Childhood Cancer Steals 11 Million Years of Life: Study

By Robert Preidt
HealthDay Reporter

TUESDAY, July 30, 2019 (HealthDay News) — Researchers are closing in on the toll of childhood cancer, finding it stole 11.5 million years of healthy life lost worldwide in 2017.

Premature death took 97% of that toll, and impaired quality of life about 3%, the study found.

“Estimating the years of healthy life children have lost due to cancer allows policy makers to compare the lifelong implications of childhood cancer with other diseases, potentially helping them determine the most effective way to spend limited resources and identify high-impact cancer-control planning decisions,” said study leader Lisa Force.

Children in the poorest countries accounted for 82% of years of healthy life lost (9.5 million years) worldwide due to cancer in 2017, according to the study. The findings were published July 29 in The Lancet Oncology.

How common is childhood cancer?

The number of new cancer cases in children and teens up to age 19 was about 416,500 worldwide in 2017, the report said.

Children with cancer in high-income countries tend to have good survival, with around 80% surviving five years after diagnosis. But survival is 35% to 40% in most low- and middle-income countries, with some estimates suggesting it could be as low as 20%, the study authors noted.

Also, about 90% of children at risk of developing cancer live in low- and middle-income countries.

The study examined the years of healthy life that children and teens with cancer lose due to illness, disability and premature death, a measurement called disability-adjusted life years (DALYs). One DALY equals one year of healthy life lost.

However, the study was limited to the first 10 years after cancer diagnosis so it likely underestimates the tally, according to the researchers.

“By assessing the global burden of childhood cancer through the lens of disability-adjusted life years, we can more comprehensively understand the devastating impact of cancer on children globally,” said Force, of St. Jude Children’s Research Hospital in Memphis, Tenn.

“Our findings are an important first step in establishing that childhood cancer has a role in frameworks that address global oncology and global child health,” Force added in a journal news release.

But future progress will require much work, she explained.

“Improving childhood cancer survival will require considerable planning by policy makers to ensure well-functioning health systems capable of early diagnosis and treatment,” Force said.

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SOURCE:The Lancet Oncology, news release, July 29, 2019

Copyright © 2013-2018 HealthDay. All rights reserved.

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Reporter’s eye-roll steals spotlight at Chinese parliament

BEIJING (Reuters) – A TV reporter’s theatrical eye-roll during another journalist’s question at a news conference stole the show this week during China’s annual parliament session, exploding on Chinese social media before censors intervened.

The incident unfolded on live television during a media session on the sidelines of the National People’s Congress (NPC), where high-level officials field often pre-approved questions, mostly from domestic media.

Liang Xiangyi, a TV reporter from financial news outlet Yicai, seemed to find a fellow journalist’s long-winded question on China’s state asset management too much to bear.

Liang, standing next to the questioner, Zhang Huijun, rolled her eyes, looked Zhang up and down then turned away with another dismissive raising of the eyes.

Zhang works for American Multimedia Television USA, a Los Angeles-based organization which, according to its website, previously had ties to Chinese state broadcaster CCTV.

Televised nationwide, the incident was seen by millions and quickly spawned GIFs, video clips and parodies across China’s vibrant but tightly controlled social media before many of the postings were removed.

Many netizens declared it the most interesting moment of the tightly orchestrated and largely rubber-stamp NPC session, which has been the most significant in years as parliament voted to remove presidential term limits, enabling President Xi Jinping to remain in office indefinitely.

Some social media commentators praised the apparent spontaneity of Liang’s show of frustration.

“Good job. A reporter who comes to the Great Hall of the People unscripted,” cheered one commentator on Weibo.

An official at Yicai who was not authorized to speak to media, said Liang had been temporarily pulled from the channel’s parliamentary coverage team.

Neither Liang nor Zhang could be reached for comment on Wednesday, and emailed inquiries to both reporters’ employers went unanswered.

Reporting by Pei Li and Tony Munroe; Editing by Robert Birsel

Reuters: Oddly Enough

Russian man rams armored personnel carrier into shop, steals wine

MOSCOW (Reuters) – A man rammed an armored personnel carrier into a shop window before climbing through the rubble to steal a bottle of wine in a town in northern Russia on Wednesday morning, according to local media and video posted on social media.

The man had swiped the vehicle from a privately-run motorsport training ground nearby, driven it through a forest and into Apatity, a small town just south of the Arctic circle, local news agency Hibinform said.

Struggling to turn around in a narrow street, the man, whom witnesses described as being drunk, proceeded to slam the tank into the window of the “Family” convenience store, the news agency said.

He also crushed a Daewoo car parked nearby, images showed.

A view shows the scene of an incident involving an armoured personnel carrier which was rammed by a man into a shop window before climbing through the rubble to steal a bottle of wine, in the northern town of Apatity Russia January 10, 2018. Hibinform.Ru/Handout via REUTERS

Footage shared on social media showed the man subsequently exiting the vehicle through its hatch, briefly inspecting the damage, and entering the shop through the broken window.

He was later arrested in possession of a stolen bottle of wine, Hibinform said. The shop was not licensed to sell alcohol that early in the morning, the agency added.

Slideshow (3 Images)

Witnesses visible in the footage did not seemed particularly disturbed by the incident.

“Basically some guy stole an armored vehicle… and went into a shop to top up his stocks in the morning,” the social media user described, whilst filming the snow-covered scene out of his window.

The man, in his late twenties, did not resist arrest, RIA news agency reported.

Writing by Polina Ivanova; Editing by William Maclean

Reuters: Oddly Enough

Thief steals $1 million in jewelry during New Mexico Christmas tree lighting

A modern-day Grinch made off with more than $ 1 million in jewels from a store in a chic Santa Fe marketplace during the city’s annual Christmas tree lighting ceremony, police said on Tuesday.

Santa Fe Police detective Abe Maes said the suspect was caught on surveillance video looking into the front windows of the Divas Diamonds and Jewels store last Friday during the tree lighting, which draws hundreds of visitors each year to the Santa Fe Plaza.

The employees had their backs to the store while the ceremony unfolded, he said.

“It looks like the male suspect cased the store then took advantage of the crowds during the tree lighting ceremony,” Maes said, adding that the man took jewelry from a display case.

Detectives have released photos of the suspect and two possible accomplices who police say asked to see various pieces of jewelry inside the store on a previous occasion.

Store officials were unavailable for comment as the store remained closed as of Tuesday.

Investigators were examining the surveillance video and checking with pawn shops in the area where the items may be sold, police Lieutenant Michele Williams told the Santa Fe New Mexican newspaper on Tuesday.

(Editing by Curtis Skinner and Frances Kerry)

Reuters: Oddly Enough

Czech fraudster wins new job, steals again and runs

(Reuters) – A Czech fraudster on the run from prison got hired as a chief economist at a museum, where he stole some 10 million Czech crowns ($ 500,000), media reported.

Police came on Thursday to arrest Vladimir Prokop at his office at the National Agriculture Museum, close to the Interior Ministry. He fled through the exhibition halls of the museum, an emergency exit staircase and then hailed a cab, television Nova reported late on Friday.

“He was an ordinary, even compliant man, nobody thought he would turn out to be a world-class trickster,” the museum spokesman Lubomir Marsik said.

The money stolen amounts to roughly a third of the annual budget of the museum. Most of it was found in plastic bags at Prokop’s flat.

Prokop got the job at the museum under a false identity, presenting himself as a trained economist. Calls to his phone number, still listed on the museum’s website on Saturday, went unanswered.

He escaped last June from prison where he was serving time for embezzling 10 million Czech crowns from the Prague branch of the Evangelical Church of Czech Brethren, where he managed its foreign donations, Czech news agency CTK said.

($ 1 = 20.0369 Czech crowns)

(Reporting by Robert Muller; editing by Andrew Roche)

Reuters: Oddly Enough

The 10 Best Marijuana Deals / Steals of the Day!

Staying flush with nugs isn’t always easy, especially for the frequent toker or serious medical marijuana patient. Fortunately, Weedmaps has a pretty smooth solution to both your ailing cannabinoid system and your wallet: its daily medical marijuana deals.

Simply put, if you’re looking for cheap weed or cannabis related products on the low, it should be the first place you go when you’re in search of medicine. The discount medical marijuana works a lot like Groupon, except without the hassle: once you claim a deal, it’s yours as long as you show up at your local dispensary before it runs out (there’s no catches).

Plus, unlike most of Groupon, this is the stuff in life you actually need to get by, survive, and thrive. Without further ado, here are today’s ten top deals that will blow your mind. And if you’re looking for discount marijuana in your city, just cilck through and it will direct you to the nearest deals to you!


Denver’s Deal of the Day: Standing Akimbo (located on 3801 Jason Street in Denver), is offering $ 150 ounces on ALL its weed. That comes out to about five dollars a gram, or the price of one Latte from Starbucks. Except with about 500 less carries. We call that a steal.

Los Angeles’ Deal of the Day: 3rd Street Caregivers (in Central LA) is offering 10 grams of OG Kush for $ 50. Since OG Kush is the best weed on this planet, that’s a snag worth sitting in heavy LA traffic listening to The Next Episode to get.

San Diego’s Deal of the Day: If you spend $ 45 at Kindest Meds in San Diego, you’ll get any $ 40 1/8 for $ 15. That’s value, and with the Super Bowl around the corner, a logical way to fill up those in-game joints!

Orange County’s Deal of the Day: At OCPC in Santa Ana, $ 95 gets you an 1/8 of wax. Grams of wax sometimes cost 70 bucks on their own, so yeah. Wax on, wax off.

Seattle’s Deal of the Day: Cesar’s Salad is selling top shelf 1/8s for 30 dollars. Can you say Wiiiiiiilllllsoooooon?!?!

Boulder’s Deal of the Day: 15 bucks for a gram of Honey Oil at Terrapin Care Station. Jerry Garcia approved.

Oregon’s Deal of the Day: If you spend 50 bucks at Nectar in Portland, you earn yourself 10 free edibles. And nothing says Super Bowl platter like edibles. Just make sure the host is cool with a 10 person slumber party!

Sacramento’s Deal of the Day: A pu pu platter mixed nug ounce for 100 dollars. So nice, even Demarcus Cousins is stopping by Citrus Heights in SacTown for a pregame snack down.

Tacoma Deal of the Day: 25$ off “BeastModePP”: at Green Solution in Puyallup. Skittles!

Arizona’s Deal of the Day: 60 benjamins for any 4 gram sampler at TruMed Premier Dispensary.

Now excuse me while I go buy some weed. This made me thirsty. As always, before you purchase any weed, check it out, make sure it’s of proper quality, ask the budtender questions, and make sure its the right strain for you.

Teen after marijuana plant steals tomato plant instead

The only other way 15-year-old boys have ever been that interested in tomatoes (image: Danson Seeds)

Sometimes I refer to a “treat it like tomatoes” crowd of activists who yearn for maximum marijuana freedom.

And everybody knows when you ask questions in a hydroponics store, you ask about the needs of your “tomato plants”.

But in the age of Google Images, it is inexcusable for anyone not to know that pot plants and tomato plants do not look similar.

(Daytona Beach News-Journal) A 15-year-old boy climbed into Angela Cartwright’s kitchen window thinking to make off with a marijuana plant, but instead the young thief was actually stealing a potted tomato plant, a sheriff’s arrest report shows.

As he was running from Cartwright’s house on Carmen Avenue near Holly Hill on Feb. 10 just after 7 a.m., the teen even yelled at Cartwright, “See, I have one of your pot plants!” the arrest report states.

Cartwright had arrived at her residence that morning after leaving her 6-year-old son off at the school bus stop. When she walked into her home she saw a teenager whose torso was inside her kitchen window and the other half of his body was hanging outside, the report shows.

According to the report and Cartwright, the boy, who The Daytona Beach News-Journal is not identifying because of his age, admitted to stealing the tomato plant, valued at under $ 5.

When interviewed, the young suspect told a lawman the same thing — he broke into Cartwright’s house thinking he was getting away with a marijuana plant, the report shows.

The NORML Stash Blog

Police: Man steals lawnmower from Conn. school (KTRK)

Authorities say a man who was drunk and looking for a place to sleep broke
into a trailer behind a Connecticut high school, then instead stole keys to a
lawnmower and went for a joyride during which he mowed his parents’ lawn

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