Team Facelift ft. Ruste Juxx – 6 Shooter (Single)

comprised of Fonda, Machine, The Fat Jew & DJ/Producer Tommy Mas, have been experimenting with different combinations of drugs, mostly hallucinogens & have emerged with a 24 track product aptly titled ‘6 Grams, which you can get here ..Check this joint
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Parenting for Prevention : Raising a Child to Say No to Alcohol and Other Drugs

Here’s a book that every adult concerned about kids will want to read. The author convincingly argues that parents are the ones who not only can but also must take the lead in preventing their kids from getting mixed up with alcohol and other drugs. Parenting for Prevention shows them exactly what to do and how to do it. The theme is prevention, but the approach is thoroughly positive. You’ll find no threats or warnings here, no long list of don’ts. Instead, this book says, in effect: If you r

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