New fragrance inspired by Putin goes on sale in Russia

MOSCOW – A perfume, whose creator says was inspired by Russian President Vladimir Putin, has gone on sale in Moscow.

The “Leaders Number One” scent, created by Belarussian-born perfumer Vladislav Rekunov, is sold in a black bottle featuring Putin’s profile at Moscow’s luxury GUM department store as well as online for 6,500 rubles, or $ 95.

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For sale: South Dakota ghost town for $250,000

Just in time for holiday shopping, an entire South Dakota ghost town, complete with its own watering hole, is on sale for $ 250,000, a real estate agent said on Monday.

The roughly 6-acre (2.5-hectare) town of Swett, includes a tavern, three-bedroom house and a former tire shop about 100 miles (160 km) southeast of Rapid City, South Dakota.

Realtor Stacie Montgomery said potential buyers have expressed interest from the United States and beyond since she first listed the property for sale in June 2014, though several written offers fell through and she has since dropped the price from $ 399,000 to $ 250,000.

One of those offers included a call from a Russian movie production company that wanted to film there, she said.

Swett’s population peaked at 40 residents in the 1940s when it had a post office and grocery store.

Swett’s most recent residents included town owner Lance Benson, his wife and dog, who put the community up for sale last year before losing it to a bank, Montgomery said. Benson acquired Swett in 1998, later gave it up in a divorce settlement and then reacquired the town in 2012.

The tiny prairie domain also comes with a new town sign, courtesy of the state, to replace the previous one that was riddled with bullet holes.

(Reporting by Lisa Maria Garza in Dallas, Texas; Editing by Eric M. Johnson and Lisa Shumaker)

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One-of-a-Kind Satoru Iwata Memorial Amiibo on Sale to Raise Money for Charity

A custom Amiibo modelled after late Nintendo president Satoru Iwata is available for purchase on eBay, with 100 percent of the proceeds going to charity.

Created by GandaKris, the figure uses the standard Mii Amiibo as a base and features Iwata’s Mii holding the Master Sword. At his feet are Diddy Kong’s Nintendo cap, a Pokeball, a 1UP mushroom, a Super Star from Mario, and the Red Shield from Zelda.

“GandaKris has created what we believe to be the most touching, and inspirational custom Amiibo ever created,” reads the eBay listing. “In Iwata-san’s memory we will be donating 100% of the proceeds directly to Child’s Play, a non-profit charity dedicated to providing children in hospitals with toys and videos games.”

At the time of publishing this story, the bidding has reached $ 779, with three days left on the item.

Iwata passed away in July 2015, following ongoing health issues. Nintendo has sinced named Tatsumi Kimishima as it’s new president and successor. New “Fellow” roles have also been introduced at the company to serve as a support for him.

Genyo Takeda, general manager of Nintendo’s research and development division has been appointed as a Technology Fellow. Shigeru Miyamoto, meanwhile, has taken up the role of Creative Fellow.


‘Silence of the Lambs’ house, sans dungeon, for sale in Pennsylvania

A Pennsylvania house that portrayed the lair of a serial killer who raises insects and makes a suit out of human skin in the thriller “The Silence of the Lambs” just hit the market.

The house featured in the Academy Award-winning film as the residence of a psychopathic criminal known as Buffalo Bill is located in a Pittsburgh suburb and listed for $ 300,000.

The 1991 movie is about how young FBI trainee Clarice Starling, played by Jodie Foster, works to track down the killer with the help of a brilliant and psychotic cannibal, Hannibal Lecter, played by Anthony Hopkins.

It won five Oscars, including best picture. Foster and Hopkins took home best actress and best actor awards.

In the film, the three-story Victorian is spooky and moth-ridden with a dungeon where Buffalo Bill, played by Ted Levine, keeps the young women he abducts. He harvests the moths to place in the throats of his dead victims.

It is also the scene of a climactic showdown between Starling and Buffalo Bill.

In real life, the house is bright and cheery with flowery wallpaper and a swimming pool, but it lacks a dungeon.

It belongs to Scott and Barbara Lloyd, both 63, who put it on the market on Sunday after buying it nearly four decades ago, the Pittsburgh Tribune-Review reported. They were married in the home’s foyer.

A location scout knocked on the couple’s door out of the blue and they agreed to allow filming, they told the newspaper. It took production crews six weeks to prepare the home.

The Lloyds, who have a framed promotional poster for the movie in their home office, told the Tribune-Review they wanted to downsize.

(Reporting by Laila Kearney; Editing by Barbara Goldberg and Eric Walsh)

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Steam’s Summer Sale Is Almost Over, Huge Encore Deals Up Now

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Steam’s Summer Sale is almost over, but you still have a chance to buy some of the online storefront’s top sellers in its closing Encore Sale.

The Encore Sale, which started this morning and will run until Monday, 10:00 AM Pacific Time, collects all the top sellers from the past 10 days and offers them again at a deep discount.

The Encore Sale includes some of our previous picks of the day, including Transistor for $ 5, Borderlands: The Pre-Sequel for $ 20, This War of Mine for $ 8, and many more. Overall, the Encore Sale includes almost 100 deals.

Some other standout offers include Wolfenstein: The Old Blood for $ 10, Project Cars for $ 30, and Metal Gear Solid V: Ground Zeroes for $ 5.

You can find the full list of deals included in the Summer Encore Sale here.


Our Steam Summer Sale 2015 Pick of the Day

The Steam Summer Sale is upon us again. There are daily sales, flash sales, and a community game that can unlock even more discounts. There are so many games discounted that it can be hard to choose what to buy. The sale runs from now until June 21, so check back for our top pick from each daily deal! And remember to keep an eye on Steam every twelve hours for the cycling flash sales.

Day 3: June 13, 2015

Our pick: The Borderlands franchise

If you’re looking for the most amount of content in a game for the lowest price, the Borderlands series is your best bet. The worlds of the Borderlands games lend themselves to hours upon hours of playtime. There’s always somewhere new to explore in them, and their massive amount of loot will bring you back wanting more. Borderlands 2 is the highlight of this series, although both the first game and the Pre-Sequel are fun experiences as well. If you already own a Borderlands game, the DLC is also significantly discounted.

Read our review of Borderlands 2, then get the games on Steam.

Other Daily Deals today:

Day 2: June 12, 2015

Our pick: This War of Mine — $ 7.99 (-60%)

This War of Mine is a game inspired by the Bosnian War, and it attempts to portray the darker side of war. You take control of a group of civilians trying to survive, as opposed to soldiers fighting in the war. You scavenge for resources, fend off antagonistic NPCs, and check on the news of the battle outside your building. It’s a striking game, and for the next 48 hours it’s discounted 60 percent to just $ 7.99.

Read our review and then grab it on Steam.

Other Daily Deals today:


Trendy Houston area home on sale for a dollar and a few words

A home in a popular Houston neighborhood valued at nearly $ 400,000 has been put on the block for the sale price of $ 1 and one compelling essay.

Husband and wife Michael and Stephanie Wachs are moving to a home closer to their daughter’s preschool and want the owners of their old home to move in without being burdened by a mortgage.

They are asking hopeful buyers to submit a 200-word essay along with a $ 150 offer fee to bid on their 1,056-square-foot (98-square-metre), two-bedroom cottage.

It would take about 2,500 offer fees to collect the home’s appraised value. As of Friday morning, 300 essays had come in, but not all of the applicants had paid the offer fee.

The essayist chosen will be responsible for the taxes, title policy and $ 1 contract price.

“It’s not a contest. These are heartstring letters, which are common in real-estate transactions when you have multiple offers on a house,” Michael Wachs said.

They were inspired when they read about a Maine bed and breakfast being sold in a similar fashion.

The couple is asking close friends and family not to apply and for potential buyers not to include any identifying information in the essays, which are due by mid-June.

If they do not choose a buyer, they will refund all offer fees.

“My wife and I have the same tastes so we’ll probably split the reading work in half evenly and then each come back with our 20 favorites and narrow it down from there,” Michael Wachs said.

(Reporting by Amanada Orr; Editing by Jon Herskovitz and Eric Beech)

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PS Vita Birthday Sale: Discounted Games, Free Themes, And More

Three years ago this month, Sony launched the PlayStation Vita in North America. Happy birthday, PlayStation Vita! To celebrate the milestone, Sony is launching a birthday promotion through which PS Vita owners are getting free stuff and can save on “essential” games.

Beginning tomorrow, all PS Vita owners can download the following items for free:

  • Toro and Friends PS Vita Theme (regularly $ 2)
  • Fat Princess: Piece of Cake 8 Gold Coin Pack (regularly $ 1)
  • Destiny of Spirits players who visit Japan and use the game’s location-based Hunts feature will receive Himiko, a Spirit from Japanese myth and folklore. Full details on how to redeem the item are available at the PlayStation Blog.

As for the PS Vita sale, it begins February 24 when the PlayStation Store refreshes. The games listed below are on sale through March 2. Note that PlayStation Plus subscribers will save the most, up to 80 percent for some games.

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Eddie Makuch

Eddie Makuch is a news editor at GameSpot, and would like to see the Whalers return to Hartford.


One-Day Razer Sale Offers Deep Discounts On Almost Everything

Looking to pick up some PC gaming accessories? Here’s a deal you may want to consider.

Razer CEO Min-Liang Tan has announced that the company will hold a mega-sale that will discount almost everything in the Razer Store by 50 percent

Starting January 12 at 6 PM PDT, all Razer gaming gear will be 50 percent off, except for systems, which will be 30 percent off. The deal will only last 24 hours, coming to a close January 13 at 6 PM PDT.

There are a couple of catches, however, as shoppers will be limited to buying one item only. Razer also warns that the company’s online store may suffer from issues like slowdown, as an “intense of amount of traffic” is expected.

In addition, this Razer sale will be held through RazerStore codes available only to Razer Inside members. You can sign up for a free Razer Insider account here. After doing so, you’ll be sent a coupon code for the 50 percent discount offer.

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Alien: Isolation DLC Pass On Sale

Publisher Sega has rolled out a good deal for people looking to pick up all the downloadable content for October 2014’s horror game Alien: Isolation. The DLC pass is now available on Xbox One and Xbox 360 for $ 15, which is half-off its normal $ 30 price.

If you want to score the savings, you’ll need to act quickly, as the deal expires on January 7, which is just two days from now. Something else to consider is that this deal is valid in the Americas only.

The Alien: Isolation DLC pass includes access to five expansions, some of which have already been released. Add-on content includes new maps and characters for the game’s Survivor Mode.

PlayStation fans aren’t out of luck entirely, however, as the full Alien: Isolation game is on sale until tomorrow, January 6, as part of the extended PlayStation Network Holiday Sale.

For more on Alien: Isolation, check out GameSpot’s review.

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PS4, PS3, PS Vita Holiday Sale Week 4 Deals Revealed

The 2014 PlayStation Network Holiday Sale enters its fourth and final week today with deals on a variety of big-name games including Call of Duty: Advanced Warfare, Battlefield 4, and Alien: Isolation, among others. Sony is also offering discounts on various TV shows and movies this week on PlayStation Network.

Check out the chart below to see everything that’s on sale this week through PlayStation Network for PlayStation 3, PlayStation 4, and PlayStation Vita. The deals end Monday, December 29. As always, PlayStation Plus subscribers will save the most.

Xbox fans are in for some savings this week, too, as Microsoft just recently announced this week’s Xbox 360 and Xbox One deals, and launched the latest “Countdown to 2015” deals.



Title SD Sale Price HD Sale Price SD Original Price HD Original Price
2/11/1900 $ 7.99 $ 7.99 $ 9.99 $ 12.99
300: Rise of an Empire $ 7.99 $ 7.99 $ 9.99 $ 14.99
Batman: Assault on Arkham $ 9.99 $ 17.99 $ 14.99 $ 19.99
Godzilla $ 10.99 $ 10.99 $ 14.99 $ 19.99
Hobbit: An Unexpected Journey Ex. Ed. $ 7.99 $ 9.99 $ 9.99 $ 17.99
Live Die Repeat: Edge of Tomorrow $ 10.99 $ 10.99 $ 14.99 $ 19.99
Lord of the Rings: Fellowship of the Rings Ex. Ed. $ 7.99 $ 9.99 $ 9.99 $ 17.99
Lord of the Rings: The Return of the King Ex. Ed. $ 7.99 $ 9.99 $ 9.99 $ 17.99
Lord of the Rings: The Two Towers Ex. Ed. $ 7.99 $ 9.99 $ 9.99 $ 17.99
Man of Steel $ 7.99 $ 7.99 $ 9.99 $ 17.99
Pacific Rim $ 7.99 $ 7.99 $ 9.99 $ 17.99
Tammy $ 10.99 $ 10.99 $ 14.99 $ 19.99


Title Season Number SD Season Pass Sale Prices HD Season Pass Sale Prices SD Season Pass Original Prices HD Season Pass Original Prices
Elementary 1 $ 19.99 $ 19.99 $ 29.99 $ 29.99
Elementary 2 $ 19.99 $ 19.99 $ 34.99 $ 34.99
NCIS 1 $ 8.99 $ 8.99 $ 19.99 $ 19.99
NCIS 11 $ 26.99 $ 26.99 $ 34.99 $ 34.99

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NY City council votes to ban sale of bunnies by pet shops

(Reuters) – What do bunny rabbits have in common with hyenas, wolverines and polar bears? The adorable little creatures are about to join a menagerie of wildlife prohibited for sale by New York City pet shops.

The New York City Council voted on Wednesday to outlaw the bunny trade to help curb a glut of unwanted rabbits at city shelters by people who had second thoughts about caring for the cuddly creatures.

“Rabbits are sometimes disappointing especially when you buy them for your child,” said Margo DeMello, president of the House Rabbit Society, in Richmond, California, which she described as the world’s largest rabbit shelter. “They’re ground-dwelling and they do not want to be held and carried around by a kid.”

Elizabeth S. Crowley, the New York councilwoman who is lead co-sponsor of the bill, said she expected Mayor Bill de Blasio to sign the legislation into law because of the strong support the measure received on the council.

De Blasio, who took office in January, is known as an ardent supporter of animal rights. The mayor made a campaign promise to outlaw Central Park’s famous horse-drawn carriages, popular among tourists but condemned by activists. A bill to that effect was introduced this month in City Council.

The mayor’s office did not respond to a request for comment about the rabbit bill.

Chicago, San Francisco and Los Angeles also have laws banning the sale of rabbits by pet stores.

“There are problems with people who purchase bunnies and don’t know how to care for them,” said Crowley, from Queens. “The bunny population has been growing out of control.”

The bunny ban is part of a larger legislative package also regulating the sale of dogs and cats in pet stores.

Animal Care & Control of NYC, a shelter contracted by the city, said it took in 376 rabbits between January and October. That compares with 283 rabbits in 2011 and 382 in 2013 The list of animals specially banned for sale by New York pet stores that includes skunks, cougars, wolves, pandas, bats and gorillas, among dozens of others.

But city officials are currently weighing lifting the ban on ferrets, which the Department of Health and Mental Hygiene pronounced prone to “vicious, unprovoked attacks” when it outlawed the creatures in 1999.

(Editing By Frank McGurty and David Gregorio)

Reuters: Oddly Enough