Super Meat Boy On Sale At Launch

Super Meat Boy

The team behind Super Meat Boy is sweetening the deal for the upcoming Xbox Live Arcade game, offering a limited time discount to purchasers in October. Team Meat gave word on their blog that the game will be available for 800 Microsoft Points ($ 10) through the end of October, instead of 1200 ($ 15). The move is intended as a reward for early buyers, rather than using a price cut to spur on sales later.

“We wanted to do be able to do something special for Xmas, but it felt like a sale only 2 months after launch would be a kinda s***** thing to do to the fans who just bought it,” the blog states. “After much brainstorming Tommy and I pitched the idea of possibly launching with a sale, a way to reward fans for buying the game at launch… MS loved the idea and we finalized it last Friday.”

This isn’t the first time the indie developers have gone off the beaten path of traditional XBLA releases. The team also found a way to use a backdoor in the Arcade infrastructure to add free DLC. If you’re thinking of picking up the game, it seems like October is the time to do it. Check out our review if you’re still on the fence.


Fla. couple buy real human skeleton at yard sale (AP)

AP – A Florida couple thought they were buying a Halloween decoration at a yard sale, but it turns out they bought a real human skeleton. Judith and Mitchell Fletcher paid $ 8 for what they thought were a box of scary holiday decorations at a yard sale in Brandon. When they got the box home, they realized they had bought real bones.
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Croat cheese vendors protest new sale rules (Reuters)

Reuters – Several dozen angry cheese vendors stormed the main open air market in the Croatian capital on Monday to protest against tighter regulations that might spell the end of a centuries-old food business. Fresh cottage cheese and cream, a trademark of Zagreb’s gastronomy, are traditionally sold at markets by peasant women known as “kumice.”
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Weekend Deals: Amazon’s Call of Duty Sale

Fall is officially here, and like clockwork a new Call of Duty will soon be on the shelves. While you wait though, Amazon has a nice chance to save on the extensive back catalog along with a few other deals.

Beyond that, the deals of note include a Magic: The Gathering sale on Steam, and GameFly’s monthly used game sale. The reborn Good Old Games likewise has a pretty good selection this month.

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OnLive Rolling Out Game Sale, Wi-Fi Beta


The game streaming service OnLive is preparing a set of new promotions to bump its subscriber listing as we head towards the holidays. This Labor Day weekend, the service will offer all of its cloud-service games at 50% off. In addition, the company is extending its “Founding Members” program to the end of the year, which gives a free first year and an optional second year for about five bucks.

The company also announced that it will be rolling out a beta program of Wi-Fi connectivity for the service, so users will no longer need to have a hard-wire. The press release didn’t mention an exact date for the new feature, only that it is coming out sometime this month. “Wi-Fi support has been the most requested feature among OnLive members, so we made it a top development priority and were able to role out a beta version ahead of schedule,” said COO Mike McGarvey in the press release.

OnLive will have a booth at PAX this weekend, showing off the service along with the new Wi-Fi feature. Those interested in seeing video game streaming for themselves can find it at booth #3446.


Weekend Deals: GameFly’s August Used Games Sale

GameFly has kicked off its monthly used game sale, meaning that it’s currently possible to get solid savings on everything from Prince of Persia to Brutal Legend. All orders come with free shipping, so have a look.

In the meantime, GamersGate is wrapping up its summer sale while EA is offering a smattering of titles including Dead Space and Mirror’s Edge. If you’re looking to pick up a Wii, check out Toys ‘R Us for a charging station to go with it. And if you’re looking to make an even bigger purchase, Wal-Mart is currently offering an Xbox 360 bundle with the purchase of a 1080p television.

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Weekend Deals: GamersGate Summer Sale

Most of the big summer sales are winding now, but there are a couple still going that are worth your attention. Our spotlight is on GamersGate this week, which has some nice bargains on Civilization, Company of Heroes and other quality PC games. This is Week 3 of their summer sale, so we’ve got at least one more week to go.

EA’s summer sale also continues, this week showcasing the Battlefield games. GameStop has a Buy 2 Used Games, Get 1 Free sale going on, and Best Buy is offering a $ 50 gift certificate with the purchase of an Xbox 360 Elite.

As usual, there are even more deals out there, so check out the complete list below!