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Vice City and San Andreas Could Follow GTA III to iOS

October 30, 2011   ·   0 Comments

Grand Theft Auto Vice City

Ask a group of people which is their favorite between Grand Theft Auto III, Vice City, and San Andreas, and you’ll likely see each game be chosen. Each one had its own very distinct story and setting, so even though they built upon what came before it (giving San Andreas the biggest game world and most variety in many ways), it’s not as simple as saying the most recent of the bunch was the best. Of the three, it’s Grand Theft Auto III being ported to newer iOS devices and a selection of Android phones to celebrate its tenth anniversary. There’s no official word on whether its successors will make the transition in its wake, but it’s apparently a possibility.

Speaking with Digital Trends, Rockstar suggested that bringing Vice City and San Andreas to mobile platforms would be a “technical challenge.” Both games were increasingly complex — especially San Andreas, which featured an enormous three-city environment to play in — but they were running on the same technology that powered GTA III. Perhaps because of that, Rockstar did say the mobile ports were “very possible” despite the challenges that might be faced in porting them.



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