Plants vs. Zombies 2 installed on iOS 25 million times since August

Plants vs. Zombies 2 is on more than 25 million iOS devices, exceeding its predecessor’s lifetime reach on the mobile OS despite only launching in August. Electronic Arts today announced the sterling performance of PopCap’s free-to-play garden defense sequel in its second quarter 2014 fiscal statement.

While the previous title started on PC and made its way to mobile devices over years of growth, PvZ 2 began exclusively on iOS. It fully released on Android last week and will likely experience a second boom as the widespread mobile OS’ users begin battle gardening.

EA lost $ 273 million over the quarter, though it said in a conference call with investors that it is working on several cost-control measures: those include “sunsetting” multiple browser-based social games and canceling development on the free-to-play Command & Conquer.

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See What Battlefield 3 Looks Like on 360 When it’s Not Installed

DICE warned us last week about what Battlefield 3 would look like on Xbox 360 without its high-resolution texture pack installed — executive producer Patrick Bach referred to it as a “standard-def version.” Not that you’d expect a developer to overstate how bad his or her own game is going to look, but judging by the video above, boy was he ever telling the truth.

The video was put together by WikiGameGuides and features comparison shots from various points throughout the game. It’s remarkable how much a difference the installation makes. When he was asked if it was actually noticeable, Bach had explained, “It does make a difference, yes, absolutely. The whole engine is based around streaming textures, streaming terrain and a lot of other content.”


Origin Installed on 4 Million Computers, Adding Third-Party Content “Very Soon”


Electronic Arts rebranded and relaunched the EA Store in June as Origin. It’s a digital platform that sells EA’s games and provides other features like a friends list and in-game overlay. With Steam already comfortably filling this role, many PC gamers were upset to even see EA try to clog the market with a competitor, though that hasn’t stopped four million users from installing the Origin client since June.

EA’s CFO, Eric Brown, mentioned the figure during a UBS conference in London today, Gamasutra reports. EA expects that figure to “climb substantially” as we near the holiday season. That’s all but guaranteed, what with Origin being tied in with Battlefield 3 and it being the only place to purchase a digital copy of Star Wars: The Old Republic.

Another thing that may help to drive installations is the addition of third-party content to Origin. The store is currently home to nothing but EA games — Battlefield 3, The Sims 3, and Tiger Woods PGA Tour 12 comprise the front page whereas Skyrim, Red Orchestra 2, and Serious Sam 3 are the headliners on Steam at the moment. Steam was originally launched to host only Valve’s content like Half-Life 2 and Counter-Strike; it has since expanded to largely consist of third-party games and that’s a critical component of its success.