Wiz Khalifa On The First Time He Smoked Weed

Rap superstar Wiz Khalifa recently appeared on Big Boy in The Morning on Power 106 FM in Los Angeles, and he was asked about his first time smoking marijuana.

As is the case with many people who try cannabis for the first time, Wiz did not have a good experience; in fact, he says it was “terrible.” There is simply no way to describe to someone the trip they may about to embark on. Wiz certainly sounds like he wasn’t ready to be high.

But like a lot of people who try marijuana, Wiz also wasn’t ready to give up on Mary Jane. Once you know what is coming, smoking marijuana is one of the most enjoyable experiences known to human kind. The anxiety that comes with the unknown is gone; it is replaced by the wonderment of an open and expanding mind.

Many first-timers also experience the opposite of what Wiz did, myself included. I remember being a very excited 17-year-old who was very disappointed when I felt nothing that first time. But the next night I gave the same batch of ganja another try and well, the rest is history.

I guess the same can be said about Wiz, as it can about millions of other people in the United States alone: we love you Mary Jane.

– Joe Klare

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