The Green Arrow He’s Not! Marijuana Marksman Fails At New Delivery Technique

August 31, 2013   ·   0 Comments

David Wayne Jordan thinks outside the box…

Or at least he used to. Understanding that weed is now legal in Washington state – and being blessed with an entrepreneurial sprit – David decided to try and start serving and under represented segment of the pot loving populace…Inmates. His only issue…was how? In what seemed to be a stroke of genius (at least at the time), he taped a couple joints worth Washington State Chronic to an arrow and let it fly straight at the Whatcom County Jail.

Unfortunately for him, his new business model was a bust, – leading to his incarceration last Tuesday, on charges of trying to deliver Weed to a prisoner within the County Jail.

“Police say Jordan, 36, took the weed and shot it toward the screen which was part of a window to the jail’s recreation area, the Bellingham Herald reported. The screen’s openings would have easily accommodated the arrow and the intended recipient would have quickly gotten the package, said Whatcom County Sheriff Bill Elfo. But Jordan turned out to be a poor marijuana marksman and the arrow shot missed the window completely and landed on the building’s roof. Authorities said nobody was even in the jail’s recreation area, so it is unclear if there was a specific person for whom the marijuana was intended.”

While the ‘Green Arrow’ Delivery Service initially made a seemingly clean getaway, a worker at Whatcom County Jail noticed what appeared to be something strange, and took down his license plate info. The local police then did a little research and within a short period of time were pounding on his residence’s door in Bellingham, Wash. Armed with a warrant and a bad attitude, the police pushed their way into his residence. Rhetorically asking why he was shooting an arrow at the jail, Or not to bright Deliveryman told the Sheriff’s trying to hit a squirrel?!

“He had no explanation as to why squirrel hunting requires attaching marijuana to an arrow,” Noted a dazed and confused cop.

While I-502 made it perfectly legal for state residence over the age of 21, to fire up…to the best of my knowledge squirrels have not turned over a new leaf, and given up nuts for getting high.

Only last week our would-be pot entrepreneur was released from the same jail on an assault charge, only to find himself reunited with his old roommates on contraband charges, resisting arrest and obstruction of law enforcement.



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