The 420 Times Holidaze Gift Guide: Dr. Raw Organics

We are in love with a doctor, Dr. Raw Organics that is! The Dr. has a variety of quality cannabis infused edibles designed for every type of patient. Many of us are looking for infused cannabis products that provide great taste, potency, options for diet restrictions, and are consistent. All of the above qualities can be found with Dr. Raw Organics. The lineup of Dr. Raw Organics includes baked goods, tinctures, hard candies, and oils. Our reviewers put every option to the test and were beyond pleased with the results.

This month we’ll focus on Dr. Raw’s baked goods and continue to feature their extensive line in coming issues, as there is just too much good stuff to mention here alone. The baked goods have surpassed our expectations for great taste, amazing ingredients, and potency every time. Our team tried all of the following and have now become serious fans. Dr. Raw uses as many organic ingredients in their edibles as possible and it shows. All of the Dr. Raw Organics baked goods have 100mg of THC and 5mg of CBD for added balance for the perfect experience in each package. The peanut budder blossoms are out of this world! Each blossom has organic creamy peanut butter and organic fair trade chocolate centers with two to a package. The chocolate chunk cookies are cooked to perfection, soft and chewy and not like anything you may have had before. Chocolate Nirvana is a full chocolate cookie with chocolate chunks, which is perfect for chocolate lovers. The red velvet brownie is truly a culinary masterpiece and the perfect marriage of a rich chocolate-chunk brownie and red velvet cookie layered together and topped with a cluster of cashew crumbles and white chocolate chips. Finally, the perfect option for those looking for a vegan and gluten free option do not have to sacrifice taste and goodness with Dr. Raw Organics’ Raw Bites. These babies are the best tasting vegan treats we may have ever had! Raw bites consist of organic gluten-free steel-cut oats, infused coconut oil, ground peanuts, cocoa powder, flax-seed, cinnamon, and a touch of agave nectar all wrapped up in a beautiful ball of goodness.

Dr. Raw Organics have set the bar to a new level. Our review team gives an A+ for outstanding quality, packaging, variety, lab tested results, and overall consistency with each and every bite! Make sure to look for Dr. Raw Organics line of edibles at your favorite collective and give them a try, we are positive you won’t be disappointed. Visit for detailed information as well as lab results for each of their products!

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The 420 Times Holidaze Gift Guide: W Vapes

What a great time it is to be a cannabis patient right now at this moment in time! Especially when there are companies like W Vapes that is changing the game when it comes to cannabis concentrates. This past month we had a chance to visit W Vapes offices to get the scoop on what makes their products unique and cutting edge. W Vapes approach to quality cannabis concentrates along with great quality hardware have set their brand and products ahead of the pack. Which explains why they are winning cups and awards for their outstanding attention to detail. They start with only the finest and purest (free of pesticides and molds) cannabis to create their refined supercritical CO2 oils. The cartridges have to be the best we’ve seen on the market today with the smallest return rate (damaged cartridges) in the industry, which if you have purchased a pre-filled cannabis cartridge from other producers and they leak or don’t perform- then you understand what we mean. W Vapes cannabis vapes come in a variety of strains and types, indica, sativa, hybrid. Each cartridge is also marked on the side I, S, or H to indicate the type, which we absolutely love, especially if you have more than one at a time. W Vapes premium cannabis oil is available in 300mg, 500mg, and 1Gram pre-filled cartridges. Our review team tried out a variety of their flavors including; Royal Blueberry, Sour Diesel, GSC (GS cookies), the award winning Banana Cookies, and finally the disposable vape option with True OG. Each puff has a beautiful cloud body and total flavor of the strain featured. As mentioned above, W Vapes also offers a disposable version vape for easy use and disposal once empty, which has an easy to see window on the side to indicate the level of cannabis oil that is left inside. The disposable as well as all W Vape batteries come fully charged and ready for use. Not only is the hardware for W Vapes supreme, but the cannabis oil inside is sure to please the most opinionated connoisseur. Our team had a hard time picking which strain was a favorite as each have their own unique terpene profile and each are delicious and potent! W Vapes is so sure that you’ll love their product, they offer a 100% satisfaction guarantee on their cartridges and batteries- that’s something you don’t often see in this market today. W Vapes are confident that their products are sure to make you a fan of their variety, quality, and outstanding customer support. Find W Vapes at your favorite collective or find a collective near you throughout all of California at

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The 420 Times Holidaze Gift Guide: Pura Vida Health

We recently discovered Pura Vida Health’s products and were slightly dumbfounded that we didn’t find them sooner, but we’re sure glad we did! Pura Vida offers the perfect balance of taste and health to medicate with cannabis. Their incredibly tasty infused granolas and protein bars that will please every palate. Pura Vida started out as a way for a friend to help a friend that was suffering from cancer, which then later turned into an opportunity to share with other patients the perfect combination of great ingredients and cannabis together in a low sugar, healthy approach. Although Pura Vida’s granolas and protein bars are healthy and low sugar, they certainly don’t taste like there is anything missing.

Our team tried the “chocolate jubilee gramola” and their “Higher Power Protein bar”, coconut vanilla flavor. The Pura Vida protein bar is a great size and easy to dose with pre-scored lines to help measure the dose accordingly. Each bar is 100mg of THC, broken down into 25mg sections. The flavor and texture is perfectly soft and chewy and the coconut ads just the right amount of balance to the bar. The bars are gluten-free, organic, vegan, and all ingredients are non-GMO. Also the bars are low in sugar, but have a great sweet flavor that is easy to digest. In fact, one of the reasons that Pura Vida chose to use the ingredients in all their products had to do with all being easily digestible and great for patients looking for a healthier alternative to sugary edibles which are not ideal for cancer patients that are fighting and healing especially.

The “Gramola” that Pura Vida offers is an outstanding source of nutrition and perfectly balanced with just the right amount of sweet without being too overbearing. Once again, the gramola also is gluten-free, organic, vegan, and non-GMO. The chocolate jubilee gramola we tried is a great value at 250mg per package with roughly 25mg per tablespoon, so it’s easy to dose and add to your favorite foods, yogurts or whatever you choose, it’s delicious and potent throughout every time. Our team really appreciated how consistent the dosing was during our testing and gave the same results every time. We have become huge fans and are now on the Pura Vida lifestyle for breakfast on the weekends, or as a late night snack that will help you sleep hard throughout the night, our team has been getting the best sleep since they started eating Pura Vida. Make sure to try some yourself by finding Pura Vida at your favorite collective or find a collective near you by visiting their website:

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The 420 Times Holidaze Gift Guide: ‘Dream’ Vaporizer

If you’re looking for a vaporizer that’s ideal for your concentrates, then you should definitely be checking out the “Dream.” It’s a new vape made by The Kind Pen, and it comes in gun metal black, silver, rose gold and other colors. You can use it for your wax, your shatter or whatever concentrate you prefer.

This vape won the Cannabis Cup Best Vaporizer award in 2016, and it’s not particularly hard to see why. It vapes smoothly and efficiently, and it’s pretty cool looking. The settings are very easy to change, and the battery doesn’t run out as quickly as some other vaporizers.

You can also charge it using a USB charger, which is pretty convenient. This vape has an adjustable air vent to make inhaling that much better, which I appreciate. There are four air settings to choose from.

The Dream can go from 350 degrees to 430 degrees, and it heats quickly. Overall, I can’t find much to complain about, and it’s only $ 99, so it’s definitely a bargain.

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Holidaze Gift Guide: The Caddy from Lift’d Recreation

This is most definitely one of the best inventions to hit the market this year. The Caddy is quite possibly your bong’s new best friend and yours too!

The Caddy can protect and stabilize your piece like no other product we’ve ever experienced. It is adjustable to fit most shapes and sizes of water pipes, ideal for 4.5 to 6.5 inch bases. For water pipes that have a wine glass base and are somewhat narrow, you can also add the Caddy base insert to fill in the space surrounding the tube, adding even more protection and stability to your fragile prized piece.

The outside pocket is ideal to store tools, scrapers, dab tools and whatever else that needs to go along for the ride. There are two lighter elastic slots as well as a wider elastic strap that can hold a medicine bottle. There’s no excuses anymore for party fouls or broken water pipes now that the Caddy is here.

Get yours and one for a friend by visiting  Enter 1SM420 into the promo section at check out for an exclusive discount offer.

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Holidaze Gift Guide: The Chelsea Cross-Body by Annabis

It’s what all the ladies want! Style, luxury, innovative design, and smell proof! We are thrilled to introduce you to Annabis, a unique brand of luxury accessories for the most sophisticated cannabis consumer. Annabis handbags are of the finest quality leather and materials.

The secret behind each bag is that they have smell proof zippers, compartments and a special jacquard lining that also serves to control aroma. The first bags of their kind indeed. The initial collection of styles are called; the Chelsea cross-body, the Melissa multi case, and the Whoopee vape case. The Chelsea is a mini drawstring bucket bag, inside there are six open slip pockets for the essentials; lip gloss, mints, eye drops. This bag also has a drop slip external pocket for your phone.

Then it goes further, below the top portion is a flap that folds up, exposing the smell proof zipper to be opened to expose the secret compartment that and has plenty of room for your vape pens, pipe, grinder, and it also comes with a Annabis branded jar in a beautiful purple for your herb. There is even a slot to keep your paper recommendation on the topside of the secret compartment.  Each bag, no matter the style is going to impress you and your smoke buddies. 

The leather is extremely supple and soft and screams luxury. All bags in this collection have something for every woman that demands only the best! The colors and textures are spot on in; black patent croc leather, smooth snake skin print leather, and dynamic metallic gold leather.

The presentation of these bags is also worth noting, each come with a satin purple dust cover bag, just like luxury branded bags as well as an Annabis branded mini jar to get you started.  Each bag has its own certificate of authenticity, similar to the big brand designer bags.

Get this for your lady this holiday season or buy it for yourself.

These bags are intended to last a lifetime and well worth the investment. Annabis is what we’ve all been waiting for; style, function and fun! Their motto is “Enjoy the journey,” we certainly will now!

Go to  to order yours today.

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Holidaze Gift Guide: Ambassador Kit V4 by Gentleman’s Brand Vapes

Excuse me kind sir but could you tell me the most desireable vaping kit that I can get for someone very special? 
OK, you might not put it that way but if you have someone extra special this year on your “good” list, make sure to check out Gentleman’s Brand Vapes’ latest offering — their Ambassador Kit V4.
A deluxe starter vape kit, the Ambassador comes with everything you need to vape waxes, concentrates, shatter, and e-liquids (with purchase of the Saboteur Tank add-on). Each kit includes the Double Agent Vaporizer Pen, two concentrate cartridges, a stainless steel filling tool, and a silicone container so you can vape at home and on the go with ease.
Big things about this kit: long life batteries, large capacity cartridges, multiple use vaping, uses standard fittings for compatibility with other cartridges.

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The 420 Times’ Five Hashes for the Holidaze

The Holidaze are a great time to get together with friends and family, which can also be a very stressful time for some. But nothing helps ring in the cheer and erase stress like a few dabs of delicious hash, so we’ve put together a list of our favorite concentrates that we’ll be enjoying over the next few daze or so.

Five Hashes for the Holidaze!

Twas the night before Christmas, when all through the dispensary, not a budtender was dispensing, not even a mouse. But I needed some hash, and ‘til after Christmas it could not wait, so I texted the owner and hesitantly he did awake.

Diablo OG Kush!” I cried, “That’s what I need! Christmas is here and I can’t just smoke weed?!?”

The owner opened his shop, so hashish I could buy. “Hey, wait a second. Is that a new hash for me to try?”

“Why, yes!” He replied, as he showed me his wares, and then quickly opened a container of Key Lime Pie Shatter as I drooled and stared.

I steadily perused his assortment of wax, and then he said, “I have some freshly run stuff, I’ll grab it from the back!” I waited anxiously as he retrieved the stash, while noticing another unexplored flavor of hash.

God’s Gift Water Hash,” was printed on the label, so I asked the owner to bring his dab rig to the table.

“Can I get a sample of this one please?” He said, “Yes. This is the strongest of the three!” He fired his torch and heated the nail, all while pitching yet another hash that he had for sale.

“These three are all great products as you’ll soon see,” the owner said. “But this one is the freshest and smokes like a dream!”

I hurriedly read the label, “Church OG Kush,” is how it read. But the owner was quick to warn me, “That one is best just before bed.”

I thanked him for his service as I paid for my hash, when I suddenly remembered, “My vape pen is cashed!” So, back to shopping I did go, looking for oil, “If I can’t vape on the go, my Holidaze could be spoiled!”

There were several to choose from, all looked to be clean. So I chose the one that I thought had somewhat of a Holidaze theme. The Fruit Punch Holy Water sounded so good that I asked for two! Now I’ll have plenty of concentrates until the Holidaze are through.

As I sprang out the door, to the owner I gave thanks, “Hashy Christmas to all,” he said. “And to all, enjoy the dank!”

Hashy Holidaze from all of us here at The 420 Times!

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High Holidaze: A Marijuana-Infused Holidaze Feast

The holidays are here and the staff at The 420 Times couldn’t think of a better way to spread around the cheer than with wonderful food and great marijuana! Because what could be better than following up a fat bowl of frosty nugs than indulging in an extravagant feast?

Well, what if you where to combine those two forms of merriment into a vast array of edible deliciousness? The result, a meal that ensures that your guests’ holiday will indeed be a high one!

For most folks, the holidays are all about tradition, but when it comes to marijuana- infused foods or medibles, the time-honored recipes such as cannabis cookies or the way over-used pot brownie are likely to receive a collective round of yawns from your party guests, even before they’ve had a chance to consume them! But luckily for those of us that enjoy consuming marijuana without having to iso-scrub our bongs first, enterprising makers of- all-things-medible have been discovering innovative ways to incorporate the beloved ganja into recipes that would have Snoop Lion (I think that’s his name today) tapping out before dessert is served!

As with all forms of cooking, technique is what makes the difference between producing a mediocre marijuana-infused treat and serving a meal that would not only cause the judges on Iron Chef to moan in delight, but get them so stoned they forget why they’re on a television show. “Hey man, that was like, delicious! Hey, why are these cameras pointing at me, man? Oh yeah, you win, man!”

The pot brownie apparently didn’t gain popularity until around the 1950s, but people throughout ancient times used marijuana as an ingredient on a worldwide basis. Today, marijuana-infused foodstuffs have become a fast-growing player in the marijuana industry and are reportedly projected to reach approximately nine billion dollars in annual sales nationwide by the year 2016.

The first marijuana cooking experience for most consumers-of-the-chronic usually consists of attempting to grind up some kind bud into their favorite boxed brownie recipe, quickly learning that their chosen method was not only ineffective for the most part, but tasted less than stellar as well. Stoner cuisine isn’t about trying to figure out what to eat once the last bong-rip has been puffed. It’s all about how to create scrumptious dishes that not only taste great, but give you a nice buzz to boot! “Whose turn is it to make a run for the border? I could go for some ‘chos!”

So how does one go about integrating their preferred strain into their Granny’s traditional holiday favorites?

The primary method for incorporating marijuana into recipes is by simmering it in an ingestible fat. The basic butter infusion process is not only essential for any prospective ganja chef to master, but it’s the most preferred and potent method for cooking marijuana-infused foods followed by cooking oils.

How does the butter infusion process work?

In order to activate the psychoactive properties in marijuana, it must be heated to a certain temperature, which is a process known as decarboxylation. This is why it’s all but impossible to get effective results from merely tossing a handful of shake into a brownie mix and expecting to produce an end product that could replace the need for spacecraft if one decided to attempt a moon landing. When trying to infuse marijuana in a fat such as butter, high temperatures are your enemy. Temps that are too hot will cause the THC molecules to degrade and lose potency. This is why preparing your marijuana-infused butter in a slow cooker is ideal. And if you’re lucky enough to own a set-it-and-forget-it appliance like the Magical Butter machine, the chances of ruining a batch of butter is all but impossible!

Make it easy on yourself, get a Magical Butter machine for your next recipe. Easier to use than a rice cooker and less mess.

Make it easy on yourself, get a Magical Butter machine for your next recipe. Easier to use than a rice cooker and less mess.

So what’s the key to a good marijuana-infused meal?

Be careful not to overdo it! You want your guests to be lifted on a cloud of ecstasy, not carried out on a stretcher by paramedics. Or worse yet, they get so stoned that they want to crash on your couch! I love my family and friends, but when the party’s over, you gots-to-go! So with that in mind, be sure not to overmedicate the attendees unless you have plans on opening a temporary bed and breakfast. It’s also important to note that starting with dried marijuana as opposed to freshly cut can make a world of difference in respect to the taste of the finished infused fat. Using marijuana that has been properly dried and cured is just as important in cooking as it is when its being used to get cooked. Dry-sifted kief and water-extracted hash that hasn’t been pressed offer the tastiest infused fats, but they’re also the most expensive, which is why most nonprofessional cooks prefer to use the bud trimmings or shake. Either way, dry before wet is your best bet!

Are there strains that offer different flavor profiles than others, or do they all taste the same?

There are groups of chemical compounds found in marijuana referred to as terpenes and flavinoids. These particular compounds are what make-up the aroma and taste that you experience from marijuana when it’s smoked, vaporized or ingested orally. As with different flavors of spices and herbs, marijuana can also present the ganja chef with a wide variety of essence that can be used to accent and enhance the taste of the selected strain as well as the other ingredients in the dish.

Make it easy on yourself, get a Magical Butter machine for your next recipe. Easier to use than a rice cooker and less mess.

Are there any recipes that won’t turn out well using marijuana-infused fats?

Not to this inspiring canna-cook’s knowledge! Any recipe that calls for butter or cooking oils can be replaced with the appropriate amounts of marijuana-infused fat. You can even spread ganja-butter on your morning toast! Although I wouldn’t suggest that if you’re serving your guests that regrettably had to spend the night due to an overindulgence of medicated goodies the night before. You don’t want to be forced to turn your home office into Uncle Leo’s new bedroom, do you? I didn’t think so. “No, Uncle Leo, you can’t have the green butter on your toast! You’ve gots-to-go home now! Oh yeah, and Merry Christmas!”

We hope this information helps make your holidaze feast a little bit brighter! Be sure to remember that when infusing marijuana into the fat of your choice that you exercise patience. Low and slow is the best way to ensure your beloved ganja doesn’t go to waste, and using dry material instead of wet will guarantee you a great tasting dish that will be sure to make even the most diehard atheist have a spiritual experience. Happy Holidaze from The 420 Times and as always, please consume and share marijuana-infused foods safely and responsibly! “Go home already, Uncle Leo! Geesh! No, you can’t have a bong-rip!”

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3rd Annual 420 Times Holidaze Gift Guide

Who’s been naughty and who’s been super mellow and dank this year? Check out some of our favorites for those on your holiday list — and make sure to put yourself down on that list too!

Pulse Glass

Pulse has done it again! When they told me they had a whole new design that they wanted us to review and put to the test, I was ready for the challenge. The latest piece is what they call a Barrel Stemline. This is truly a beautiful piece of work, the barrel has the shine and sparkle of diamonds. The barrel percolator consists of over 100 slits, cut 360 degrees around the barrel of the stemline. This percolator has been winning award after award this year and I can see why. It’s engineered to provide the smoothest hits around. Last month we received this very special piece, which has The 420 Times logo on it with a platinum label- thank you Pulse! Everyone at Pulse is an artistic genius, the quality and the thought that goes into their brand is top notch all the way.

This Barrel Stemline, as you can see by the pictures, features a 75mm tube, the barrel diffuses the smoke, which allows for superb filtration, the bubbles stack immensely throughout the tube. The bubbles naturally clash against the side of the glass to help give a natural diffusion which allows for not only a beautiful aesthetic look, but also a great way to taste the medication. We were also given the latest ash catcher that easily and beautifully attaches to the down line, amazingly it doesn’t create drag. I like the new expansive showerhead in this ash catcher as it does not clog and also percolates.

The specs are as follows: 16” tall, base diameter is 5.5” with a thickness that is 7mm (that’s strong), the slide is an 18mm to go with the male 18mm ice pinch bowl.

Of course all Pulse pieces have platinum Pulse labels on the tube, slide & bowl- which really looks sharp and luxurious. Pulse uses only the finest German Schott glass on all their pieces. Now you know what to ask for the holidays. More info at:

Slide Right and Joint Wax by Ballistic Creations

Ever have a favorite water pipe that you absolutely love — perhaps it’s lucky or gives good vibes — but love has drawbacks sometimes and those drawbacks sometimes appear in the form of scrapey fittings or the dreaded death lock. Guys know what I am talking about.

Now, re-connect with your old true love with Joint Wax and Slide Right — two great all natural products for anyone who smokes with glass.

Joint Wax prevents grinding and frozen joints on glass fittings, the kind that damage or make useless your piece. It’s like lip balm, you just dial the end of the tube to apply some needed love to your most irritable joints — people who have really intricate pieces will know all about the problems they can have with stiff… joints. It creates a nice snug fit that stays secure so things don’t start falling apart when your piece gets bumped or knocked.

Slide Right prevents glass grinding and frozen fittings but for slide areas. Next time you need to remove your slide, it will come out smoothly. It also makes the slide fit in very snug and secure too. Nice.

Find Slide Right and Joint Wax at your local headshop or online at:

Grindtainer by Dragon Chewer

I was going camping with some friends and making the typical check list of things I could easily lose. Disposable lighter, check. Rolling papers, check. 60 dollar grinder — wait, I’m not taking that thing with me camping.

Enter the GrindTainer. A portable, ingenius solution to carrying around .5 pounds of aluminum in your pocket. Made from plastic, the Grindtainer is both functional as a storage container and as a grinder — how cool is that.

I’m not sure how long the Grindtainer is supposed to be used since it’s not as rugged as metal — but I have been using this little gem since the beginning of summer and now here it is late fall, near winter.

I don’t feel so bad losing lighters to “friends” and now I don’t mind losing my grinder either — as long as it’s empty that is.

You’ve probably seen these in smoke shops, head shops and some dispensaries but you can also buy them online at:

The Digger One Hitter

Remember one hitters? I do. You would get beat up fingers, you’d always create a small mess and they always got clogged easily! Say hello to my little friend, in my best Scarface impression, the GrindTainer. Of course it’s portable, compact, discreet — but here’s the thing, this thing works!

You just jam your herb or tobacco into the end, the serrated end pulverizes the soon to be smoked material into the One Hitter easily. No pinching, poking, shoving fruitlessly — and no more frustration. The Digger One Hitter has taken something that’s been around for 30 years and made it into something I plan to keep using for the next 30 years.

I found mine at a local retailer, you can find yours there or online at:


Shhhh. Can you keep a secret? I’m wearing it.

No, it’s not women’s deodorant, it’s the most stylish hidden pipe I’ve ever seen. The Glass Wrist Hookah Bracelet Pipe by those artistic geniuses at Shhmokewear.

Also, let me give you a tip. With the holiday gift season coming up fast, this would make a terrific gift for a guy or girl this year. Who wouldn’t want a funky bohemian-esque bracelet? Everyone will want one once they find out the secret use that hides in plain sight.

You see, the bowl and pipe are connected to one another to create a perfect wrist loop — it’s a hookah and a pipe that is handmade in the USA and each design is unique.

James Bond meets Bob Marley meets Gangham style — ok, maybe that last one is a stretch but still these wrist pipes are very stylish no matter what grooves you.

Made from hemp too! Available at smoke shops, head shops, skate shops and other places for cool or online at:

Zenify – The live stress free drink

Finally, an anti-dote to not only energy drinks, that seem to be everywhere these days, but one that promotes the opposite – stress free living.

Zenify is all natural drink that is designed to rid your mind of stress while creating focused clarity — sounds familiar — allowing you to react at peak performance in over-stimulating times. If you are in sports you might know this state of mind as being “In the Flow” or “In the Zone.” As energy supplements increasingly become part of our everyday lives, the answer does not lie in more energy. Instead, it’s about properly harnessing our existing energy without being distracted by our surroundings.

Zenify contains a blend of Amino Acids L-Theanine, GABA and Glycine that help you stay calm, sharp & focused. It’s carbonated flavor reminds me of fruit and citrus.

I had before the drive home on Friday — and I will say it did make the drive a bit more comfortable and relaxed while being in total control. I would think these would be great for sports where concentration is key or just plain getting some work done when it gets crazy — you know, normal days.

Find Zenify at your local retailer or online at:

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