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I’m Maddie, which is short for Madagascar, since Cotons are the national dog there. My nickname is goofball. I’m not sure why, but everyone agrees that it suits me perfectly. I love to give hugs by wrapping my head around your neck. While I am there I will also be happy to clean your neck or ears. Most people pull me away when I do that, though, so I need to watch it or I will lose the snuggle. I have learned how to sit, down, stay, play soccer, play fetch and drop the ball at my mom’s feet. I try to respond to “No bark” and “Leave it”, but I’ve gotta be me, as they say, so I ignore my mom on those sometimes. My favorite things are cuddles, fetching my balls, meeting and loving all new people and dogs, eating sticks, smashing plastic bottles and going for walks. I think I am going to keep having a great fun life, filled with love and lots of playtime. It’s good to be me!

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