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Vermont’s Marijuana Dispensary Bill Survives Close Call

April 7, 2011   ·   0 Comments

?Vermont’s medical marijuana dispensary bill survived a close call in the Senate Rules Committee on Thursday.The bill, S. 17, which would allow up to four medicinal cannabis dispensaries in Vermont, was expected to be debated on the Senate floor this week, reports Terri Hallenbeck at the Burlington Free Press. But first, it had to make it through the Senate Rules Committee, because it didn’t meet the deadline for bills coming out of Senate committees.”The Senate is being a little stricter with that rule this year,” Hallenbeck reports.”It looked this morning like the bill might be killed by the rules committee,” Hallenback writes. Sen. Dick Mazza (D-Grand Isle/Crittenden), a member of the committee, is among those who don’t like the idea of legalizing marijuana dispensaries.

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