Shortage of drug holds up some U.S. executions

executions in the U.S. have been put on hold because of a shortage of one of the drugs used in lethal injections from coast to coast. Several of the 35 states that rely on lethal injection are either scrambling to find sodium thiopental ? an anesthe
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The Complete Guide to Psychiatric Drugs: Straight Talk for Best Results

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Both easy to use and highly informative, The Complete Guide to Psychiatric Drugs is an indispensable reference for both patients and professionals. Now in a revised and expanded edition, this up-to-date handbook supplies current information on the newest and most commonly used psychiatric drugs as well as the latest details regarding side effects, dosages, and precautions.

Drawing upon his years of experience helping

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Leslie A. Saxon, M.D.: Can Cell Phones Solve (Some) World Health Issues?

can be sophisticated or basic. For example, on September 2 in Zanzibar, Tanzania, hundreds of cartons of counterfeit drugs were impounded by the Zanzibar Food, Drugs, and Cosmetics Board and Interpol in a special operation dubbed “Mamba 111.” Countering
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Healing the Addicted Brain: The Revolutionary, Science-Based Alcoholism and Addiction Recovery Program

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“New, scientifically-based approaches that recognize the biological basis of addiction have brought major advances in the treatment of addiction. Dr. Urschel is at the forefront of this treatment paradigm.”
Dr. Larry Hanselka, Psychologist The Proven Scientific Approach to Conquering Addiction and Defeating the Disease Healing the Addicted Brain is a breakthrough work that focuses on treating drug and alcohol addiction as a biological disease—based on the Recovery Science program that has

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PS3 Users Report Latest Firmware Disables Some USB Adapters

Sony’s 3.50 firmware update has brought the ability to view 3D Bluray discs on PS3 to a lucky few who have the ability, but seems to have upset a larger proportion of PS3 owners who own third-party controller adapters for their system.

Perhaps related to a recent consumer alert from Sony, which warned users against using “counterfeit PlayStation 3 Wireless Controllers” that had recently been “discovered” in the market (and which in some cases “may ignite or explode”) the company stated in the alert (released on the same day as the update) that “these devices may cease to function in the future because of system software updates.”


Ice Cube Smoke Some Weed napisy pl

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Weed Ecology in Natural and Agricultural Systems

Ecology is central to our understanding of how and why weeds invade and yet there are few books that link introductory weed science texts with more advanced ecology books. This textbook introduces ecological principles to students interested in weed science and weed management. It includes examples from the weed and invasive species literature to illustrate the ecological principles discussed. It is suitable reading for final year undergraduates and graduates.

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Minn. library gets book back after some 35 years (AP)

AP – Librarians at Winona Public Library were thrilled this week when someone returned a book that had been checked out some 35 years ago. The book is called “Small Voices: A Grownup’s Treasury of Selections from the Diaries, Journals and Notebooks of Young Children.” It’s a collection of journal entries that prominent public figures had written as children. Someone left it in the library’s drop-box as part of the its Amnesty Week for overdue books.
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Marijuana May Not Be The Gateway Drug Some Think

Marijuana is thought by some to be a gateway drug among young people who eventually go on to try stronger substances. But that may be the exception rather than the rule, a new study finds.
Researchers from the University of New Hampshire looked at data from a random group of 1,286 children, […]
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