Why You Should Invest In Marijuana Stocks

Individuals who are constantly on the lookout for new investment opportunities may find the venture that they need in marijuana stocks. Though still a relatively new vehicle, especially compared to other, older stock options, there are numerous advantages that individuals can look forward to when they consider their marijuana stock options. Investing in marijuana stocks should always be done as carefully as possible, especially if you are just starting out and need guidelines to follow. If you are not sure whether or not it is right for you, however, consider some of the following advantages that you can look forward to with this investment option.

Undervalued Opportunities

As the market currently stands, there is a large amount of risk and hesitation when it comes to investment, even from the most prominent investors in the industry. Between the social taboos that were once associated with the crop and the inherent hesitation when it comes to a rising new investment opportunity, there is currently very little clamoring and competition to drive up prices for those who are interested in taking a look at the market for themselves. If you are looking to pioneer a new investment option while also enjoying the freedom that comes with such opportunities, marijuana stocks can be one of the best vehicles for you to explore.

Rapidly Growing Market

Although many changes are yet to be determined as more and more legal issues start to fade away, the fact of the matter is that marijuana as an industry is poised for a tremendous burst of growth. Based on shifting social attitudes and the rise of new technological and medical advancements, marijuana stocks promise to be among the fastest climbing investment opportunities available. As such, it is vital for investors to plan ahead according to what companies seem the most promising. In such a relatively untapped market, paying attention to the competition can allow for more informed investments.

Global Legal Wave

In addition to its growth opportunities in the United States, the entire global market seems to be in the midst of a legal wave overturning previous restrictions on the crop. From Canada to Thailand, countries all over the world are legalizing marijuana and paving the way for less legal issues in all fields of business, including investment. This means that investing now can provide individuals with more diverse yields in the future, as there will be an entire global market to consider. Like with any other such changing landscapes, however, it is vital to pay attention to the geopolitics in order to make the most of your investments.

Penny Stock Opportunities

Though market projections for the future growth of marijuana stocks are impressive, the fact remains that, currently, it is a risky venture for those who are not planning on investing in more widely known companies. This could, however, provide individuals who like high-risk and high-reward plays to explore their options regarding penny stocks. There are hundreds of marijuana penny stocks available that individuals can research to determine where their most lucrative investments may be most readily available. For those who are not interested in doing such extensive research, however, there may be risk barriers to overcome, at least until the most prominent marijuana stock opportunities solidify themselves further.

Stock Versatility

Not every company that is based in marijuana is exclusively set in its marijuana-based products. Though the majority of such companies will allow investors to focus their efforts in marijuana stocks, the fact of the matter is that there will be other factors in determining the stock growth based on what else the company does. Many companies invest in marijuana growth and product development to diversify their revenue. There are many marijuana companies that are already investing in other industries, such as general plant care and clothing manufacturing. Do your research to invest in the most savvy companies so that you can have more irons in the fire.

Like any other such investment opportunities, it is absolutely crucial for you to pay attention to your other avenues of investment as well. Be sure to diversify your investments, in terms of both stocks and individual instruments, in order to hedge your liabilities and enjoy a more lucrative investment process.

Shane Dwyer
Author: Shane Dwyer
Shane Dwyer is a cannabis advocate who isn’t afraid to tell the world about it! You can find his views, rants, and tips published regularly at The 420 Times.

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Marijuana Sales Began Annual Dip in September

Colorado’s legal marijuana sales finally took a fall in September, according to data from the state Department of Revenue, and past trends indicate that this dip is likely to continue until next spring. However, 2019 is still very much on pace to become the highest-selling year ever for the state’s legal pot industry.

Colorado dispensaries racked up over $ 155.4 million in sales in September, DOR data shows. That’s a drop of over 10 percent from August — but still rises almost 13 percent over the same month in 2018. Recreational sales accounted for more than $ 126.8 million in September 2019, according to the figures, while medical sales came in at $ 28.6 million; they’ve been on a $ 25-to-$ 30 million plateau for over a year now.

Marijuana sales traditionally drop after the summer months end, then hit a low point in January or February and begin bouncing back in March. This year seems to be following the trend, but with three months of sales still left to report in 2019, dispensary sales figures are likely to breeze past last year’s.

Through the first nine months of 2019, the state’s pot industry sold more than $ 1.3 billion worth of products, reaching the highest monthly sales total ever in August. Those sales have contributed slightly less than $ 250 million in tax revenue so far this year, according to the DOR.

In all of 2018, DOR data shows legal pot accounted for a little over $ 1.54 billion in sales and $ 266.5 million in tax revenue. Since recreational pot sales began in Colorado in January 2014, dispensaries have accounted for over $ 7.35 billion in sales and approximately $ 1.15 billion in tax revenue.

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Marijuana Sales Began Annual Dip in September (2)EXPAND

Colorado Department of Revenue

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Ways To Legally Save Money When Buying Marijuana Products

Marijuana products have gone increasingly popular since its legalization. Many people have now started using cannabis products both for medical and recreational purposes. However, as demand rises, the supply is still limited. As it’s still in its infancy stage, there aren’t many dispensaries yet that are legally selling these products. This accounts for the hefty price tag that these products often come along with.

Just like shopping for any other good or commodity, there are ways to save money. You don’t have to burn a hole in your pocket for you to afford these products. Here’s how:

1. Follow A List

This first tip applies whether you’re shopping online or at a brick-and-mortar dispensary. It pays to have a shopping list and stick to this. When you visit a website or a store, you may be dumbfounded by the numerous options that you’re going to face. Without a list, you may end up shopping for more than you originally intended. It’s as if the items on display are screaming at you to please buy them. With a list, you’re more able to stick to your budget.

2. Shop Only When You Need To

It’s easier said than done to say that you have to shop when you need to. But, when you’re able to do this, you’ll see changes in your shopping habits. Only shop for marijuana products when you absolutely need to. Especially so if this is something that you use for a medical purpose. When you’re almost running out of stock, that’s when it’s time for you to purchase. That way, you’re limiting your purchases only with the marijuana products that you need, no matter how tempting it might be to buy the whole aisle.

3. Only Bring The Cash That You Need

This tip applies if you’re buying marijuana products from a physical shop. Leave your credit card at home. Only bring the cash that you absolutely need. That way, there’s no way that you can afford to spend more than you had initially intended to. You can’t spend money that you don’t have. Especially with more accounts debunking the negative myths relating to marijuana products, the variety of products on display are getting more numerous. Bringing only the amount that you need helps you stay within your budget.

4. Take Advantage Of Promo Codes

Promo codes are available almost everywhere. And these promo codes apply both to online purchases and those from physical shops. As there are promo codes for nearly anything that you need, you can also use one for marijuana purchases. You can find these promo codes almost everywhere, such as from magazines, online websites such as https://www.gopromocodes.com/stores/eaze, TV advertisements, and newspaper classifieds.

Everyone loves a good discount, and if you have a code to match, then it’s undoubtedly your lucky shopping day. Just remember also to use your promo codes wisely. Don’t be tempted to spend even more just because you’re getting a good discount. Other shoppers also make the mistake of buying marijuana products that they don’t need only because it’s on a discount. It’s best to use your promo codes for those products that you know you’ll need and use.

Marijuana Products5. Shop With A Calculator

When you shop for groceries or clothing items, is it not that you also make a tally on your calculator as to your running total? The same principle should apply the moment that you walk in a dispensary. You never know what products you’re going to find and it can be very tempting to buy many. Even those that you don’t necessarily need.

With a calculator, you’re able to keep track of your total. You know your limit, and you know when it’s time to stop adding items to your cart. This helps you to stay within the budget that you intended for this marijuana shopping trip.

6. Compare Prices

Dispensaries around your locality may also have varying prices. Naturally, some are going to be more expensive than others. And, just because an item is cheaper, it doesn’t mean that it’s of inferior quality. The price difference could be a result of a more expensive store rental, a pricier supplier, and even an inherently pricier locality. When you can find a cheaper marijuana product, don’t be afraid to go for it. Just make sure that you’re buying from a reputable source and not one that you’re skeptical about the moment you walk in. Take the time to compare prices before you make a final purchase. That way, you’re allowing yourself the opportunity to have the best deals possible.


Shopping for marijuana products is still quite an expensive task at the moment. As the market continues to increase in demand, it’s also expected that soon enough, the supply will stabilize as well. But, that’s only yet a goal. At present, you’ll still have to make do with finding ways to save money while buying marijuana products legally. Especially if you swear by these products, you can start applying these tips. Your pocket will thank you for doing so.

Shane Dwyer
Author: Shane Dwyer
Shane Dwyer is a cannabis advocate who isn’t afraid to tell the world about it! You can find his views, rants, and tips published regularly at The 420 Times.

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Lawsuit Against DEA Over Medical Marijuana Research Dismissed

A federal court has tossed out a lawsuit against the Drug Enforcement Administration that claimed the agency was stalling medical marijuana research.

The U.S. Court of Appeals for the District of Columbia Circuit dismissed a lawsuit filed in June by the Scottsdale Research Institute that claimed the DEA was hampering federally approved marijuana studies by stalling cannabis cultivation applications. Led by Dr. Sue Sisley, the Scottsdale Research Institute had hoped that the lawsuit would force the U.S. Attorney General and the DEA to process its application to grow marijuana for clinical research.

The suit had argued that the DEA has created a monopoly around federally licensed marijuana research by requiring that researchers only use marijuana from the University of Mississippi for their studies. According to Sisley, federally licensed marijuana researchers are limited to low-grade cannabis without proper variety, which can compromise studies about medical marijuana and its effects, and how the plant is realistically grown and used. Sisley says that the poor quality of the official test marijuana affected the accuracy of her studies on the plant’s potential treatment of post-traumatic stress disorder.

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It’s been more than three years since the DEA  announced that it was opening the process to consider additional producers, but so far, none have been approved. In August, the agency announced it would begin to “facilitate and expand scientific and medical research for marijuana in the United States” by expediting the review of those applications, but no timeline was given, and no applications have been approved since then. Instead, the DEA announced a public comment period, which ended yesterday, October 28. Now, the DEA has ninety days to rule on the applications.

In dismissing the suit, the appeals court ruled that with its recent actions, the DEA has successfully executed its responsibilities by moving along the application process, making the case “moot.”

But if there are additional delays, one of the attorneys involved in the lawsuit told Marijuana Moment that it could return.

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Skunky Aesthetic With Marijuana Style Writer Katie Shapiro

Legal cannabis has spawned a litany of new and interesting careers, which is something writers are always in need of. One of the first scribes to see openings created by the plant was Katie Shapiro, known as “the world’s first marijuana style writer,” whose work has been featured in the Denver Post and Forbes; Shapiro also helped produce the documentary Rolling Papers, which followed the Post‘s pot writing during Colorado’s first year of retail weed in 2014.

We caught up with Shapiro after she participated in a panel discussion about cannabis sustainability to learn more about her interesting career path, and how the style, fashion and overall culture of cannabis has evolved as the plant becomes more accepted by the mainstream.

Westword: When did get into writing about cannabis? You’ve been in it for a while.

Katie Shapiro: Right after the Cannabist launched, which was the Denver Post‘s dedicated online vertical and helmed by Ricardo Baca. Before that, I had known Ricardo for a few years through the media scene in Denver. It all started for me in 2014, while I was working on a documentary film project called Rolling Papers that featured him as the main subject. So as I was following the historical moment of legalization so closely as a producer, I saw an opportunity for me to start covering it as a writer, as well.

How did the fashion and style opportunity arise?

We had just wrapped shooting a scene at a bar. Over drinks, I asked Ricardo if he had anyone covering cannabis style yet. He had the foresight to make the Cannabist into an all-encompassing, go-to resource for an entirely new part of our culture. I guess my initial idea was specific to fashion, but it quickly expanded into cannabis as an overall lifestyle — especially with people becoming more open to talking about their own consumption post-legalization.

What does cannabis style mean now when you cover it in the news?

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Six years [after legalization], it’s completely different. Cannabis is now accepted and endorsed among mainstream fashion labels and beauty brands. A countless number of luxury lifestyle and accessories companies have emerged specific to cannabis, too. There’s a lot more to write about.

When you talk about cannabis style, what does that entail? Does it just include clothing?

I think in the beginning, it was very obvious in terms of the fashion industry. It was more about people just putting pot leaves on things. But it’s truly evolved. I report on the post-legalization new normal of cannabis culture, and have covered everything from pot leaf sightings on the runway, smoking etiquette and pop culture moments to product reviews, artist Q&As and dispensary design. With such a fast-changing industry as more states legalize, my beat has morphed along with it. And the CBD category has definitely been the biggest beauty-and-wellness trend and sub-industry to emerge in the past two years.

It’s meaningful to talk about paraphernalia. Before legalization, it was something that was always stashed away and never highly designed. Now there are so many beautiful pieces to proudly display and enhance the smoking experience, which contributes to erasing the stigma and elevates the communal culture of cannabis.

How can cannabis companies prove to customers that they’re operating sustainably?

Communicate what you’re doing behind the scenes. I think it goes well beyond just packaging and not using plastic, which is a huge industry issue (and not just in cannabis). Just how green is your greenhouse facility?

I think it’s about sharing the different things your company is doing to do your best, because as we discussed at the Cannabis Sustainability Symposium, it’s kind of impossible at this point to be 100 percent sustainable. Our panel touched on this, too. But also, aligning yourself with sustainability-minded industry organizations like the Cannabis Certification Council and Cannabis Alliance to help push this movement forward is important.

And when it comes to a successful cannabis product, which areas are important for new cannabis companies to focus on?

First and foremost, legalization and regulation, which are essential to reaching a more sustainable industry. I think authenticity and transparency are also key.

What do you mean by authenticity and transparency?

I believe authenticity is having your own, genuine voice and values, and staying true to those through whatever message you’re putting out on behalf of your company. And transparency is just being completely honest with your customers. Cannabis is a new substance for a lot of consumers who are experimenting with different brands. They’re looking for companies who can provide education and safe, effective products that they can trust.

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Colorado Marijuana Sales Continued Hot Streak in August

Colorado marijuana sales continued their hot streak in August, according to the state Department of Revenue, reaching the highest monthly total ever.

Medical and recreational dispensaries accounted for over $ 173.2 million in sales in August, DOR data shows. That number is easily the highest for monthly sales since recreational pot stores opened in January 2014, passing July 2019’s previous high mark (approximately $ 166.3 million) by about 4 percent. This is the third straight month that dispensary sales have broken Colorado’s monthly record.

Recreational sales on their own also set another record, hitting nearly $ 141.87 million in August. Medical sales, while still hovering in the $ 30 million range, saw a slight bump, increasing just under $ 1 million from the previous month to hit $ 31.3 million.

August is one of three months in 2019 to have five Fridays and five Saturdays on the calendar, and weekends are extremely important to dispensary sales, according to marijuana-industry sales trackers. With cooler weather and fewer weekend days in September, don’t be surprised if the next monthly sales figure drops.

Through the first eight months of 2019, Colorado has already seen over $ 1.15 billion in dispensary sales, and it’s on a clear path to breaking last year’s overall sales of $ 1.55 billion.

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Colorado Marijuana Sales Continued Hot Streak in August (2)EXPAND

Colorado Department of Revenue

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Marijuana Stocks Get Absolutely Crushed

While I’m not quite the savviest of investors, I do have a keen eye for stocks in emerging markets, and for many years, I’ve considered “pot stocks” to be an emerging market as legalization grows across the USA and Canada.  With marijuana becoming more mainstream, there are no shortage of stocks that allow the average armchair investor to get some skin in this lucrative game.

However, yesterday provided a massive speed bump to all of us who do indeed have skin in the game.  I’ve surfed many investment sites and financial portals, and have a lot of stuff to say about what happened.

Note:  I don’t offer financial advice.  Invest at your own risk.

Again, I read a lot about this, as I have a few companies I’m invested in.  This report on Market Watch was a good read.

This sort of gut punch that happened yesterday was explained in great detail, and according to Market Watch’s article, the average investor has lost 75% of it’s value over time in the marijuana space.

A big catalyst for this was an announcement by marijuana company Hexo, which goes by HEXO on the ticker.  Net revenue for the fourth quarter will be about $ 14.5 – $ 16.5 million, and net revenues will be between $ 46.5 and $ 48.5 million for the year.  These are both below expectations.

  • HEXO alone fell over 20% yesterday.

Other news that has not been so helpful is that MedMen decided NOT to purchase Pharmacann, which would have been a $ 600 million deal.

  • The vaping crisis is NOT helping the cause either.   Consumers are jumping ship on buying vape pens and devices that were otherwise strong sellers.

The article continues to go on and suggest that you pick points when the selling of marijuana stocks is at a high, and buy stocks that have concepts that will work long term.  Trends, (which could be vaping related) are not a reason to buy a stock.  If there are spikes off these lows, it’s best to sell.  It’s going to be a rocky road coming up, which is entirely my take and not related to the article’s articulation of the sell off yesterday.

Strap up, it’s going to be wild for anyone who has money in this space.

Shane Dwyer
Author: Shane Dwyer
Shane Dwyer is a cannabis advocate who isn’t afraid to tell the world about it! You can find his views, rants, and tips published regularly at The 420 Times.

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6 Ways How Legal Marijuana Has Affected Nevada

To say that there has been a lot of controversies as regards the legalization of marijuana in many states within the US is an understatement. 

That is not to say that the debate is no longer in play, especially for a sate like Nevada with so many dispensaries in las vegas.

As if the city that is already famed for it’s extravagant casinos and luxurious hotels that are styled with a theme of class and unapologetic splendour, doesn’t have enough on her plate to deal with.

But what are all these rouses really about? There is no straight answer to that, but we do know is that hard facts are leaning to more advantages for the government and the people of Nevada. And here are the reasons why……!

Lesser Consumption of Cannabis by Kids and Adolescents

The use of psychoactive drugs has been a tradition that has been practised since the earliest recorded history, both for medicinal and recreational purposes and it isn’t necessarily a bad thing. 

But when it comes to kids and teenagers using any type of psychoactive substance, it can be a danger, as their brains are not fully developed and as a result, might suffer detrimental impacts arising from consistent use.

That is where the legalization of cannabis plays a huge role. How? Well just let’s take a look at the facts from just one county in Nevada—Washoe county.

In the years 2015 and 2016, about 514 students were outrightly suspended or expelled from school (mind you, these were high-school kids). 

Coming further up to 2016 through 2017 (when marijuana was legalized in Nevada), 397 students within the same county were also either suspended or kicked out of school for the illegal possession of cannabis.

From those statistics above we can see a decline in the number of students that had issues because of cannabis.

Sales Prospects

Going by the financial estimate of sales as regards the retail cannabis market in Nevada in the year 2017, in which over one hundred million dollars was estimated to be made, in sales alone.

But surprisingly, the actual data of sales attained in the year 2017 in the state of Nevada was in the range of two to two hundred and fifty million dollars.  

So judging by the actual sales figure in 2017, it was estimated that sales are going to reach a record high of one billion dollars by 2025.

We all know the benefit of that much sales and what it is going to do for the state’s Gross Domestic Product earnings and her economy.

Tourist Attraction

Like we said earlier, Nevada already has a lot of side attractions (such as the las vegas strip, museums, easy marriages,—-just to name a few—-) which makes her a huge tourist attraction.

But with all these already existing tourist attractions in place, and with the introduction of cannabis as a legal drug and with so many marijuana dispensaries, the number of people trooping in there on a daily basis has tripled, thereby creating not only employment for citizens on Nevada but also a substantial income for them.

Tax Revenue

It is only natural that the government should tax the cannabis industry like every other industry. But perhaps the most shocking thing about the cannabis industry in Nevada is that it exceeded the expected tax margin by 40% within the first year it was legalized.

The tax return within the first year was seventy million dollars. And then In the early months of 2018, the tax returns exceed the whole revenue generated for tax in the year 2017. That is just an indication of the untapped potential embedded in the production, distribution, and sales of marijuana.

Community Support

With the amount of income generated within the cannabis industry and judging by how lucrative it has been. It has not only made investors and the state rich but also has put both government and large corporations involved in the marijuana business in a generous disposition.

Nye county allocated roughly about two million dollars from the cannabis industry revenue to handicapped communities.

While Clark County (which is where Las Vegas is situated), on the other hand, voted in favour of allocating one million, eight hundred thousand dollars towards combatting homelessness and treating those with critical medical conditions.

As if that is not enough, Clark county also went ahead to make arrangements for seventy-six new beds at the Shannon West Homeless Youth Centre in Southern Nevada, alongside another sixty new beds as part of a program called rapid rehousing—which is meant for persons with very critical health challenges that have just been discharged from the hospital.

Lastly – Protection of Job Applicant

It is a known fact that many organizations and companies do carry out some form of medical tests (either via blood, urine, hair, saliva) in order to ascertain the presence of any narcotics as part of their employment process.

But with the legalization of cannabis, accompanying laws have also been passed against denying any job applicant based on the fact that some traces of marijuana were found in their system.

Prior to the legalization of cannabis, workers were rejected solely for the fact that traces of marijuana were found in their system. But the reserve is the case now, not only are people more eligible to work but also there are some laws protecting an individual in the workplace with exceptions to firefighters and people operating moving vehicles or machines, or people in a role that might constitute a risk to other people’s safety.

Shane Dwyer
Author: Shane Dwyer
Shane Dwyer is a cannabis advocate who isn’t afraid to tell the world about it! You can find his views, rants, and tips published regularly at The 420 Times.

Marijuana & Cannabis News – The 420 Times

Ask a Stoner: Do Humans (and Bees) Get High From Marijuana Honey?

Dear Stoner: Can bees pollinate marijuana? Would it get them high if they did?
Weed Keeper

Dear Weed Keeper: According to the beesearch we’ve read, insects don’t have endocannabinoid systems — the receptors we have in our bodies that react to CBD, THC and other cannabinoids from the plant. Without those receptors, bees don’t get stoned from pollinating weed (unfortunately for them, because bees could sure use a little stress relief right now), but that doesn’t stop them from doing it.

Like orange blossom, clove and other flowers that beekeepers use for persuading bees to make honey, the cannabis plant can also be a main source of nectar or pollen for bees, though further beesearch shows that they view the plant as more of a last resort. Still, there are companies popping up with hemp and marijuana honey, claiming to be made from bee nectar collected off cannabis plants. While these CBD- and THC-infused honeys usually have cannabinoids added to the honey before they’re packaged and sold to consumers, legit beekeepers say the straight-from-the-hive stuff is still very much infused. You can find THC honey in Colorado dispensaries and CBD honey in health food stores.

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Send questions to marijuana@westword.com.

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