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Vote For Your Favorite Team Fortress 2 Saxxy Award Videos

May 21, 2011   ·   0 Comments

Team Fortress 2

Earlier this month, Valve continued its extraordinary post-launch support for the three-and-a-half-year-old Team Fortress 2. On May 5, it released the Replay Update which brought with it a replay editor. To encourage players to dive in, it kicked off the Saxxy Awards, a replay contest. Valve is looking for the best TF2 videos in 20 different categories, and rather than choose the winners itself, it’s opening voting up to anyone who owns the game on Steam.

After signing into your Steam account, you can vote for your favorites in a number of categories including Most Epic Fail, Best Revenge, and Most Dramatic. Not every video is good, but you can hit the “update” button to continue making your way through the entries for each category.

Entries for the contest were cut off earlier today, but the replay functionality will continue to be available to those who want to create, edit, and share videos on YouTube.



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