Ask a Stoner: Is Growing Hemp Good For My Soil?

Dear Stoner: What does growing hemp do to the soil it’s grown in? Is it bad or good? I’ve been thinking about farming a few acres but want to be sure it’s eco-friendly.

Dear Clarence: While the impacts of marijuana grows have been a strain on the environment and illegal growing has harmed the soil and water at national and state parks, growing hemp could help micro and macro environmental efforts. Unlike marijuana cultivations, hemp farms won’t be required to have indoor setups, which have larger carbon footprints than outside grows. Legal hemp farming also comes with regulations regarding pesticides, nutrients and waste, something illegal marijuana grows don’t have.

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Ask a Stoner: Is Growing Hemp Good For My Soil?

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Farming hemp can contribute to the environment in several ways, creating biofuels and building materials that are more eco-friendly than their traditional counterparts. The plant can also benefit your soil. A company called Phytotech reportedly used hemp to clean the soil around Chernobyl of radioactive materials in the late ’90s, as well as pesticides, solvents and other toxins. A 2012 study in China showed that hemp can also be used to absorb cadmium, a toxic metal that can cause cancer and other systematic diseases. I wouldn’t recommend using that hemp for any consumption purposes, but the point remains: Hemp is healthy for the earth!

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Hemp Consumes Radiation, Mitigates Heavy Metals From Soil

It would appear as though the industrial applications of the hemp plant are seemingly infinite.

While it’s long been understood that hemp can produce a plethora of every day products– such as fuel, textiles, construction material, clothing, food and paper –hemp can also apparently draw toxins from the soil.

According to an online report, hemp can help erase some of the nastier environmental mistakes made in mankind’s recent past. Not only can humans benefit from consuming hemp protein, wearing hemp clothing, and writing on hemp paper, hemp is known to be extremely useful in the elimination of cadmium and other toxic metals from the Earth’s valuable soil, including radiation.

“Hemp is proving to be one of the best phyto-remediative plants we have been able to find,” said Slavik Dushenkov, a research scienst with PHYTOTECH.”

Thanks to the hemp plants overwhelming success in removing radiation from soil surrounding Russia’s Chernobyl disaster, hemp is now high on the list for consideration in drawing out radiation from the soil surrounding Japan’s Fukushima nuclear facility.

Thanks to Phytoremediation, the rather complicated manner by which hemp cleans up our polluted soil and allows plants to tidy up the environment or “remediate” toxic soil, the process of cleaning up our precious resources contaminated by human activity has just gotten a little bit healthier for the planet.

Read the full text on, “How Hemp Can Clean up Radiation From Fukushima Nuclear Disasterhere.

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Jorge Cervantes: The Guru Of Cannabis Cultivation, Talks Yields, Soil And Climate Control

As Jorge mentions, whether cultivated indoors or out, in soil or hydroponically, any successful marijuana cultivator will need to be familiar with a few basic fundamental aspects of growing: quality of light, purity of air, quality of nutrients, grow mediums and environmental climate controls.

To receive the potential ‘maximum yield’ from any specific cannabis genetics your light source lumens – the amount of light produced – and light spectrum, in addition to the number of hours of light per day are of the utmost importance.

As a means of avoiding late stage mold on your valuable flowers, and to increase the amount of nutrients passed through your cannabis plant. It’s critical to maintain / pick a warm [not hot], almost arid grow area. For the indoor hydroponic gardener this means attention to detail, providing adequate dehumidification and ventilation. Additionally, the plants in a grow room environment benefit from increased carbon dioxide levels.

While cannabis is essentially a weed, and can survive in some very un-hospitable environments – that’s not what you’re looking for here. In order for your ladies to thrive, the amount and quality of water your growing girls receive will play a critical role in the value of her flower at the end of the cycle.

Depending on access and availability different growers utilize different mediums. Regardless of the grow medium you’ve selected, proper nutrients and seed selection will be the largest determining factor on the overall quality and yield from your crop.

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