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Top 7… side missions that were better than the main game

February 16, 2015   ·   0 Comments

1. Kafei and Anju – Majora’s Mask

Majora’s Mask is unlike any other Zelda game, partially because its main campaign is a bit… more compact. While Ocarina of Time has eight huge dungeons between you and the credits screen, Majora’s Mask only has four. But if you take the time to explore Termina and help out its many residents, this quest feels no less grand and yet immensely more intimate. After all, could you help a couple face the end of the world together in Ocarina of Time?

The process of reuniting Kafei and Anju is long and involved, requiring keen observation and multiple trips through the three-day cycle. Once you finally bring the young lovers back together, you’re reminded that this is still just a side quest… and the mad Moon is still going to destroy everything. There’s no grand redemption through the power of love (even if it is tougher than diamonds and richer than cream), just the comfort of gazing into oblivion side by side. You want to shout at them to keep fighting, but it’s midnight on the final day and there’s nothing more to do but wait. It’s sad, happy, frustrating, satisfying, and a more compelling conclusion than a thousand dead Ganons.

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