West Virginia Medical Marijuana Advocates Unopposed at Hearing

Last Thursday’s hearing on West Virginia’s medical marijuana bill was an overwhelmingly positive experience that resulted in some great media coverage. Many thanks to all the patients, medical professionals, and other advocates who testified — you made a huge impact on the House Health and Human Resources Committee!


Chairman Don Perdue

Remarkably, 18 people spoke in favor of the bill, and none were opposed. Chairman Don Perdue (D-Wayne) had been very reluctant to place this bill on the committee’s agenda, but he has now agreed to form a study committee that will give the bill the serious attention it deserves over the summer.

It’s unfortunate that the bill won’t be advancing to a vote in the legislature this year, but the outpouring of public support for HB 2961 has more than broken the ice — it has dramatically changed the way many West Virginia legislators view this issue.

Please enjoy these news links and share them with your friends and family so we can continue building public support for this sensible, compassionate reform!

* Beckley Register-Herald/Bluefield Daily Telegraph: “No Foes Speak at House Hearing on Medical Marijuana”

* WVNS-TV: “Is West Virginia Ready to Legalize Medical Marijuana?”

* WCHS-TV: “Medical Marijuana Bill Introduced to West Virginia Legislature”

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