Hemp Olympics Bong Smoking Competition part 2

www.urbangrower.com A fierce competition for a bubbler from KUSH.ca!

Dead Bird in the Weeds: A Seamróg Tale of Rebellion

Birds no longer live in the trees. They lie dead in the weeds. According to the ancient Irish tradition, the wren would command the birds and the king would become the pauper for one glorious day. In order for life to be restored to its original state, the wren must be hunted and slain. Dead Bird in the Weeds relates the tale of trodden people rising as wrens to win freedom from the tyranny of England during the 1798 Rebellion in Ireland. This is the story of one such wren named Aislin

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Potential of Brassic rapa, Cannabis sativa, Helianthus annuus and Zea mays for phytoextraction of heavy metals from calcareous dredged sediment derived soils [An article from: Chemosphere]

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Remediation of soil pollution is one of the many current environmental challenges. Anthropogenic activity has resulted in the contamination of extended areas of land, the remediation of which is both invasive and expensive by conven

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The Market for Hemp Products

Interviews with companies and ND state officials talking about the growing market for industrial hemp products.

Cannabis Foods

Cannabis foods (including pot brownies and space cakes) are food products made with cannabis in herbal or resin form as an ingredient. They are consumed as an alternate delivery means to experience the effects and benefits of cannabinoids without smoking marijuana or hashish. Instead, the cannabinoids are put into cake, cookie, brownie, or other foods, and are consumed for recreational or medicinal purposes. There are many different names and slang terms for the recipes. Prefixes such as hash, c

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FULLY, SANTA, CHINNA, TONY CHIN. they are all there Earl Zero too. Soul Syndicate playing in front of Fully Fullwoods house.
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The Amateur Growers Guide to Growing Marijuana

I wrote this amateur growers’ guide to help amateur growers only in areas where it is legal. If you live in a state that has medicinal marijuana laws which allow you to grow your own plants, make sure you know the laws and know your rights. Also, you will need a medical marijuana card to be eligible to grow. If you live in an area where it is prohibited, this guide wasn’t intended for you.

I feel that, with my guide, any eligible person can save money by growing their own marijuana.

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Tree of Life by The Human Revolution – Song about the remarkable Hemp Plant Cannabis sativa

Tree of Life, winner of 2007 Marijuana Music Awards Best Music Video! An educational music video about the many industrial uses and health benefits of the American Hemp plant. Featuring the song “Tree of Life” by Human of the band The Human Revolution. www.thehumanrevolution.org Cannabis sativa “hemp” can benefit all of mankind. It is #1 for: fiber, paper, food, oil, medicine and fuel. lyrics: Tree of Life Words and Music by Human of The Human Revolution I wanna tell yall a little bit about a plant I know that can save the world. It grows long and tall and has flowers that can make your mind swirl. Its a sacred plant with a fiber that is resistant to rain and mold. Its the strongest plant fiber known to man, the best rope youll ever hold. Now the pioneers covered up their wagon train with a canvas made of hemp Washington and Jefferson grew it on their farms and said to make the most of it. The first stars and stripes were made on hemp the first constitution too. Its used around the world for fuel fiber oil medicine and food. If you press its seeds you wont have no need for any other oil, You can make paints and inks or run your car, grow it back next season itll fix the soil. The most nutritious seed you can put in your mouth with Omega 6 and 3 We can feed the world with the tree of life and live sustainably. Chorus: If we cut down all the trees, then we wont have no air to breath, Grow a field of hemp instead, you can make your paper, build your house from it. The
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Le Cannabis

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Winnipeg Hemp Foods Company on a High

Venture Capital Firm Helps With Expansion
Mike Fata says only the global recession has managed to slow the company down.
When daytime talk show stars like Martha Stewart and Dr.  Oz start endorsing the health and nutritional benefits of hemp-seed foods, chances are it’s only a matter of time before middle America will start queuing up to […]
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Adventures In Cannabis Hemp. The Dutch Coffeeshop Experience Part 2 of 6

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Cannabis, Straßenverkehr und Arbeitswelt: Recht – Medizin – Politik (German Edition)

In Deutschland konsumieren ca. 3 Millionen Menschen gelegentlich oder regelmäßig Cannabisprodukte. Nach bisheriger Gesetzeslage und Rechtspraxis droht diesen 3 Millionen der Entzug des Führerscheins, selbst wenn sie nie unter dem Einfluss von Cannabis ein Fahrzeug führten. Mit Beschluss vom 8.7.2002 erklärte das Bundesverfassungsgericht diese Praxis für verfassungswidrig: Die Kammer geht davon aus, dass der einmalige oder nur gelegentliche Cannabiskonsum ohne Bezug zum Straßenverkehr für

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Jan Irvin – Cannabis / Hemp / Marijuana Part 2

Jan Irvin is the co founder of Gnostic Media — www.GnosticMedia.com — and co author of The Pharmacratic Inquisition DVD. He is also the founder of http and the author of The Holy Mushroom, Evidence of Mushrooms in Judeo-Christianity. In this radio interview with Mike Chambers of TNR — www.truthnetradio.com — Jan discuses the advantages of Industrial Hemp and how Marijuana could help rescue the US economy, diminish our fuel costs, and save our planet! What would you say if you just found out today that Marijuana was one of the most useful plants on the planet? These clips reveal what you won’t learn on FOX, ABC, CBS, NBC, CNN, BBC, or CBC or other mainstream media outlets. Did you know that Marijuana, properly known as Hemp, could as a raw material, save the US economy? This has nothing to do with smoking weed, but using it for building material, clothing, soap, paint, fuel, paper, plastic, dynamite, etc. In fact, Marijuana is the world’s #1 sustainable, renewable resource for the overall majority of the world’s industry needs. Hemp used for fuel could be grown on 6 to 10% of arable land in the US and supply all of our country’s energy needs. But you won’t hear George Bush and his cronies discussing the truth about 9/11 while waging war in the Middle East over oil, while at the same time waging war on US citizens in the War on Drugs. We could end the war in Iraq and Afghanistan today, because they were never about terrorism. We wouldn’t need future wars in Iran if we

Chris Sullivan’s Simple Effective Way to Control Cannabis

Is cannabis affecting your bank balance, relationships, confidence, job and fitness levels?

If so, try the easy and enjoyable solution. No psychobabble or exercises to follow and no willpower required!

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Weed, Hemp, Cannabis – The 420 Tribute

Song is Grassoline by Poker Face. A great tribute to the great herb – marijuana & hemp! End the War on Drugs today! Cannabis and Hemp are two of the best plants god has given us, tell the American goverment to legalize it today! Lyrics: I, I and my friends, smoke lots of kind Marijuana Why, is the best plant to save the earth has been made illegal Why, do judge & lawyers get to smoke the finest marijuana Please let the farmers grow, fields of HEMP and marijuana Please take the wheel, Ill let you drive Now is the right time to legalize marijuana My forefathers grew lots of HEMP and marijuana Please take the wheel, Ill let you drive Grassoline, filling up your tank with Grassoline, more powers in the pedal Grassoline, filling farmers pockets Grassoline, the answer to our countries needs 1 Growing all America green 2 The answer to Americas needs 3 Gonna raise a farm now, with some cows and some chickens too Im gonna dig the earth, and grow the kindest nug/bud too And I can see for miles, and miles of HEMP & green Growing all America, STRONG, on homegrown grassoline HEMP made grassoline Please take the wheel, Ill let you drive CHORUS People, rejoice, there’s enough of Gods love to go around Starve an Oil Baron with lots of HEMP & marijuana Please take the wheel, Ill let you drive . Video Produced by Bryan Siemon www.libertyunleashed.com Poker Face official website www.pokerface.com Additional Credits I want to thank the following youtube usesrs for their video footage
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Cannabis Cultivator: A Step-By-Step Guide to Growing Marijuana

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Cannabis Cultivator demystifies the subject of growing pot by treating it as though it were conventional gardening. Clear, step-by-step instructions guide readers through everything from setting up the garden to the supplies needed to which systems work best. Whether growing indoors or out, starting with seedlings or clones, using hydroponic or organic systems, Jeff Ditchfield’s lively, jargon-free writing provides all the answers budding growers need. Lavish photography brings the entire pro

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