Charlottes Web Hemp

Charlotte’s Web, otherwise known as CW Hemp, is one of the top rated companies producing CBD oil and they’ve definitely made their mark on the cannabis industry. This brand is well known and quite recognized throughout the world. In fact, they’ve reached so far and wide that time after time they continue to receive honorable industry related rewards.

It shouldn’t shock anyone to learn that CW Hemp has been around for the better part of a decade, so they are definitely considered pros in this industry. And the name of their top selling product is also very interesting. You see, a six-year-old girl named Charlotte Figi suffered terribly from seizures. They began treating her with CBD oil, and before long, the intensity and number of seizures she experienced diminished in frequency.  (If you haven’t read, CBD is great for anxiety and similar symptoms.)

As you can imagine, Charlotte’s experience helped put CBD oil on the map. People suffering with seizure disorders began taking CBD and also experienced tremendous success. Although it isn’t legal to purchase certain forms of cannabis infused CBD oil, the Stanley Brothers recognized the value of hemp-based CBD, which they created and now sell all across the world.

Hemp Capsules

Charlotte’s Web is one of the top oils of its kind on the market today and it helps with stress, pain management, seizures, and other health-related conditions. This company sells a number of different products on their website, but mainly their biggest product is called Everyday Hemp Oil. It’s perfect for those looking to improve their overall health and wellness.

Although we do not know too much about their extraction process, you can believe CW Hemp is using the top methods because customer testimonials are always positive and people rant and rave about how great their products are.

Depending on what you’re looking for, you can get a bottle of CBD oil from their site for as low as $ 39.99 or as high as $ 299.96, depending on the size and other factors. So if you want top-quality CBD oil, we highly recommend visiting the Charlotte’s Web website at

Important Charlotte’s Web (CW Hemp) Information

Based out of Colorado, CW Hemp is an international company and family-owned business shipping products throughout the entirety of the United States as well as across the globe.

As touched upon earlier, this company has been in business for nearly a decade and their reputation is impeccable. They exclusively sell Charlotte’s Web, a hemp extract loved and trusted by many.

The Stanley Brothers originally founded this company by producing CBD oil, but their operation has expanded tremendously and they now sell other products including skin creams, balms, capsules, and topicals. Their hemp is grown in the US right in their home state of Colorado.

Colorado residents, due to specific legalities surrounding cannabis, are lucky enough to enjoy their powerful and potent product Charlotte’s Web. Others living in other parts of the US can enjoy their CBD hemp oil, which is perfect for pain management, stress reduction, relaxation, and overall health.

Noteworthy Highlights about Charlotte’s Web

  • The Stanley Brothers came up with their proprietary Charlotte’s Web CBD oil formula and used it to help Charlotte Figi. This story shocked the world to say the least and after giving CBD a chance, this little girl experienced miraculous seizure reducing results and doctors were baffled at first.
  • They put their oil through rigorous testing and the results are always positive. Users consistently provide positive and powerful testimonials about their experiences using CW Hemp products.
  • They offer 300 mg versions of CBD that are great for stress and mild pain management. Their product containing 1000 mg is incredible and can treat all sorts of medical conditions including stress relief, anxiety, insomnia, and pain.
  • Their price is in line with other similar CBD oil companies. The larger milligram bottles are a bit on the expensive side, but the lower milligram bottles are relatively cheap in comparison.

The Negatives

You can run a tight ship and attempt to do everything absolutely perfect, and no matter how hard you try you will have your detractors and CW Hemp is no different.

First, customers have complained about the length of time it takes to receive their shipment. They claim to have your shipment to you within 13 days, but many customers have experienced longer waits.

Second, unfortunately their customer support is lacking. They aren’t very responsive to their customers and they take time answering their questions and concerns.

If they could improve in these two areas, this brand would dominate the market. So hopefully they read this and take steps to correct these issues.

Personal Testimonial

I’ve had the privilege of personally trying Charlotte’s Web. Although it isn’t easy to come by outside of Colorado, and it’s a bit on the expensive side, it’s also an incredible oil to say the least. Just like me, other customers who have tried the original Charlotte’s Web CBD oil absolutely love it because it’s potent, powerful, and it definitely helps. In fact, I suffer from chronic back pain and anxiety disorder. This oil helps relieve both of these conditions and it’s really nice to know that this option is available.

CW Hemp Products

This company has a wide range of excellent products to choose from. Instead of spending an hour telling you about all of them, we’ve chosen three of their more popular options to figuratively wet your whistle. They are:

  • Topicals – the topicals from CW Hemp are available in two forms. You can buy their balm or their infused cream. The balm contains 150 mg of hemp extract. The cream contains 750 mg of hemp extract.
  • CBD oil – the CBD oil from CW Hemp is available in numerous prices, sizes, and potencies. A popular option is their Everyday Advanced Hemp Oil, which contains 50 mg of CBD per 0.6 mL serving. Other options include 10 mg of CBD per 1 mL serving and 25 mg of CBD per 1 mL serving.
  • CBD capsules – some people prefer taking CBD in capsule form. Each of their capsules contains 15 mg of CBD. Each container has 30 capsules per bottle. As an adult, you can take a capsule once or twice a day safely.
  • Prices – their CBD oil ranges from $ 39.99 to $ 299.96 per bottle, their capsules range from $ 34.99 to $ 69.99, and their ointment ranges from $ 14.99 to $ 49.99.

Final Thoughts

CW Hemp is definitely a big player in this industry. In fact, their Charlotte’s Web story helped put CBD oil on the map. So you shouldn’t be surprised to learn that they live up to their well-deserved reputation, although they could make a couple of adjustments to improve their company even more.

We love CW Hemp and give them our highest recommendation. To discover more about their products, please take a moment to visit their website at

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Ask a Stoner: Can I Grow Hemp at Home Now?

Dear Stoner: Now that hemp is legal, can I grow it in my yard or inside my home?

Dear Stan: We wish, but it still depends on where you live. The 2018 Farm Bill did legalize hemp farming across the country — if you want to farm hemp or grow it for research purposes, you’ll need a license from your state department of agriculture — but it didn’t address federal law regarding residential growing.

Don't expect to see hemp in your neighbor's front yard.EXPAND

Don’t expect to see hemp in your neighbor’s front yard.

Danielle Lirette

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If you live in a state like Colorado, which allows growing cannabis at home for medical or recreational purposes, and you qualify as a medical marijuana patient or are at least 21 years of age, then you can grow hemp under your legal cannabis plant count. However, that cultivation would have to be built as if the hemp were THC-rich marijuana, which would require a private, enclosed space and lots of money to set it up.

Marijuana Deals Near You

Given that most state plant counts don’t go higher than three flowering plants per person (six plants overall), you probably wouldn’t get much fiber from them, though you could roast the seeds. However, some hemp strains can carry CBD percentages in the high 20s and look strikingly similar to their seedless THC cousins. If you’re interested in high-CBD flower and concentrates without the high, those could be worth a shot.

Send questions to

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Hemp Bombs CBD Oil Review

As far as CBD brands are concerned, Hemp Bombs is the new kid on the block. To say they’ve made a major impact in a short amount of time is an understatement.

Simply put, they take imported organic hemp from Europe and put it through the best CO2 extraction process on the planet. By initiating this process, they are able to deliver some of the top CBD products available today. And the results are so astonishing that they’ve guaranteed that their products are free of pesticides, heavy metals, and other unwanted harmful substances that could tarnish their reputation and your health.

Not only does Hemp Bombs live up to the strictest European standards, they also grant independent third parties the opportunity to test their products. Even better, they share the results of these tests on their website to prove they live up to the high standards they’ve set. This is very impressive to say the least.

This company really set itself apart from the rest in this space. Even though they recently entered the market in 2016, Hemp Bombs is considered one of the top companies selling CBD products and they don’t plan to slow down anytime soon. Read our full Hemp Bombs review below to find out more.

CBD Oil from Hemp Bombs

This company realizes the value in delivering their costumers top quality CBD products. They currently have 5 sizes that include:

  • 300mg bottle – retails for $ 49.99
  • 600mg – retails for $ 74.99
  • 1000mg – retails for $ 99.99
  • 2000mg bottle – retails for $ 169.99
  • 4000mg bottle – retails for $ 299.99

Everyone who’s tried these products rave about the quality, the strength, and the effectiveness of this brand of CBD oil. To put this in perspective, within the 4000mg bottle of CBD oil, it actually contains 3912mg of CBD, which is a massive amount. Breaking it down even further, each 1mg of oil is made up of 130mg of CBD. So anyone taking this to alleviate the symptoms of chronic pain will be happy because this is an ample amount to help with these issues.

The cannabinoids in all of their products are extracted directly from primo top level hemp from European… i.e. the good stuff! And because it is such a potent amount, it only takes a drop or two of the oil held under the tongue for a few minutes to really begin feeling long lasting positive effects.

As an example, we know someone taking Hemp Bomb CBD oil for their depression. She feels so much better after placing 2 drops of their oil under her tongue for a couple of minutes.

It’s truly like night and day. One minute she’s depressed and a minute or three later and she starts feeling happy again. And it lasts for hours, which is the best part. She can actually function normally without worrying about her depression creeping in to ruin her experiences, which is so great!

Hemp Bombs CBD Capsules

Some people prefer to take capsules instead of oil and that’s certainly their prerogative. So, if capsules are more your cup of tea, Hemp Bombs has 5 different size options to consider. They include:

  • 5 capsule count for $ 14.99
  • 15 capsule count for $ 34.99
  • 30 capsule count for $ 59.99
  • 60 capsule count for $ 99.99
  • 60 high potency capsule count for $ 139.99

After thorough testing in a lab, it was determined that the 15 capsule count contains CBD in the amount of 2.45%, or to break it down further, each gram is made of 25.18mg of CBD.

We have another friend who doesn’t like vaping in general, and to make matters worse, she doesn’t like the way CBD oil tastes. This made her the perfect candidate to test CBD capsules from Hemp Bombs for her anxiety issues.

We gave her a 15mg capsule to start just to see how it made her feel. It took about an hour to kick in and really start working. But when it did, she said her body and mind felt relaxed and her anxiety problems weren’t bothering her while the CBD was flowing through her system.

Now she takes CBD capsules regularly to help manage her anxiety and she loves the results. She feels like she’s been given her life back, and she deserves it because she’s a real cool chick. Guess what? She’s even sleeping through the night again, which is another thing panic and anxiety had stolen from her, but no longer.

Hemp Bombs CBD Vape Juice

Vaping has caught on bigtime these days. People all over the globe have finally kicked their nasty ciggy smoking habits and chose vaping instead. Hemp Bombs recognized this opportunity like many others in the CBD market. Because of it, the good people at H.B. have released 10 different e-juice flavors like Sugar Cookie Kryptonite, Wild Blueberry Jam, and Roasted Columbian Coffee to name a few of our favorites.

They have a few different sized bottles with varying potencies to choose from including:

  • 75mg CBD 16.5ml e-juice retailing for $ 14.99
  • 1000mg CBD 60ml e-juice retailing for $ 99.99
  • 4000mg CBD 120ml e-juice retailing for $ 299.99

When they tested the 1000mg product in the lab, the results taught us that the e-liquid contained CBD amounting 19.46mgs per milliliter. The entire bottle has 1167mgs of CBD. Vaping these e-liquids helps control anxiety, quit your nicotine addiction, and enjoy life without the need to worry about getting lung cancer.

They also sell pre-loaded CBD Vape Tank Cartridges with 125 mg, 300mg, or 1000mg amounts. To get the highest potency, pick the 1000mg option and the lowest potency is the 125mg cartridge.

Other CBD Products

Hemp Bombs does offer additional CBD products. They sell CBD gummies with 15mg or 25mg strengths. And the packs contain 5 gummies on the low end and 60 gummies on the high end, with other options in between. We have a Hemp Bombs cbd gummies review coming soon.

Next, they have their CBD pain rub. This solution works wonders by rubbing it on areas of your body that are sore. But the beauty of this solution is you won’t have to worry about getting hooked on it like the powerful opioid narcotics doctors typically prescribe for pain relief. They currently offer a 1oz tub with 50mgs of Pain Freeze and a 4oz tub with 200mgs of it.

Their CBD relaxation syrup is also pretty popular. Just pour some in your favorite drink and before long you’ll feel relaxed, happy, and loving life. It comes in 100mg, 300mg, or 1000mg sizes.

Where to Buy Hemp Bombs CBD Oil

If you live in the US, the quickest and easiest way to get your grubby little hands on Hemp Bombs products is to order directly from their website. And if you aren’t satisfied for any reason within 30 days of purchasing, take advantage of their iron clad money back guarantee.

You can get a Hemp Bombs coupon code, check back here soon and we’ll have one for you.

Our Final Thoughts

Honesty, it’s rare to come across such high quality CBD based products on the web, but Hemp Bombs has really outdone themselves. Not only is the hemp extracted from premier European top shelf sources, they even have one of the best customer service teams on call 24/7 ready to answer any and all of your questions and concerns.

We’ve tested quite a few of their products at this point and were very happy with the results. More than anything else, we discovered that their products were excellent for reducing or eliminating the signs and symptoms of depression, anxiety, and chronic and debilitating pain.

But the best thing, by far, is their affordable prices. What’s the point of having outstanding treatment options if you can’t afford them, right? Thankfully this reputable company offers their products at a low cost so average people like you and I can pay for them without jeopardizing our finances.

With that said, we highly recommend Hemp Bombs and all of their CBD products. Pick them up directly from the manufacturer by visiting their website.

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Broomfield CBD Company Shoots High With Hemp

When approximately one million people gathered in New York’s Times Square on December 31, 2018, most of them didn’t know they were standing in front of cannabis history being made as the ball dropped into 2019. But that night, a handful of hemp- and marijuana-related companies became the first of their kind to advertise in some of the most coveted real estate in the world. One of those companies was Elixinol, a hemp and CBD company based in Broomfield.

Don’t let the suburban headquarters fool you: Elixinol has been pushing the tired boundaries of cannabis advertising for some time now, building itself into an internationally known cannabinoid company. To learn more about the firm’s bid for Times Square and its plans for the future, we talked with founder and former physical therapist Gabriel Ettenson.

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Westword: As a former physical therapist, what attracted you to hemp and CBD?

Gabriel Ettenson: Inflammation is the biggest enemy of health. Chronic inflammation or a faulty nervous system was at the root of 95 percent of my patients’ symptoms. This typically manifested as a combination of pain and immobility. Not only does inflammation create pain, which makes it harder to move and stay active, but persistent inflammation creates internal damage. An inflamed body is in constant defense mode from the inside out.

Marijuana Deals Near You

While exercise and hands-on treatment was important, I always felt there needed to be something additional that would expedite my patients’ response to treatment. When I learned of the research on the neuroprotective and anti-inflammatory properties of CBD, I tried it and saw an immediate improvement in response time versus traditional treatment. I knew if I could reduce inflammation in my patients, I could improve outcomes and reduce suffering. CBD was benign and worked well on my patients, so for me, ignoring CBD’s benefits would have been a disservice to [them].

Elixinol made some news for its recent advertising in New York’s Times Square on New Year’s Eve. Can you explain what happened, and how that all came together?

We’re fortunate that even though we’re a quickly growing international company, we’re also able to be incredibly nimble and active. Our team identified the opportunity and put it together very quickly. It was a real team effort.

The company has also advertised in Tokyo, and tried to advertise in Times Square for New Year’s Eve in 2017. Why is real estate so important for advertising a CBD brand?

As more and more people become informed about CBD, we want to make sure that we’re there for those people. From seed to sale, Elixinol has really made it a priority to develop premium-quality CBD, and we want our advertising placements to reflect the product’s quality.

Elixinol makes or distributes a variety of hemp products, from protein to CBD tinctures to dog treats. What’s generating the most consumer interest right now?

This is something that has got me excited for 2019. Whether that’s a great-tasting beverage additive or a topical, everyone wants an effective CBD product that fits into their busy lifestyles — they want to throw it in their gym bag or purse and be able to use CBD when and where they want. I think we’ve done a great job developing easy-to-use, approachable, healthy products. But we’re only getting started.

Which hemp and CBD products are consumers lacking the most education in?

Like any natural product, not all CBD is the same, and I think people are realizing the importance of full-spectrum CBD. We know from research that full-spectrum CBD products, like Elixinol’s, use a full range of the phytonutrient hemp compounds and have vastly superior outcomes. People say all the time: “I had some CBD water, but I didn’t think it did anything for me.” Then we provide them with a full-spectrum product — ANY full spectrum product — and their eyes light up, and you can see they understand what all the excitement is about.

How does the Farm Bill’s passing affect the way that CBD tinctures, capsules and other products intended for human consumption will be marketed and labeled?

I’m sure there will be changes, but there have been none announced yet. If there are changes, I know Elixinol will do as we’ve always done: meet and exceed standards for extraction and packaging.

Toke of the Town

Ask a Stoner: Are CBD and Full-Spectrum Hemp Oil the Same?

Dear Stoner: The CBD oil I used to buy online now calls itself full-spectrum hemp oil. Is that the same stuff?

Dear Kelly: Industrial hemp was legalized a few weeks ago when President Donald Trump signed the 2018 Farm Bill. While that did legalize hemp-derived CBD and open the door for endless products made from hemp, it also puts CBD under the spotlight of federal regulations.

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Now that hemp is legal federally, hemp-derived CBD products consumed by humans and animals fall under the jurisdiction of the Food and Drug Administration, which must inspect and approve these products before deeming them safe for consumption and approving them for interstate commerce.

CBD-rich hemp oil for the body and mind.

CBD-rich hemp oil for the body and mind.

Jacqueline Collins

Marijuana Deals Near You

If CBD companies want to sell their products online and distribute to other states, expect them to drop pesky references to CBD and to start using terms like “infused with 20 milligrams of hemp extract” or “full-spectrum hemp extract.” If the products are made and sold in Colorado, where hemp has been fully legal since 2012, you’re still likely to see labels that refer to CBD. What does all this mean at the end of the day? You’re probably consuming the same products, but they’re labeled differently, causing more research and work for you, the consumer.

Send questions to

Toke of the Town

Trump Signs Farm Bill, Officially Legalizing Industrial Hemp

The moment the hemp industry has been waiting for finally happened: President Donald Trump just signed the 2018 Farm Bill, legalizing industrial hemp in the United States.

Although highly anticipated after congressional approval last week, full-scale hemp legalization wasn’t official until Trump signed the Farm Bill, a set of agricultural policies voted on every five years or so. Spurred by Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell, the 2018 bill’s hemp provisions catapult the plant’s farming opportunities from state pilot programs to a nationwide scale by removing hemp from the Controlled Substances Act and treating it like an agricultural product.

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There was no specific mention of hemp when Trump signed the bill, but he called it his “great honor to sign the 2018 Farm Bill, a very special and important piece of legislation.”

He added, “It opens new markets for agriculture all over the world.”

Industrial hemp farming will soon be regulated by the United States Department of Agriculture, and the USDA’s regulations will no doubt be harsher than those for growing cotton, soy or other traditional crops. States that have already legalized hemp research and pilot programs, including Colorado, will continue operating under their own rules until the USDA finalizes its own regulations for the plant, which is expected to take about a year.

Marijuana Deals Near You

State lawmakers view the move as an opportunity for farmers, businesses owners and workers in rural  Colorado. Already responsible for the most acreage devoted to hemp farming in the country, Colorado is poised to take advantage of the natural-food companies preparing to enter the market, according to Patrick Rea, founder of cannabis business incubator CanopyBoulder.

No longer required to import most of their hemp-based products from Europe, Japan and Canada, domestic brands can now order hemp from other states without fear of federal reprisal.

“What we’re seeing now is former natural food and organic entrepreneurs and executives turn their attention to hemp and CBD products, and turning them into recognizable foods,” Rea says. “The supply chain is developing as such that it’s now possible to get high-quality CBD isolate and add that to food. So CBD is becoming just another functional ingredient.”

How those CBD foods will be regulated by the Food and Drug Administration remains up for debate, however, as the legality of CBD — a non-psychoactive compound found in both hemp and marijuana — and how the DEA will treat it remains murky.

Rea says the number of hemp-related businesses and entrepreneurs coming to CanopyBoulder for advice has increased visibly over the past three years; the would-be companies are interested in making hemp-infused lotions, clothing, drinks and more. With looser regulations and laws, he thinks entrepreneurs from the pot industry now have a chance to take advantage of their experiences.

“There’s good opportunity for natural organic food people, but also for those in cannabis,” he says. “Folks for the cannabis industry understand consumer tastes around cannabis products, they understand cannabinoid science better, and they may have better supply and relationships.”

Toke of the Town

Federal Hemp Legalization Could Help Spur Rural Colorado Economy

Colorado, which has more acreage devoted to registered hemp farms than any other state under a pilot program, is better equipped for the predicted boom than most of the country. Appearing in a joint press conference on December 14 outside the cannabis law firm Vicente Sederberg, several key members of the Colorado Legislature and the hemp industry shared their enthusiasm over new opportunities opened up by the Farm Bill.

“I’m very excited about this decision we’re celebrating here today,” said state senator Kerry Donovan, upcoming chair of the Senate Agriculture, Natural Resources and Energy Committee. “So how do we take this industry that’s just sprouting, and take it to more communities?” Donovan suggested that the Colorado Department of Agriculture’s registration program for hemp farmers, in operation since 2014 and responsible for overseeing over 1,000 growing licenses, was a “successful test case for Washington, D.C., to look at.”

Marijuana Deals Near You

Dylan Roberts, state representative and upcoming chair of the House Rural Affairs Committee (formerly the House Agriculture, Livestock and Natural Resources Committee), expressed hope that the pending federal legalization will bring more jobs and tax dollars to Colorado’s rural areas. “This is a great day for rural Colorado,” he said. “We will see hundreds of more jobs and millions of more dollars pour in.”

Once legalized federally, industrial hemp farming will be regulated by the United States Department of Agriculture. States that have already legalized hemp research and pilot programs, including Colorado, Kentucky and Oregon, will continue operating under their own rules until the USDA finalizes its regulation, according to Vicente Sederberg attorney Shawn Houser.

Vicente Sederberg's Mason Tvert (middle) gathered members of the Colorado General Assembly and hemp industry to celebrate industrial hemp's impending federal legalization.EXPAND

Vicente Sederberg’s Mason Tvert (middle) gathered members of the Colorado General Assembly and hemp industry to celebrate industrial hemp’s impending federal legalization.

Thomas Mitchell

Houser, who chairs her law firm’s hemp and cannabinoids practice group, explained that states can operate under their own plans for up to a year after the USDA adopts federal regulations; if states wish to continue managing hemp farming under their own rules, they can submit a request for USDA approval.

According to Colorado Hemp Industry Association boardmember Rick Trojan, the state’s hemp trade accounts for anywhere from $ 100 million to $ 200 million annually, and that could be conservative. That number will undoubtedly increase after federal legalization, he added, and it won’t just be thanks to hemp-based foods and wellness products. Most of the American clothing, food and beverage, cosmetics and wellness companies that currently use industrial hemp import it from Europe, Canada and Japan, where the plant is regulated as an agricultural commodity and not as a drug, as hemp currently is in this country.

Patagonia environmental coordinator Mark Stevens and New Belgium Brewing spokesman Jesse Claeys both said that their respective companies were excited to increase their relationships with Colorado’s hemp industry, using the plant for textiles and even a brewing ingredient. Stevens, who oversees various grants for environmentally focused groups in the Rocky Mountain region, said that Patagonia may even fund hemp farming and research projects in the future.

Although Colorado is many steps ahead of the majority of the states in this country, Colorado’s hemp industry could still add some diversity to its business portfolio, Houser said. While the state leads the country in acreage for hemp farming, she believes that Colorado is still behind Kentucky as a leader in research and processing.

“We need more than just farmers here,” she concluded.

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House, Senate Reach Accord for Legalizing Hemp in Farm Bill

The 2018 Farm Bill will include a provision to legalize industrial hemp, Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell (R-KY) and the top Republican and Democrat on the House Agriculture Committee confirmed Nov. 29, 2018. Thanks for your hard work, @SenPatRoberts, for our farmers, rural communities and all Americans. Pleased that my provision to legalize industrial hemp […]

Whole Foods Predicts Hemp Will Be a Top 10 Product for 2019

The gurus at Whole Foods Market have spoken: hemp products, already incredibly popular, will be a top 10 food trend in 2019. In a press release, the company said it relied on “seasoned trend-spotters” who have “more than 100 years of combined experience in product sourcing, studying consumer preferences and participating in food and wellness […]

Adding Hemp to Your Thanksgiving Feast Is Easier Than You Think

There’s absolutely nothing wrong with a traditional Thanksgiving — eating leftovers the week after is a holiday by itself — but some people like to put their own spin on the feast.

I’ve had friends who serve mac and cheese, tamales or dumplings as their Thanksgiving side dishes, all of which are more than welcome in ma’ belly anytime. But in 2018, we can take that a step further, incorporating hemp and CBD into drinks, side dishes, the main course and dessert.

“I like to keep hemp at home, and it’s in my daily smoothies, at the very least. I also use it in my oatmeal and other things. It has a really nutty sort of flavor, so it’s very easy to add in lots of foods,” says vegan chef Sonja Miller. “It’s also easy to cook with; I use the same sort of herbs and seasoning in dishes that I would traditionally make when I cook with hemp.”

Hemp seeds and hemp milk are available at traditional grocery stores, Miller says, while health-food markets and high-end groceries like Whole Foods and Trader Joe’s typically carry an array of hemp-based meat substitutes and even CBD-infused drinks.

Miller, founder of Denver personal chef service Fresh Perspective, served up a plant-based feast for dozens of hungry hemp lovers at last week’s Vegan Hempsgiving banquet — but you don’t need to go meatless to hemp it up on Thanksgiving. If you want to infuse your next holiday meal with hemp, here are some tips from Miller, based on her recent Hempsgiving dinner:

Hemp seeds are a healthy, delicious and sexy garnish.

Hemp seeds are a healthy, delicious and sexy garnish.

Jacqueline Collins

Embrace the seeds, or “hearts”
You can put hemp seeds (or hemp hearts, as Miller likes to call them) in or on top of just about anything. For Hempsgiving, she sprinkled hemp seeds in a white-bean-and-rosemary hummus for an appetizer, adding some lemon juice and garlic for a fresh, herbal flavor. “The hemp would work in any hummus, I would say, but the rosemary and white bean just gives me more of a holiday feeling. Spread some veggies out with it,” Miller says.

Don’t stop with the appetizer, advocates Miller, who sprinkled hemp seeds on top of her stuffing, green bean casserole and pumpkin-cranberry cupcakes at Hempsgiving. “Hemp seeds are pretty much everywhere,” she says. “It adds a beautiful flavor.”

Hemp can be the base of meatless burgers, sausage and more.EXPAND

Hemp can be the base of meatless burgers, sausage and more.

Ken Hambllin III

Replace the meat — if you want to
Some people think it’s not Thanksgiving without a turkey, but hemp can be a delicious and savory substitute. For her meal, Miller took advantage of hemp-based vegetarian sausage bites, burger crumbles and chorizo to make the protein courses. The burger crumbles were added to the stuffing (along with hemp seeds), while the sausage bites were added to the green bean casserole for texture.

For the main dish, Miller cooked a seitan roast, rolling up the meat substitute into a log stuffed with hemp burger crumbles, leeks and mushrooms, then wrapping it in foil and cooking it to perfection. To top it off, she made a vegan gravy out of unsweetened coconut milk and hemp chorizo bites. “If you’re making it vegan, you have to get the unsweetened milk, or there will be too much sugar,” she adds.

Coffee and tea infused with hemp can carry around 20 milligrams of CBD per serving.

Coffee and tea infused with hemp can carry around 20 milligrams of CBD per serving.

Jacqueline Collins

Wash it down with CBD
After stuffing yourself with carbs and sweets, why not quench your thirst with a CBD-infused soda, drop CBD tincture into your beverage, or end the meal with a hemp-infused cup of coffee or tea, as Miller did? All three are easy, subtle options for adding a little more hemp or hemp-derived CBD to a meal, and CBD’s anti-inflammatory and relaxing properties might even help your body recover from all that stress and bloating after gorging.

You can buy CBD-infused soda, sparkling water and juices at the same stores that sell hemp burgers, while CBD tincture is available at head shops, online or at specialty CBD stores around town. Hemp coffee and tea are a little easier to find (but no less expensive) at local coffee shops, health-food stores and also online.

Toke of the Town

Amendment X Passes, Reclassifying Industrial Hemp in Colorado

Amendment X, a ballot measure that takes industrial hemp out of the Colorado Constitution, passed by a narrow margin on Tuesday, November 6. The proposal needed 55 percent approval from voters to succeed, and it currently sits at slightly over 60 percent, with more than 90 percent of the state’s votes counted.

Colorado was the only state in the country to have industrial hemp defined in its constitution, but a large portion of the hemp industry believed that definition was going to prove more of a hindrance than a help. The Colorado  Constitution currently defines hemp as a marijuana plant containing no more than 0.3 percent THC; anything over that threshold is considered marijuana by the State of Colorado.

The federal government’s current definition of industrial hemp also carries the 0.3 percent limit, so states allowing hemp farming all use the same number. But as Congress continues to negotiate details of the upcoming Farm Bill, proponents are hopeful that the federal bill will include language that not only legalizes hemp nationwide, but also raises the THC maximum to 1 percent. If the feds do explicitly legalize industrial hemp at 1 percent THC, without Amendment X, proponents warned, Colorado would’ve been stuck by itself at 0.3 percent.

With the passage of Amendment X, defining industrial hemp will be up to the Colorado Legislature, which is likely to adopt the federal definition.

But as the election neared, opposition to the amendment sprang up, with a sizable portion of farmers, breeders and other industry members warning against leaving the definition of industrial hemp to either state legislators or the feds.

Marijuana and hemp lobbyist Cindy Sovine says that those fears were misguided; she believes a small but vocal faction of breeders worried about losing their investments were at the heart of the opposition. “There has been so much opposition that’s been kicked up from people who’ve been developing certified hemp seeds. If that status quo were to change, those seeds would be that much less valuable,” she explains. “But there wasn’t really any campaigning. If Monsanto or some giant agriculture businesses were behind this, wouldn’t you see more advertisements?”

Sovine, who represents several large clients in the hemp and hemp-research industries, is hopeful that the defeat of Texas congressman Pete Sessions will make it easier for the Farm Bill to advance in 2019, and perhaps even push through a chance in the THC threshold. As chairman of the House Rules Committee, Sessions blocked the advance of over 36 marijuana-related federal amendments, including those that would’ve changed hemp policy.

“This will likely help push the Farm Bill into 2019,” Sovine says. “Getting rid of [Sessions] just makes me so much happier that we were able to pass Amendment X.”

The Colorado Legislature could create its own statutory definition of industrial hemp before the Farm Bill passes, one that could conceivably include any THC threshold — but Sovine doesn’t see that happening. “It wouldn’t make sense to antagonize the federal government like that,” she says.

Amendment X was put on the ballot by Colorado lawmakers; only five voted against adding it. Because of the 2016 passage of Amendment 71 (the controversial “Raise the Bar”), any constitutional amendment in Colorado must receive at least 55 percent of the popular vote. Amendment X got off to a hot start last night, never dipping under the 60 percent approval rating. As of this morning, only thirteen of Colorado’s 64 counties had a majority of “no” votes.

Still, not everyone in the hemp and marijuana industries were pleased. Rob Corry, co-author of Amendment 64 and a prominent marijuana attorney representing clients who work with hemp, penned an op-ed against Amendment X in October, taking issue with removing the plant’s constitutional protection.

“It appears congratulations are in order to the state legislators who created Amendment X to hand over control of Colorado’s cannabis industry to the Trump Administration,” Corry says. “I hope that the Trump Justice Department will continue to adhere to the president’s specific promise to Senator Cory Gardner of absolutely no federal interference or prosecution of Colorado’s industry.”

And if things don’t work out for Colorado’s hemp industry as Amendment X supporters envision? “If the Trump Justice Department violates the president’s promise, then the politicians who sponsored X will be held personally accountable,” Corry concludes.

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Best Hemp Eye Cream

Many people are turning to hemp and CBD skin care products because there is so much science behind their use case.  Purists enjoy the fact that the naturalness of these products mean there are less potentially harmful chemicals that could cause side effects.  While we’ve had many companies send us skin care products featuring hemp and CBD, there is one eye cream we’ll talk about today that stands above and beyond all of them.

What is the Best Hemp Eye Cream?

Made with real CBD extract, this is yet another breakthrough from the company known as SkinPro.

Infused with the best quality pure hemp extract, this under eye cream also offers one of the best values in the cannabis skin care market.  At under $ 60, this is a six month supply.  If you’ve looked at many other eye creams, you’ll notice the good ones trend much higher in price, and aren’t as consumer friendly on the budget.

Benefits of Hemp Eye Creams

There are many benefits of eye creams in general, but this one really won us over with it’s all out attack on the various signs of aging, including:

  • reducing the appearance of dark under eye circles
  • lessening the appearance of puffy eyes
  • reducing the visibility of fine lines and wrinkles around the eyes

This is essentially a well formulated anti aging cream for the eyes that is to be used twice daily to plump and renew the tired, fragile skin that surrounds your eyes.

When you use this twice daily for a month, you’ll see noticeable results in the way your skin retains moisture and shows off it’s vibrance.

Long term use will yield the best results, and you’ll notice softer, smoother, and younger looking skin.  When you apply it at night you obtain moisture and nourishment that will have you feeling completely revived in the morning.  The six month supply also represents a HUGE value, and makes it our pick as the best hemp eye cream for sale in 2019.

Buy On Amazon Here

Hemp eye Cream reviews

What are the Benefits of CBD in Eye Creams?

The benefits are plenty….

Repairing the appearance of past skin damage is not an easy task, but thanks to the powerful anti aging properties of CBD, you have a shot at restoring your former luminous glow.

For those wondering if this is simply a play for the marijuana aficionados – it’s not.  While we support any cannabis and hemp product and brand, we’re all for healthy gains however we can take them.  These types of products won’t get you high – in fact, THC in marijuana is what does that.  CBD is short for cannabidiol, which has been making it’s rounds across social media for it’s abilities to help muscles become pain free, to treating insomnia.

As society progresses and we see more and more acceptance of CBD, (just recently a drug formulated with CBD gained FDA approval for the treatment of epilepsy in patients as young as two years old), we’re seeing a massive green shoot (pun intended) in the skin care space.  Eye creams are one of the most popular segments in the skin care, and in specific, anti aging skin care industry.  You’ll find CBD creams, serums, gels, rubs, and ointments that are marketed to do everything from relieve pain to prevent acne.  Of course, what we’re talking about today is massively staving off the many signs of aging around our eyes.  You know, the windows to our soul.  Those eyes.

NY Mag sought out a scientist who studied CBD to help their readers gain an understanding of how cannabis works in the skin care industry.

Enter Jeanette Jacknin, who is a board-certified dermatologist with a background in cannabinoids used for skin care purposes.  According to her, the studies have shown that:

“affecting the endocannabinoid system — like with CBD — can help the skin look more radiant and youthful,” – Jeanette Jacknin

The studies referenced a study in mice that suggested CBD slowed down the noticeable signs of aging.

It’s also well known that CBD has anti-inflammatory actions, and this was echoed in the same article by Tamás Bíró, professor and chair of the Department of Immunology at University of Debrecen in Hungary.  (Not to mention he’s also a director at Phytecs, which conducts studies on drugs that have an affect on the endocannabinoid system.

If you are ready to dive into the crazy of using cbd lotions on your skin, get a head start with the Medical Grade Skin Care Hemp Under Eye Cream (With CBD.)  Made by SkinPro, a Miami-based laboratory entering it’s 10th year in business.

But don’t trust us, trust this smoke show who we found on YouTube promoting the product!

Slightly Less Lame Kansas Now Allows Sale of New Belgium Hemp Beer

It took long enough, but the country is finally starting to come around to hemp. Kansas is just taking a little longer than the rest of us.

The non-psycoactive cannabis plant and the oils, fibers and cannabinoids derived from it have seen a huge boom in consumer interest over the past few years and grew 16 percent in sales from 2016 to 2017, according to a recent analysis from Hemp Industry Daily. Hemp has even become an ingredient in beer, with Fort Collins-based New Belgium Brewing Company (the fourth-largest craft brewery in the country) releasing a pale ale in March that is brewed with hemp seeds to extract cannabis-like flavor and aromas.

Mixing beer and cannabis — even a harmless hemp seed with no THC or CBD — was sure to raise some uneducated eyebrows, but most of the country was pretty cool with Hemperor HPA (hemp pale ale), despite initial apprehension from a few states, according to New Belgium CEO Steve Fechheimer. In fact, 49 states allowed it to be sold within their borders shortly after the beer’s release. The only state that didn’t? Kansas.

According to New Belgium, the beer was rejected earlier this year by the Kansas Alcoholic Beverage Control agency, which cited hemp as a banned ingredient in any alcoholic beverages. The state agency changed its mind in September, however, after New Belgium requested a review of the decision and Kansas state laws regarding industrial hemp. (The Kansas ABC didn’t respond to requests for comment.)

Although not quite as square as the attorneys general of Oklahoma and Nebraska, both of whom sued the State of Colorado in federal court in 2014 for legalizing cannabis, Kansas AG Derek Schmidt still isn’t as woke as pot advocates would like. Before reversing himself in June, he’d deemed all hemp-derived CBD products illegal within the state, and once said this about Colorado to the Kansas City Star: “But doggone it, they have done something that federal law says they may not do, and it’s Kansans who are paying a price for that.”

I’ve met many fine people from Kansas, and I’m sure there’s more to the state than endless flatlands and dozens of billboards praising Donald Trump, Jesus and University of Kansas basketball. But the people running that state need to get real. You can buy hemp seeds at King Soopers for your morning yogurt, and my girlfriend’s mom uses hemp-seed oil for her poodle’s skin condition. This was an easy 2+2 equation, yet somehow state regulators turned it into algebra.

New Belgium appears to be happy and lighthearted about the news. “We’d like to think Kansans could no longer bear living life without experiencing the Hemperor’s game-changing union of hops and hemp,” spokesman Jesse Claeys says. “It could also be that Kansas, like many other states in our glorious union, finally got a whiff of how versatile and sustainable of a crop industrial hemp can be, and how it could play a much bigger role in our economy.”

Cheers to hemp and cannabis, Kansans — even if you still can’t smoke it.

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Blunt Truths: Chapter 4 — The Great Hemp Conspiracy

The story of marijuana prohibition so far: Racism lay at the heart of marijuana prohibition. The man most responsible for making marijuana illegal in the United States, former prohibition cop Harry Anslinger, assumed office as America’s first commissioner of narcotics in 1935. At the time, he oversaw a patchwork of state-by-state regulations, a small staff, […]

Why the Denver Botanic Gardens Doesn’t Grow Hemp

The Denver Botanic Gardens spans 24 acres, with seventeen gardens showcasing plants that thrive in Colorado’s arid climate — and that’s only counting the main location on York Street. The Denver Botanic Gardens also runs Chatfield Farms, a 700-acre native-plant refuge and working farm in Jefferson County, as well as a conservatory for alpine plants and bristlecone pines on Mount Evans.

Those areas “reflect an ever-widening diversity of plants from all corners of the world,” according to the organization, while also focusing on local flora.

The reason for marijuana’s exclusion is understandable: The plant is still illegal federally, and the DBG doesn’t want to get caught up in a political mess. But hemp, which is legal to grow in Colorado under both state and federal law, thanks to 2014’s Farm Bill, is still left out of the mix.

A common crop centuries ago, hemp is a growing industry these days; industrial production has skyrocketed over the past few years, and much of that is taking place in Colorado. In 2016 and 2017, Colorado accounted for more acreage dedicated to growing hemp than any state in the country, according to the Vote Hemp organization, nearly reaching 10,000 acres last year. And with the introduction of high-CBD strains, hemp flowers can be just as visually striking as their THC-laden counterparts.

Despite Colorado’s quickly growing affinity for hemp, the DBG won’t be featuring the plant in its exhibits any time soon. A week of back-and-forth messaging with its communications staff didn’t net much elaboration.

“We do not grow hemp at York Street or Chatfield Farms,” explains communications manager Erin Bird. “Since we do not grow marijuana, it is natural that we would also not grow hemp. We have no plans of growing it at the Gardens.”

But while the DBG continues to ban hemp, other botanical institutions are starting to come around.

Last summer, the University of Colorado Boulder and the Rocky Mountain Society of Botanical Artists teamed up for an exhibit showcasing botanical illustrations of marijuana and hemp, with artist Susan Fisher even taking some hemp seeds home so she could try growing them. Fisher, who had a hard time persuading some of her colleagues to participate because of the stigma surrounding hemp and marijuana, says she understands why the DBG would abstain from controversy. “There must be huge controversy over how to interpret a hemp exhibit to the public. So many people go right to the [drug argument] without realizing this is different,” she explains. “It’s in the ‘it’s not worth the trouble’ basket. Too bad, to not get this useful plant back into cultivation, where it can do so much good.”

However, the DBG wouldn’t be the first botanic garden to grow marijuana or hemp if it chose to. In 2014, London’s Kew Gardens included cannabis as part of a mind-altering plants exhibit, while the University of Virginia and George Washington’s Mount Vernon have recently partnered to grow hemp on the founding father’s estate — just as George Washington himself was reported to have done.

Colorado industrial-hemp farmer Gabe Rimey says he loves and appreciates the DBG’s botany education, calling it “an incredible space to learn.” But Rimey, who farms high-CBD hemp plants in Douglas County, believes the DBG could educate visitors even further.

Gabe Rimey tends to his CBD-rich varieties of hemp inside his greenhouse cultivation in Franktown.EXPAND

Gabe Rimey tends to his CBD-rich varieties of hemp inside his greenhouse cultivation in Franktown.

Courtesy of Homestead Organics

“I have always wondered why they don’t grow cannabis or hemp for educational purposes. I’m not talking plots of it, but just a plant or two so that people can simply enjoy the botany of it. I mean, grow a high-THC cultivar and a hemp plant right next to each other, and no one would know the difference — but we could educate people on the selective breeding of the cannabis plant for certain cannabinoids,” he explains. “They’re growing hemp on Mount Vernon, so why not in an educational garden in the state that revolutionized the modern cannabis industry?”

Colorado isn’t the only state to welcome hemp; Oregon, Washington, Kentucky and Tennessee, among others, have all jumped into the hemp trade. We couldn’t find any botanic gardens in the aforementioned states that are growing hemp or marijuana (reach out if you know of one), but the plant’s exclusion could be part of a stylistic choice at botanic gardens that place heavy value on ornamental horticulture, according to Paul Cappiello, executive director of Yew Dell Botanical Gardens in Louisville, Kentucky.

“There are many botanic gardens out there that present exhibits and conduct research on economic botany or horticulture, and for those institutions, hemp is a natural. But for us it doesn’t fit very well within our mission,” he explains in an email. “Our display gardens are designed for maximum visual impact, and we focus on accomplishing that with plants that are highly sustainable — pest resistant, requiring minimal inputs (fertilizer and supplemental irrigation, etc.) — and showing excellent adaptability to our climate.”

Cappiello doesn’t totally dismiss the idea of adding hemp, though: “Now, if we came across a dwarf, red-leafed hemp plant with bright-yellow buds that didn’t seed around and was highly drought-tolerant…we’d be all over it!”

While DBG horticulturists don’t have any plans for adding hemp to their collection, they will teach you how to add it to yours. Educational classes on growing hemp were offered over the summer, Bird points out, with students learning over a six-hour course how to prepare hemp clones and care for them.

Will those courses be offered next year? The summer 2019 schedule for the Denver Botanic Gardens won’t be out for several months. Watch for updates.

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