Cartoon Network’s August Gets Moving with 5-Night ‘Infinity Train’ Event

Fresh animated adventures will be chugging along on Cartoon Network throughout August, with the series premiere of Infinity Train steaming along at the fore. The highly anticipated new show will debut with a five-night event, starting Monday, Aug. 5 at 7:30 p.m. ET/PT.

The day before, fans can watch K.O.’s videogame dreams come true when he meets Sonic the Hedgehog in an epic crossover episode of OK K.O.! Let’s Be Heroes on Sunday, Aug. 4. Plus, new episodes of fan favorites including Mao Mao, Heroes of Pure Heart, Victor and Valentino and Craig of the Creek offer even more tooned up action.

Thursday, Aug. 1
12 p.m. (ET/PT) DC Super Hero Girls “#BeastsInShow” When Babs and Kara spar over whose dog is better, they decide to settle it at the Metropolis Dog Show, where Ace the Bat-Hound and Krypto the Superdog suddenly find themselves called upon to save the day… in more ways than one.

Friday, Aug. 2
12 p.m. (ET/PT) DC Super Hero Girls “#GothamCon” A fun day for Barbara Gordon and her bestie Harleen Quinzel at Gotham City’s annual geekfest is turned on its head when the villainous Harley Quinn shows up to wreak havoc! Lucky for everyone, Batgirl just happens to be in the area…

Craig of the Creek

Craig of the Creek

Saturday, Aug. 3
9 a.m. (ET/PT) Craig of the Creek “Cousin of the Creek” Craig takes his cousin, Bryson, to the Creek and accidentally starts a water balloon war.

9:30 a.m. (ET/PT) Victor and Valentino “Go with the Flow” When Sal stays with Victor and Valentino, the boys are annoyed by him as their roommate but eventually they learn how cool and magical he is.

12:30 p.m. (ET/PT) Ninjago “The Explorer’s Club” The ninja must break into Explorer’s Club to obtain the second Scroll of Forbidden Spinjitzu, running afoul of the club’s manager and irate club-members.

“Vengeance Is Mine!” Aspheera arrives at the Monastery of Spinjitzu and confronts Wu, forcing one of the ninja to make a heroic sacrifice.

Sunday, Aug. 4
4:30 p.m. (ET/PT) OK K.O.! Let’s Be Heroes “Deep Space Vacation” When Gar lets K.O. and Enid take a vacation to outer space, they get more than they bargained for.

“Let’s Meet Sonic” When world class hero Sonic the Hedgehog visits the plaza, he teams up with K.O. to save the day.

OK K.O.! Let's Be Heroes “Let’s Meet Sonic”

OK K.O.! Let’s Be Heroes “Let’s Meet Sonic”

Monday, Aug. 5
6 p.m. (ET/PT) Teen Titans Go! “Girls Night In Part 2” When Blackfire begins her plan to conquer Earth, the girls must pull out all the stops to defeat her.

6:10 p.m. (ET/PT) Mao Mao, Heroes of Pure Heart “Popularity Conquest” When Mao Mao discovers that he is not as popular as Badgerclops and Adorabat, they decide to reinvent him as a kinder, cuddlier hero.

“Sick Mao” When Mao Mao won’t admit that he’s sick, he puts the town in danger.

7:30 p.m. (ET/PT) Infinity Train “The Grid Car” Tulip, a headstrong 13-year-old girl, finds a mysterious train where every car contains its own universe.

“The Beach Car” Tulip strikes a deal with a cat in an attempt to get home, but is the price worth it?

Tuesday, Aug. 6
7:30 p.m. (ET/PT) Infinity Train “The Corgi Car” Tulip and One-One explore a car full of Corgis and face off against a mysterious monster.

“The Crystal Car” Tulip, Atticus and One-One enter a crystal forest car and have to take part in a musical ritual.

Wednesday, Aug. 7
7:30 p.m. (ET/PT) Infinity Train “The Cat’s Car” Tulip has to face her past.

“The Unfinished Car” The gang enters an unfinished train car and tries to fix it.

Thursday, Aug. 8
7:30 p.m. (ET/PT) Infinity Train “The Chrome Car” The gang meets a familiar face in a mirrored car.

“The Ball Pit Car” The gang is confronted by a strange new force on a Ball Pit Car adventure.

Friday, Aug. 9
7:30 p.m. (ET/PT) Infinity Train “The Past Car” Tulip takes a risk trusting an old foe. “The Engine” Tulip makes it to the front of the train and is faced with a choice.

Infinity Train

Infinity Train

Saturday, Aug. 10
9 a.m. (ET/PT) Craig of the Creek “Camper on the Run” A runaway from a summer camp ends up at the Stump, but Craig suspects her story may not be what it seems.

9:30 a.m. (ET/PT) Victor and Valentino “Aluxes” When Victor finds an ancient relic that summons a gang of mischievous creatures, he uses them to do his bidding, which has disastrous consequences.

12:30 p.m. (ET/PT) Ninjago “A Cold Goodbye” Having learned Zane is not dead, Master Wu prepares to go after him, but Lloyd and the other ninja take matters into their own hands and defy their Master.

Victor and Valentino

Victor and Valentino

Sunday, Aug. 11
4:30 p.m. (ET/PT) OK K.O.! Let’s Be Heroes “Big Reveal” K.O. finds out who his father is.

“Radical Rescue” Rad is forced to reconsider his identity when K.O. starts taking on some of his traits.

6:10 p.m. (ET/PT) Mao Mao, Heroes of Pure Heart “Thumb War” The gang decide to compete in the annual Thumb War competition, but a surprise forces Mao Mao to deal with the unthinkable… losing.

“All By Mao Self” Mao Mao’s desire to be a legend drives him to keep topping himself. But how much is enough?

Monday, Aug. 12
6 p.m. (ET/PT) Teen Titans Go! “The Great Disaster” Robin gets amnesia and starts thinking that Hawkman is his mother.

Saturday, Aug. 17
9 a.m. (ET/PT) Craig of the Creek “Stink Bomb” An accidental stink bomb explosion causes the kids to evacuate the Creek, but Craig takes it upon himself to rescue those left behind in the stench.

9:30 a.m. (ET/PT) Victor and Valentino “Guillermo’s Gathering” When Victor and Valentino are forced to go to Guillermo’s boring birthday party, they devise a scheme to leave early, but end up discovering that the party is way cooler than they thought.

Sunday, Aug. 18
4:30 p.m. (ET/PT) OK K.O.! Let’s Be Heroes “Let’s Get Shadowy” K.O. teams up with an unlikely ally to take on an old foe.

“You’re a Good Friend, KO” K.O. brings Dendy along for a hero mission in order to cheer her up.

Monday, Aug. 19
6 p.m. (ET/PT) Teen Titans Go! “The Viewers Decide” It’s Titans West vs Titans East as the two teams compete for who gets Bumblebee.

6:10 p.m. (ET/PT) Mao Mao, Heroes of Pure Heart “He’s the Sheriff” The gang struggles to get rid of the King when he joins them as their new deputy-for-a-day!

“Bobo Chan” Badgerclops adopts an abandoned monster, but some things are better left in the wild.

Mao Mao, Heroes of Pure Heart

Mao Mao, Heroes of Pure Heart

Saturday, Aug. 24
9 a.m. (ET/PT) Craig of the Creek “The Evolution of Craig” Craig rescues a tadpole and decides to raise him into a level 100 frog!

9:30 a.m. (ET/PT) Victor and Valentino “Balloon Boys” Victor and Valentino go on a hot air balloon trip with Sal and compete to be his favorite, but things go awry when they try to use the magical Nazca Lines to their advantage.

Sunday, Aug. 25
4:30 p.m. (ET/PT) OK K.O.! Let’s Be Heroes “Red Action 3: Grudgement Day” K.O. and Enid attempt to prevent a mysterious power battle between Rad and Red Action.

“Carl” A pleasant weekend goes awry when a monster attacks.

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Marijuana News Is Moving

News content on is being reborn as Weedmaps News at While our URL has changed, you can still find breaking news, political coverage, science explainers, and deep dives into the culture of cannabis. The archives remain available, with the exception of recent selections that have transferred to Weedmaps News. While won’t […]

Warmer Weather Gets Seniors Outdoors and Moving

By Robert Preidt

HealthDay Reporter

TUESDAY, Oct. 23, 2018 (HealthDay News) — The better the weather, the more seniors venture out and get active.

So say researchers who assessed the activity levels of more than 1,200 adults in Norway, aged 70 to 77, who were grouped based on whether they scored low, medium or high on a fitness test.

“Older people in poor physical condition become less physically active if there’s more rain in the summer. Higher temperatures, on the other hand, have a positive effect on their activity level in both summer and winter months,” said study author Nils Petter Aspvik, a doctoral candidate at the Norwegian University of Science and Technology.

Between April and October, the least fit participants were less active the rainier it was, but rainy weather did not affect the activity levels of those who were in better shape.

“Physical condition is perishable — meaning that the participants who are in good physical shape are likely to be people who are active in everyday life and who exercise relatively regularly,” Aspvik said in a university news release.

“It’s easy to imagine that these individuals have acquired habits and attitudes, in addition to their physical activity, so that they don’t regard bad weather as an obstacle,” he added.

Between November and March, men in good shape were actually more active the more it rained, according to the study.

“We can only speculate as to why that is, but we know that older men go skiing more often than women. And more elderly men than women report that they shovel snow in the winter,” Aspvik said.

“We can’t do anything about the weather,” he noted. “But we can get better at considering how weather can be a barrier to physical activity when we develop new strategies for the elderly to become more physically active — especially individuals who are in poor physical shape.”

The study was published recently in the journal PLOS ONE.

WebMD News from HealthDay


SOURCE: Norwegian University of Science and Technology, news release, Oct. 11, 2018

Copyright © 2013-2018 HealthDay. All rights reserved.

WebMD Health

Guru Studios EVP Mary Bredin Moving On

Mary Bredin

Mary Bredin

Mary Bredin will be leaving Toronto-based Guru Studio after serving as Executive Vice President of Content and Strategy for over 10 years. The industry veteran, who has also held posts on both sides of the Atlantic working with the likes of Disney ABC TV and Nelvana, plans to launch her own consultancy to develop new children’s TV and film projects.

During Bredin’s tenure at Guru, the studio began to create its own original content, delivering such hit series as True and the Rainbow Kingdom, Dinopaws, Big Blue and Justin Time.

The longtime EVP’s departure follows last fall’s expansion of the senior management team at Guru, when former Disney executive Kara Lord Piersimoni joined as VP of Production along with Daniel Rattner (former Spin Master global brand manager) as Senior Director of Marketing; Portfolio Ent. international sales alum Jonathan Abraham also recently came on board as Senior Director of Sales.

Before joining Guru Studio, Bredin’s job history included eight years at the Disney Channels in London, England, as Director of Programming + Acquisitions for the Worldwide Programming Strategy group; and Director of Acquisitions for Viasat, the broadcast division of the Modern Times Group. She held a variety of production and business affairs/legal jobs with producers including Nelvana. Bredin returned to Toronto in 2007, after 15 years in Europe in both Paris and London.

[Source: Kidscreen]

Mary Bredin

Mary Bredin

Animation Magazine

The Benefits of Moving More

FRIDAY, March 23, 2018 — In the battle of the bulge, it’s not just getting exercise that matters — what you do when you’re not formally working out counts, too.

Research shows that even getting 30 minutes of focused exercise a day may not be enough to ward off health woes if most of your leisure time is spent sitting.

Whether you’re watching TV, reading or enjoying family game night, being sedentary is tied to obesity, high cholesterol, high blood pressure and high blood sugar — all risk factors for illnesses like diabetes and heart disease.

The same is true if you have a sedentary job, whether you’re an office worker or a long-haul truck driver — the more you sit, the higher your risks. Prolonged sitting with little muscle movement seems to turn off a molecule that helps use fat for energy, slowing your metabolism.

The link between obesity and sitting is of particular concern for black women. According to one study, those who sat for more than 30 minutes a day at work were far more likely to be obese than those who sat for 30 minutes or less.

But there are steps you can take to reduce health threats like obesity. People who sit less and do more light activity lower their risk of chronic illnesses.

To take this twofold approach of sitting less and moving more at work, take frequent 5-minute walks around the office and stand up at your desk whenever possible. At home, engage in more light-activity pursuits like gardening, playing catch with your kids, or giving Rover the longer walk he wants.

It takes effort to resist plopping down on a cushy sofa to unwind after a long day at work. So find simple ways to move more, like walking in place during TV commercials and playing exergames that get you moving rather than traditional video games.

Get everyone in the family to move with you, yes even the kids, and everyone will reap the health benefits.

More information

The American Heart Association lists many different activities to do at home, at work and at play that will help you move more.

© 2018 HealthDay. All rights reserved.

Posted: March 2018 – Daily MedNews

NCIA Moving Seed to Sale Show From Denver to Boston in 2019

The National Cannabis Industry Association is taking one of its marquee events from Denver to the East Coast. The NCIA Seed to Sale Show, which has been held in the Mile High City for the past two years (the 2018 show ran February 7-8 at the Colorado Convention Center), will move to Boston in 2019, according to an announcement from the NCIA.

Massachusetts voters approved retail cannabis in 2016, and retail dispensaries are expected to open in several areas of the state by July 2018, including Boston. At nearly 1,600 members, the NCIA is one of the largest trade groups in the legal cannabis industry, and its annual Seed to Sale show is a national conference and expo for businesses and entrpreneurs involved in direct operations with the plant.

The NCIA holds cannabis caucuses for members in Denver many times a year, and executive director Aaron Smith told Westword that the group will continue to have a presence in Colorado during an interview at the 2018 Seed to Sale Show on February 8.

“Colorado is continued to be looked at as, really, the example to what a successful regulated cannabis industry can look like in all fifty states and places like Canada,” Smith said. “We will continue to host major events in Colorado; a large member base is here. We just made a decision to move this conference east to so we can impart some of the knowledge from Colorado and other states to these new, emerging markets.”

The NCIA Cannabis Business Summit, the organization’s annual headlining event, was held in Denver in 2014 but has been held in a different city every year since; the 2018 edition will be in San Jose in May.
The 2017 and 2018 Seed to Sale Shows in Denver drew nearly 5,000 attendees and 275 vendors combined, according to the NCIA.

Watch our full interview with Smith below as we chat about the future of Colorado’s cannabis industry and the NCIA’s presence in the state going forward, as more states legalize the plant for recreational use.

Toke of the Town

After Legalizing Possession, Some Vermont Lawmakers Moving to Regulate Marijuana

Passage of Vermont’s legalization bill, H. 511, was a huge step forward for the state — and the nation. Now that Gov. Scott has signed this bill allowing personal possession and cultivation, effective on July 1, it’s time for the legislature to begin moving forward with plans to regulate and tax marijuana production and sale for adults 21 and older.

Some legislators who voted NO on H. 511 have already said that they support regulating and taxing marijuana. Others are reconsidering their positions now that it’s clear that marijuana will soon become legal. A bill on this issue, H. 490, is still active in the House after being carried over from last year.

The post After Legalizing Possession, Some Vermont Lawmakers Moving to Regulate Marijuana appeared first on MPP Blog.

MPP Blog

What It Takes to Get Teens Moving

SATURDAY, Nov. 18, 2017 — Teens with friends are active teens, a new study suggests.

“You can build beautiful parks and facilities; but if children don’t have friends to play with, these facilities won’t be enough to increase their physical activity,” said study lead author Sarah-Jeanne Salvy.

“Peers and friends are the catalyst of the physical environment,” Salvy added. She is an associate professor in the division of preventive medicine at the University of Alabama at Birmingham.

For the study, Salvy and her colleagues followed 80 teens who wore devices that measured their activity levels for seven consecutive days.

Time spent with friends and peers affected the link between the teens’ beliefs about neighborhood safety and physical activity. Specifically, the association between concerns about neighborhood safety and physical activity were stronger among teens who spent little time with friends than among those who spent more time with friends.

“Studies of neighborhood safety and physical activity have typically neglected to consider the youth’s peer context as a modifier of these relationships,” Salvy said in a university news release.

“This study fills this gap in testing the independent and interactive effects of both perceived neighborhood safety and time spent with friends and peers on young adolescents’ physical activity and sedentary behavior,” she added.

“Our findings emphasize the importance of considering social factors when examining the impact of neighborhood on physical activity,” Salvy said.

The study was published online in the journal Preventive Medicine Reports.

More information

The American Academy of Pediatrics has more on teens and physical activity.

©2017 HealthDay.

All rights reserved.

Posted: November 2017

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The Benefits of Simply Moving More

TUESDAY, Sept. 26, 2017 — The link between exercise and good health is a strong one. Still, many people — particularly older adults — find it difficult to take part in formal exercises, and become less physically active over time.

But scientists are discovering that if you keep moving, you can enjoy health benefits throughout your life, especially later on.

According to a study published in the British Journal of Sports Medicine, people over 60 who stayed active in their everyday lives — even without participating in a formal exercise program — had a lower risk of developing metabolic syndrome. This syndrome can lead to diabetes, heart disease or heart attack, and even death.

The study participants’ waistlines were trimmer and their cholesterol was lower. The men in particular also had lower levels of insulin and blood sugar.

The kinds of activities cited in the study included things like gardening and taking care of your car.

Being active on a regular basis also benefits everyday living. It can help you fall asleep faster, be more energized during the day, and boost concentration — all of which make work and play much more satisfying.

So, if you’ve slowly turned into a couch potato, it’s time to get up and get moving. You’ll have a happier outlook and greater quality of life.

But what if you have a physical condition, like arthritis, that makes it harder to get off the sofa? Physical activity actually helps with both osteoarthritis and rheumatoid arthritis. It’s OK to start slowly and add movement as you get more comfortable, researchers say.

Be consistent and, over time, you’ll have less pain and move more easily, according to the U.S. Centers for Disease Control and Prevention.

More information

The U.S. Centers for Disease Control and Prevention has advice for starting an exercise program for people with arthritis.

Posted: September 2017

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New Jersey Medical Marijuana Expansion Moving Forward

The New Jersey Medical Marijuana Review Panel has issued initial recommendations to add several new qualifying conditions to the state’s medical marijuana program: chronic pain related to musculoskeletal disorders or of visceral origin, migraine, anxiety, and Tourette’s Syndrome. There will now be a 60-day public comment period, after which the Panel will consider the comments and hold another meeting before making its final recommendations.

If you are a New Jersey resident suffering from one of these conditions who could benefit from access to medical cannabis, we encourage you to submit public comments via email or mail. Mailed comments must be postmarked by Monday, September 25, 2017, and sent to:

NJ Department of Health, Medicinal Marijuana Program
Attn: Medicinal Marijuana Review Panel
PO Box 360
Trenton, NJ 08625-0360

In other good news, the sixth Alternative Treatment Center permitted under New Jersey law has finally been issued a permit to begin cultivating medical cannabis! It will be located in Secaucus.

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SIGGRAPH: Autodesk’s Next, Virtual Studios, VR & Moving to Mars


See previous re-caps and announcements here.

Autodesk as ever has taken the opportunity of SIGGRAPH to highlight the next generation of its storytelling and collaboration tools. “The continued growth of AR and VR and steady flow of new productions from Netflix, Amazon and others, mean animation and VFX houses are in more demand than ever. We’re focused on helping our customers create, connect and compute faster and more efficiently so they can balance their increasing project loads with tighter schedules and budgets,” said Media & Entertainment SVP Chris Bradshaw.

For the overall Media & Entertainment Collection, new subscription benefits include Cloud Rights, popular drawing tool SketchBook for Enterprise, and access to an Arnold 5-pack promo starting Sept. 7.

Maya 2018 offers additional character creation, motion graphics, and rendering functionality. Improvements have made character creation easier, faster, and fun. The motion graphics toolset now includes dynamics and new instancing capabilities. Maya 2018 is available with the latest version of Arnold, including new features and core architecture improvements.

Shotgun has introduced features to simplify workflows, make it easier to integrate creation tools with Shotgun, and strengthen security. Shotgun 7.2 introduced plug-and-play integrations to accelerate artist workflows; updates to RV; and new single sign-on. Shotgun 7.3 continues to build on a secure and reliable foundation for studios by adding improvements that make it easier for site administrators to run and manage Shotgun. Features include smart data retention for improved site performance and community-driven enhancements including improved action menu items and the ability to restart your own site.

Arnold 5.0.1 builds on the strengths of the recent 5.0 release, and includes new functionality like AOV shaders for cryptomatte workflows, thin film for standard surface shader and additional updates and optimizations. Arnold 5.0.1 is available with the latest versions of Maya and 3ds Max or as a plugin for additional DCC applications; and is now available for free to educational institutions through the Autodesk Education Portal.

3ds Max update adds VR authoring tools for design visualization artists and generalists; 3ds Max interactive, a VR engine that simplifies the creation of immersive and interactive architectural visualizations; and additional UX and UV unwrap improvements. Check it out in a 3ds Max to VR Workflow demo at the booth.

Flame Family 2018.2 introduces new creative tools that enhance artist productivity and expand pipeline integration possibilities. Some new features are Pybox, a python scriptable software handler for processing images via external renderers; projector functionality, map inputs and a contextual menu in action; smart merge for the connected conform workflow; and the ability to drive the batch environment via scriptable commands.

Visit booth #801 or click over to Autodesk’s dedicated SIGGRAPH page for details.

HP, NVIDIA and Technicolor have teamed up to explore the next frontiers of human colonization with the “HP Mars Home Planet” project. Participants will work together to design and engineer an urban area for one million new inhabitants on our red neighbor, then they’ll bring it to life through photorealistic renders and virtual reality. (NVIDIA also collaborated on Fusion’s Mars 2030 VR experience, launched last year.) The Concept Phase — phase 1 of 3 — kicks off this week at SIGGRAPH, with participants imagining and illustrating a vehicle, building, infrastructure or products — anything from scanned napkin sketches to 3D renderings will be accepted. Participants can register now at — the first 10,000 registrants will receive a Mars 2030 download code and terrain files. The project winners will be announced at SIGGRAPH 2018.

Nimble Collective, creators of the first cloud-native animation collaboration platform, is on deck to showcase the animated films created in its Pilot Program, with co-founder and head of content Jason Schleifer speaking at the Blender Spotlight on Sunday and set for the Online Collaboration with Virtual Studio Production talk on Wednesday. Senior production manager Corban Gossett was also part of Tuesday’s ASIFA Education Forum “Birds of a Feather” panel. Newly announced at the show are a collaboration with Pixar’s RenderMan which will explore extending training in the technology to new and existing users via the virtual studio platform; and working with Lytro to collaborate on an animated VR project using new features of the platform.

Nurulize, an award-winning virtual reality software developer, has unveiled two disruptive VR content creation tools:

Atom View VR display engine allows filmmakers and 3D artists to convert captured real-world scans into cinematic-quality VR scenes and objects faster than than ever. The agnostic standalone tool able to accept captured data from all leading 3D scanners, offline graphics renderers, and 360 cameras, and efficiently convert this data to real-time VR content in just two steps. Inside, users can edit, color, import, and prepare data for export. Atom View outputs to multiple VR headset formats including Oculus Rift and HTC Vive; and it works with Unreal Engine 4 via its own plugin. Atom View has already been utilized on numerous VR films and commercials, including an upcoming Ridley Scott-produced Alien project directed by David Karlak.

Nu Design (powered by Atom View) is a virtual customizable, freeform space, in which multiple users can collaboratively create, assess, and mark up 3D environments. By combining the worlds of physical production and VFX in one VR space, directors, production heads, and producers can rapidly iterate and sketch out shots in a whole new approach to pre-production and pre-visualization. Both Atom View and Nu Design are now in beta with a commercial release is planned for later this year. Augmented Reality-compatible versions are also currently in development

Visit booth #1139 or to learn more.

StratusCore announced significant enhancements to its cloud-based Virtual Studio platform for digital artists and creative studios. The platform is already used by global content producers such as Sony, Sony Interactive, Universal, DreamWorks and Netflix, and more than 45,000 digital artists worldwide. This includes new Digital Escrow service with milestone-based review, approval, delivery and payment system; Virtual Workstation Anywhere program enabling creative work in game engines and 3D modeling programs over browser; specialized Game Development Virtual Workstation with access to Unity 2017 and Unreal Engine 4 (support for CRYENGINE and more in development); direct cloud rendering access via LaunchPad; and new pricing models for rendering software.

“There’s a massive opportunity to unleash significant efficiencies in digital content creation with the flexibility, intelligence and collaboration that only the cloud can impart,” said Denise Muyco, co-founder & CEO. “We are staying ahead of the pack by closely working with our artist community and partners to build a potent set of connected services that allow digital artists and studios to better compete in the digital content creation workplace.”

X-Rite Inc. and its subsidiary Pantone have announced that AMD Radeon ProRender for 3ds Max, Maya and Blender natively support the Appearance Exchange Format (AxF) it developed — and in a separate announcement, that Next Limit Technologies Maxwell 4.1 does as well. AxF is a vendor-neutral format that enables the communication of all aspects of a physical material’s appearance – color, texture, gloss, refraction, transparency, translucency, special effects (sparkles) and reflection properties – in a single, editable file to bring physically correct material representations to VFX, animation, product design and 3D visualization. New allies join other leading render and CAD tools Allegorithmic Substance Designer, Autodesk VRED Professional 2017, Lumiscaphe Patchwork 3D, Luxion KeyShot and NVIDIA Iray.

AxF is the foundational component of X-Rite’s Total Appearance Capture (TAC) ecosystem, a solution that brings a new level of accuracy and efficiency to the capture, communication and presentation of physical materials in the virtual world. This is comprised of the TAC7 scanner, PANTORA Material Hub desktop application, and Virtual Light Booth (VLB). Physical material samples are scanned using the TAC7 scanner, which captures appearance properties digitally to create AxF files that store appearance data. The files are stored, managed, viewed and edited in the PANTORA desktop application.

Visit booth #1104 to check out new integrations for AxF or learn more online.

Atom View

Atom View

Maya 2018 UV Editor

Maya 2018 UV Editor

Nimble Collective

Nimble Collective

Animation Magazine

Moving From ‘Stroke Belt’ Doesn’t Undo Higher Dementia Risk

MONDAY, July 31, 2017 — Health problems for people born in the so-called Stroke Belt of the United States also include a higher risk of developing dementia — even if they move elsewhere, a new study suggests.

Researchers who calculated data on thousands of adults living in northern California found dementia risk was roughly 26 percent higher for those born in nine states, nearly all in the Southeast.

Blacks, in particular, were at an increased risk for dementia if they started life in: Alabama, Alaska, Arkansas, Louisiana, Mississippi, Oklahoma, Tennessee, South Carolina and West Virginia, said study author Paola Gilsanz.

“We already know that living in certain states in the U.S. is associated with poorer health outcomes,” said Gilsanz, a research fellow at Kaiser Permanente Northern California division of research in Oakland.

“This study contributes to a growing body of evidence that exposures in early life contribute to brain health,” Gilsanz added.

At age 65, the absolute 20-year risk for dementia among California residents born in Stroke Belt states was 30 percent compared with 22 percent among Californians not born in those states, the researchers found.

Prior research has linked the Stroke Belt states with a higher risk for high blood pressure, diabetes, stroke and mental impairment, the study authors said in background notes.

It’s also known that people carry their stroke risk with them. What wasn’t known was if they take their dementia risk with them, too.

“The answer appears to be yes,” said Daniel Lackland, a professor of epidemiology in the neurology department at the Medical University of South Carolina.

A combination of lifestyle and genetics is likely to blame, said Lackland, who wrote an editorial accompanying the study. He pointed out that other research has linked high stroke-risk areas with elevated rates of poor birth outcomes, such as low birth weight.

It’s not place of birth, per se, and people aren’t doomed to mental decline if they’re born in West Virginia or Alabama. Still, people from high-risk regions need to take steps to improve their health, he said. That means controlling high blood pressure and cholesterol, maintaining a healthy weight, being physically active and eating a healthy diet.

By living a healthy lifestyle, you can lower your risk, Lackland said. That’s true whether you’re born and stay in the Stroke Belt or move away, he added.

Noting the higher risk for dementia among blacks in general, Gilsanz said place of birth might be one contributor.

“Place of birth may reflect a host of social and environmental conditions in early life that could be some of the primary drivers of racial inequalities in rates of dementia,” she said.

The study involved 7,400 adults living in northern California. Information was obtained when they were in their 40s and up to 20 years later.

Dementia was identified in more than 2,200 of the participants (30 percent), according to the report.

Mental decline was more common when birth was in a state with a high rate of stroke death (39 percent) compared to birth in a lower-risk state (29 percent), the researchers found.

Blacks born in Stroke Belt states had the highest dementia odds — a 67 percent higher risk compared with whites born outside these states, Gilsanz said.

One limitation of the study is that the researchers could not determine how long someone had lived in a high stroke-death state. That meant they couldn’t tease out whether living longer in one of those states worsened the risk for dementia, or if the age when someone left the state altered their risk.

The report was published online July 31 in the journal JAMA Neurology.

More information

For more on dementia, visit the Alzheimer’s Association.

Posted: July 2017

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Hospitals Vary in Moving Stroke Patients to Comfort or Hospice Care

THURSDAY, May 25, 2017 — U.S. hospitals differ greatly in how often they move new stroke patients from treatment to comfort or hospice care, researchers report.

Comfort care refers to medical care designed to ease suffering for a patient near death.

“End-of-life and palliative care plays an important role with stroke, since the death rate is high, yet there has been limited data on the transition from treatment to comfort care,” said study author Dr. Shyam Prabhakaran. He is a professor of neurology and medical social sciences at Northwestern University Feinberg School of Medicine in Chicago.

Prabhakaran and his colleagues analyzed data from nearly 1 million people treated for stroke in 1,675 hospitals between 2009 and 2013. About 55,000 had doctor’s orders for comfort care only.

Overall, 5.6 percent of the patients were moved to comfort care only. But the rate varied widely among hospitals, from 0.6 percent to 37.6 percent, the study showed.

The percentage of patients who were moved to early comfort care fell over the four-year study period, from 6.1 percent to 5.4 percent, the study found.

Patients with bleeding strokes were more likely to be moved sooner to comfort care than those whose strokes were caused by blocked blood flow to the brain. Patients with bleeding strokes have higher risk of death, the researchers said.

Patients who were older, female, white, unable to walk and uninsured or covered by Medicaid were also more likely to have early comfort orders, as were those who arrived at the hospital during off-hours or by ambulance, the study found.

The findings were published online May 24 in the journal Neurology Clinical Practice.

“The use of early comfort care varies widely between hospitals and is influenced by stroke type as well as the characteristics of both the hospitals and the people who are hospitalized,” Prabhakaran said in a journal news release. More study is needed to learn how such decisions are made, he added.

In an accompanying editorial, Dr. Robert Holloway, a neurologist at the University of Rochester Medical Center in New York, noted that severe stroke leads to a series of intense discussions among doctors, patients and families. Those talks center on what health states are acceptable or unacceptable and what makes life worth living, he wrote.

“This study gives us insights into how these transitions are happening and will stimulate discussion about how we can improve this process to help ensure that care is high quality and consistent with the patient’s goals,” Holloway stated.

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The U.S. National Heart, Lung, and Blood Institute has more on stroke.

Posted: May 2017 – Daily MedNews

Vermont Medical Marijuana Improvements Moving Forward

The Vermont Legislature continues to make incremental progress on marijuana policy reform. The House Human Services Committee voted 10-0 to pass S. 16, a Senate-approved bill that would substantially improve the state’s medical cannabis program. As amended by the committee, S. 16 would add post-traumatic stress disorder (PTSD), Crohn’s disease, and Parkinson’s disease as qualifying conditions, and it would allow patients to grow their own plants without forfeiting their ability to purchase from dispensaries. It would also allow dispensaries to open additional locations in order to better serve patients.

If you are a Vermont resident, please call the House Speaker’s office today and urge House leaders to schedule a vote on the marijuana legalization bill. Adjournment is expected May 6, so please also email and call your own representatives today, and urge them to take action.

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Marijuana Bills Moving Through the Virginia Legislature

The Virginia General Assembly is in full swing, and lawmakers have already considered several marijuana policy reform bills. Sen. Adam Ebbin’s SB 1091 — which would end the automatic six-month driver’s license suspension for first offense possession of marijuana — was approved by the Senate on Friday.
Last year, the General Assembly approved a bill to allow in-state production of cannabidiol oil for patients with intractable epilepsy. However, to become law, that bill — Sen. Dave Marsden’s SB 1027 — needs to pass again this year. It passed the Senate on Jan. 26.
Companion legislation for both bills are now being considered in the House.
Unfortunately, the committee defeated two other bills, which would have decriminalized possession of marijuana — replacing possible jail time with a civil penalty.

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