuster, Universal Music Publishing and Startling Music for a TV adaptation of the book Octopus’s Garden — based on the famous song written and sung by Ringo Starr for The Beatles’ 1969 album Abbey Road, and illustrated by Ben Cort (Aliens Love Underpants).

“We are particularly proud and happy to work on this great book and music. The evergreen song by Ringo Starr and the superb drawings by Ben Cort are a wonderful setting for telling our animated stories. We are thrilled to team-up with such great talents and major partners in the music and book publishing industries” say Clément Calvet and Jeremie Fajner at SuperProd.

SuperProd will pitch the project at MIPTV next April. Superights will represent international rights to the animated program.

Octopus's Garden

Octopus’s Garden

Animation Magazine

Student-made ‘Small People,’ ‘Garden Wall’ Top Ottawa Awards


This year’s Grand Prizes went to Sarina Nihei’s Small People With Hats won Best Independent Short Animation, and Patrick McHale’s Over The Garden Wall took the Grand Prize for Best Animated Feature at the Ottawa International Animation Festival.

It is the first time a student film has won the top honors in the festival’s history.

Small People With Hats also picked up an award for Best Sound. The Prize for Best Short Film Made For Children was awarded to Frits Standaert for Compte les moutons (Counting Sheep). Dan and Jason won the Prize for Best Animated Series for Children with Bird and Bear.

This year’s Short, Feature and Kids Competition screenings were judged by three official juries. The Competition Short Jury includes Kaspar Jancis (Estonia), Leah Shore (USA) and Yiorgos Tsangaris (Cyprus). The Competition Feature Jury includes Chris Dainty and Maral Mohammadian (Canada) and Saschka Unseld (USA). The Competition Kids Jury is comprised of Ottawa-area children.

The OIAF programming team, led by Chris Robinson, selected 75 short films and 4 feature films for competition from nearly 2,100 entries.

The full list of winners follows:


Grand Prize for Best Independent Short Animation
Small People With Hats | 2014 | Sarina Nihei | UK | 6:51 | Graduation Animation

Grand Prize for Best Animated Feature
Over The Garden Wall | 2014 | Patrick McHale | USA, South Korea | 110:41 | Animated Feature
* Honorable mention to La Montagne Magique (The Magic Mountain) by Anca Damian.


Cartoon Network Prize for Best Narrative Short Animation
Isand (The Master) | 2015 | Riho Unt | Estonia | 18:00 | Narrative Short Animation

Prize for Best Experimental/Abstract Animation
The Five Minute Museum | 2015 | Paul Bush | Switzerland, UK | 6:20 | Experimental/Abstract

Prize for Best Undergraduate Animation
Violet | 2015 | Ryan Ines | USA | 5:56 | Undergraduate Animation

Walt Disney Animation Prize for Best Graduation Animation
Loop Ring Chop Drink | 2014 | Nicolas Ménard | UK | 9:45 | Graduation Animation

Prize for Best Commissioned Animation
Jazz Orgie | 2015 | Irina Rubina | Germany | 0:53 | Commissioned Animation

Prize for Best Short Film Made For Children
Compte les moutons (Counting Sheep) | 2015 | Frits Standaert | France, Belgium | 7:00

Prize for Best Animated Series Made for Children
Bird and Bear | 2014 | Dan and Jason | USA | 4:31


Award for Best Script
World of Tomorrow | 2015 | Don Hertzfeldt | USA | 16:30 | Narrative Short Animation

Award for Best Design
Loop Ring Chop Drink | 2014 | Nicolas Ménard | UK | 9:45 | Graduation Animation

Award for Best Animation Technique
Alateadvuse maja (House of Unconsciousness) | 2015 | Priit Tender | Estonia | 10:41 | Narrative Short Animation

Award for Best Sound
Small People With Hats | 2014 | Sarina Nihei | UK | 6:51 | Graduation Animation


DHX Public Prize
World of Tomorrow | 2015 | Don Hertzfeldt | USA | 16:30 | Narrative Short Animation

Canadian Film Institute Award for Best Canadian Animation
Mynarski chute mortelle (Mynarski Death Plummet) | 2014 | Matthew Rankin | Canada | 7:46 | Narrative Short Animation
* Honorable mention to Sonámbulo by Theodore Ushev and Focus by Alex Boya.

VIA Rail Prize for Best Canadian Student Animation
Fears | 2015 | Nata Metlukh | Vancouver Film School | 2:08
* Honorable mention to Religatio by Jaime Giraldo, Vancouver Film School.

Small People With Hats

Small People With Hats

Animation Magazine

‘Garden Wall,’ ‘Adventure Time’ Win Top Toon Emmys


It was a good night for Cartoon Network at the Creative Arts Emmy Awards this weekend, as the network won the Outstanding Animated Program for its Over the Garden Wall miniseries and Outstanding Short-Format Animated Program for Adventure Time.

The winners of the 2015 Creative Arts Emmy Awards were presented at the Microsoft Theater at L.A. Live in downtown Los Angeles.

The other major animation-category winner is Hank Azaria, who won for Outstanding Character Voice-Over Performance for The Simpsons episode “The Princess Guide.”

In visual effects, Game of Thrones won Outstanding Special Visual Effects for the episode “The Dance of Dragons,” while American Horror Story: Freak Show won Outstanding Special Visual Effects In A Supporting Role for the episode “Edward Mordrake, Part 2.”

The full list of winners and nominees in animation and VFX categories follows:


  • (WINNER) Hank Azaria for The Simpsons “The Princess Guide”
  • John Roberts for Bob’s Burgers “Eat, Spray, Linda”
  • Seth MacFarlane for Family Guy “Our Idiot Brian”
  • Seth Green for Robot Chicken “Victoria’s Secret Of Nimph”
  • Dan Castellaneta for The Simpsons “Bart’s New Friend”
  • Tress MacNeille for The Simpsons “My Fare Lady”


  • (WINNER) Over The Garden Wall
  • Archer
  • Bob’s Burgers
  • The Simpsons
  • South Park


  • (WINNER) Adventure Time
  • Disney Mickey Mouse
  • Regular Show
  • Robot Chicken
  • Steven Universe
  • Wander Over Yonder


  • (WINNER) American Horror Story: Freak Show • Edward Mordrake, Part 2 • FX Networks • 20th Century Fox Television
  • Boardwalk Empire • Golden Days For Boys And Girls • HBO • HBO Entertainment in association with Leverage, Closest to the Hole Productions, Sikelia Productions and Cold Front Productions
  • Gotham • Lovecraft • FOX • Warner Bros. Television
  • Marvel’s Daredevil • Speak Of The Devil • Netflix • Marvel Television in association with ABC Studios for Netflix
  • The Walking Dead • Conquer • AMC • AMC Studios / Stalwart Films, LLC / Circle of Confusion / Valhalla Entertainment


  • (WINNER) Game Of Thrones • The Dance Of Dragons • HBO • HBO Entertainment in association with Bighead, Littlehead; Television 360; Startling Television and Generator Productions
  • Black Sails • XVIII • Starz • Platinum Dunes and Quaker Moving Pictures in association with Starz Originals
  • The Flash • Grodd Lives • CW • Bonanza Productions Inc. in association with Berlanti Productions and Warner Bros. Television
  • Marvel’s Agents Of S.H.I.E.L.D. • The Dirty Half Dozen • ABC • ABC Studios in association with Marvel Studios
  • Vikings • To The Gates! • HISTORY • An Octagon and Take 5 production in association with Metro-Goldwyn-Mayer for History
Over the Garden Wall

Over the Garden Wall

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Wild boar injures father and son in Berlin garden

A wild boar seriously injured an elderly man and his son after getting trapped their garden in Berlin, police and media said.

The animal bit the 78-year-old and turned on his 48-year-old son as they tried to chase it away in the north of the city on Sunday, police said.

“The wild boar apparently panicked and started biting when it couldn’t find its way out,” the Berliner Morgenpost newspaper reported.

Police called in a hunter who shot it dead.

An estimated 4,000 boars live alongside Berlin’s 3 million human inhabitants, say officials. Increasing numbers have been coming in searching for food, holding up traffic as they wander across boulevards but rarely hurting anyone.

(Reporting by Marina Adami; Editing by Erik Kirschbaum and Andrew Heavens)

Reuters: Oddly Enough

Plants vs. Zombies: Garden Warfare ads point to multiplayer shooter

A shooter? In my Plants vs. Zombies garden? It’s more likely than you think.

Signs posted across the Los Angeles Convention Center have revealed Plants vs. Zombies: Garden Warfare. It wouldn’t be the first time PopCap has engaged in some elaborate parodies for the sake of fun and messaging, but a host of rumors and job listings picked up by Kotaku indicate it’s something more.

The listings indicate PopCap is involved on an unusual project: a 3D, multiplayer shooter. Planned for consoles and developed by former members of EA Black Box, Kotaku says Garden Warfare will be “in the vein of Team Fortress 2.”

We expect to find out more about the new shooter as well as Plants vs. Zombies 2 at EA’s press conference today at 1 p.m. PST.

GamesRadar – Xbox News