UNICEF Launches Animated #VaccinesWork Campaign

To urge more parents to vaccinate their children, UNICEF is launching a new #VaccinesWork digital, social, outdoor and print campaign. Created by ad agency RPA, the campaign, which features a 60-second animated film, “Dangers,” along with illustrated animations for social media posts and posters, will be released during World Immunization Week, which runs every year from April 24 to 30.

“Dangers” is based on the relatable insight that kids, by their very nature, are little daredevils who are constantly putting themselves in danger. While we can’t prevent all the dangers that kids get themselves into, vaccination can help prevent the dangers that get into our kids. The storybook video format is a perfect fit both for speaking to parents and parents-to-be and for adding a lightheartedness to a collection of dangerous situations. The film was illustrated and animated by LOBO director Mateus de Paula Santos in São Paulo, Brazil, using a combination of 2D and 3D animation.

The static and animated posters that live alongside the film provide another interpretation of kids facing danger. Kids are shown in aspirational roles with clear and logical antagonists. The kids featured in the six posters represent a range of ethnicities to reflect the global nature of the campaign. To build upon this inclusivity, each of the six illustrations were created by a different illustrator to showcase a collection of artistic styles.

“Today, vaccines save more than five lives every minute of every day,” said Robin Nandy, UNICEF’s Chief of Immunization. “We hope that this video can help parents to appreciate the power of vaccines. We want parents to know that vaccines are safe and that they can protect children against many deadly diseases.”

The campaign elements are being translated into many languages, including French, Spanish, Arabic, Chinese, Russian, Ukrainian, Hindi, Urdu, Tagalog and Romanian for worldwide distribution. Posts on Facebook, Instagram and Twitter will reach parents across the world.

“It’s an incredible opportunity to help parents, no matter where they live or their circumstances, to understand the benefits of vaccinations. We hope that this captivating new work will prompt parents to keep their kids safe,” said Jason Sperling, SVP/Chief, Creative Development at RPA.

Every year, UNICEF supplies vaccines reaching almost half of the world’s children. In 2018 UNICEF procured over 2.35 billion doses of vaccines.

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KEPYR Community Raises $25K for UNICEF


KEPYR — “Kids Entertainment Professionals for Young Refugees” — has successfully raised over $ 25,000 for UNICEF thanks to its community members around the world with its “Kindred Spirits” campaign. The money will go towards emergency relief for refugee children, including health care, immunizations, clean water, sanitation, nutrition and education.

As the statement issued by KEPYR on the campaign milestone states:

“…Not only have we made a tangible difference in the lives of some of the world’s most vulnerable children but, as we were reminded by an aid worker who wrote to us from a refugee camp in Bangladesh, we’ve also sent a powerful message to those children that they and their families are not forgotten. We’ve contributed hope where it is in desperately short supply.”

The Crowdrise campaign will remain open for donations through December 31, 2018. One hundred percent of the funds raised will be donated to UNICEF USA.

Launched last year, KEPYR calls on children’s entertainment professionals to extend their commitment to kids to the world’s most vulnerable children. The grassroots effort is an all-volunteer organization comprised of individuals across five continents who work in kids’ and family content — including major animation studios, broadcasters, game developers, comics publishers and more.

According to UNICEF’s data on child migration and displacement from 2015, there were more than 21 million people forcibly displaced from their birth countries, about 10 million of them were children. The same year, an additional 41 million people were displaced within their country due to violence, of which an estimated 17 million were children.

Outside the annual campaign push timed to World Refugee Day (June 20), KEPYR accepts donations for UNICEF all year round. Learn more at www.kepyr.org or follow the group’s efforts at facebook.com/kepyr and on Twitter @team_kepyr.



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