WeedMaps Fires Up Marijuana Legalization Promotion In Times Square

New York’s chronic new marijuana legalization ad at the “Crossroads of the world” was sponsored by WeedMaps — the world’s one-stop shop for locating marijuana dispensaries and leaving reviews. The new billboard highlights New York’s affluent pot smokers who are proud of their marijuana use. As WeedMaps CEO, Justin Hartfield explained it… Their sending a shot across the bow of prohibition in a call to action, firing up New Yorkers to legalize recreational pot.

‘We’re trying to do it in a really professional, highbrow manner. It’s not just stoners. It’s professional people, too. This is about liberty,’ claimed Hartfield.

Or, as the New York Daily News put it today, “Its high time New York got the lowdown on pot.”

While today is April Fools’ Day… This is hardly a joke. That’s right boys and girls, New York City’s famous Times Square has just received it’s first-ever advertisement for marijuana. Firing up first thing Tuesday morning — the WeedMaps ad promoting marijuana legalization shined like a crazy diamond next to more conventional advertisements for “The Book of Mormon” and Disney.

The primary purpose for rolling out this ad was simple… Marijuana legalization in the state of New York. The ads are meant to target New York City’s professional pot smokers, who burn, earn, and pay taxes like every other solid American citizen.

“Many New Yorkers who make the city great can potentially be taken to jail for this,” Weedmaps CEO Justin Hartfield told the Daily News. “There’s a call of action on the ad. It’s a way to kind of say to New Yorkers that it’s time to legalize.”

Aaron Houston, policy adviser for Weedmaps noted that an unprecedented number of bills have passed through state legislatures this year regarding a change to marijuana laws — signaling a shift in the nation’s consciousness.

As states struggle for hard earned tax dollars, and Colorado looks to rake in somewhere in the neighborhood of $ 180 million in recreational marijuana tax revenue for their first full fiscal year, a new national conversation has been sparked surrounding the idea of marijuana legalization. 


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