Ask a Stoner: Is Weed Considered Kosher?

Dear Stoner: I was recently celebrating Jewish New Year, and my family and I began wondering if cannabis can be kosher? What about edibles?

Dear Joe: Happy New Year! If you want to celebrate your next Rosh Hashanah with reefer and feel strongly about respecting your religion, there do appear to be some safety nets or loopholes. Keeping kosher means that no products or ingredients from non-kosher animals or other substances proscribed by Jewish law are used. In a vacuum, cannabis is just vegetation and so appears to qualify. But if you consider growing nutrients and cannabis product additives, then things might not be so kosher.

Smoking cannabis could find a gray area in the Jewish faith, but eating has more challenges.

Smoking cannabis could find a gray area in the Jewish faith, but eating has more challenges.

Jacqueline Collins

The answer also depends on the rabbi you ask. Although some rabbis still consider cannabis a forbidden substance, an influential rabbi once told Israeli newspaper Haaretz that smoking cannabis “isn’t not kosher,” while the Times of Israel reported that a rabbi proclaimed marijuana okay for medical reasons. Edibles, obviously, are another story, as they can contain cooking and diary products from animals that may not be kosher. There are several cannabis edible companies that claim to have kosher certification, but we’re not aware of any in Colorado. Easy answer: Make your own and keep things kosher.

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Happy Passover! Smoke ‘Em If You Got ‘Em…Cannabis Is Kosher!

For Jewish people all over the world, the Passover holiday starts today at sundown. In order to remember the time when their ancestors were enslaved in Egypt, Jewish people are proscribed from eating leavened bread and many species of grain for the entire eight-day festival.

But now, thanks to the Israeli pro-cannabis group Seach, a ruling has been made that finds medical marijuana to be completely kosher for Passover. And it was made by Rabbi Chaim Kanievsky, who according to The Times of Israel, is “widely considered the leading living ultra-Orthodox halachic authority”, which means that this ruling applies to all Jewish people everywhere.

Check out the Rabbi sniffing the stuff to make sure it’s legit. My Hebrew is pretty rusty, but I’m pretty sure what he’s saying is “That’s some good weed, man!”

Rabbi Kanievsky is not alone. A number of Jewish authorities have determined that cannabis, when used for medicinal reasons, is permitted under the ancient laws of Israel. However, to our knowledge, this is the first time any accepted authority has made a ruling involving Passover, which has extremely strict dietary laws.

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